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Who Are You Really?

Posted on Wed Nov 28th, 2018 @ 8:20am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Timeline: Backpost:

/// ON ///

So much had happened over the past couple weeks. Theo was still getting used to being the Chief of Operations. He looked around his office with a smile, not believing how he'd grown in his role on Gladiator. It truly seemed like just the day before when he was a nervous wreck walking aboard the massive behemoth of a pancaked Sovereign. Some things never change though as he looked at his desk. His padd was readily available, the pop up screen in the center of the desk would always be there also. To the right of the pop up screen were a couple ship models, one being Gladiator, the other being the modified Excelsior class U.S.S. Cygnus. ~"I feel like this is what he went through in the start of his career...granted with a serious lack of the lovable crazies that I have to deal with.."~ A chuckle left Theo's lips as next to the Cygnus, was his ever present, almost required, glass of Cheerwine, fizzing and popping away, begging him to take a sip.

=^= Hawkins to Lieutenant Treadagar=^= the captain's voice called over the com unexpectedly.

Theo keyed his comm system and set down his Cheerwine. "Lt. Treadagar here sir.."

=^= Report to the Senior Observation Lounge on the double.=^=

"On my way sir.." He said as he picked up his glass and made his way out of his new office and towards the turbo lift. "Bridge.." He then rode the lift up to the bridge and made his way towards the back, entering the lounge. "Lt. Treadagar reporting as ordered sir." He then began to make his way towards the table to set his glass down...

As the newly promoted Lieutenant walked in, David looked around the room to the faces. All that had been requested to arrive, had. He picked up the padd he had been writing down notes and went silent as he made sure he was ok with all that was requested earlier by Mel and Zul'arra. Now that he had gone over all the details end planned it out right with the proper administration, ie. Admiral Grayson, he was comfortable with the set up. Or rather as comfortable as he was able in this instant.

Mel was already present, though whether or not Hawkins used the phrase 'On the Double' in regards to a Dalacari was unknown. She had a perpetually positive outlook, though, and it showed on the slight smile that seemed pasted onto her features. When Theo entered, those smiles widened to true smiles each, "Captain..." she started, "...I'd like to begin research on the symbiotic relationship between Ensign Cheerwine and Lieutenant Treadagar." she teased.

This caught David off guard for a moment before nodding as he leaned back on the primary table. "You may proceed, Lieutenant. But please make sure the screaming is worth wild."

"Did someone say there would be screaming?" Zeti asked, having walked in just as David made his comment. She was in her uniform, her hair was up in her normal mess french bun and she had a grease mark on her chin. "I like making people scream."

"I have no idea what he means by screaming Zeti." Theo spoke with his general light and playful tone. "Mel is just wanting to research my Cheerwine or something." He chuckled as he took his seat and looked to Hawkins. "So what's the story Captain?"

"The mission is approved. Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti is in charge of the mission, you are the security aspect of the group. keep them safe and bring them back safely. Do I make myself clear?"

Not completely sure what she was to bring with her, Cadet Zul'arra walked through the hanger doors to the shuttle bay. She hadn't been around many of the shuttles as she wasn't much of a traveler. But she preferred the shuttles over the Federation's transporter technology. Something about being ripped apart, transferred through space, and put back together elsewhere was not something to comforting whatsoever. So when she found out that Captain Hawkins was willing to approve this, she was relieved when they agreed to use one of Gladiator's runabouts versus transporting to another ship or shuttle to travel to the Delta Quadrant. Personally she had wished that Gladiator was doing the travelling, but they were needed elsewhere.

She walked through the large hanger and watched all the movement as best as possible. There were technicians working here and there, but in a relaxed setting. The only group really huffing it, were those that were finishing up final checks of the runabout that was about to launch. As she came up to them with her bag on her shoulder, one male technician walked up to her.

"Hey, you part of the flight crew?"

"... The what?" Zul'arra questioned as she cocked her head slightly unsure what he mean.

"The away team. The flight crew are those on the shuttle craft or runabout," the technician chuckled slightly as he wiped his hands on his pants before reaching his hand out to shake her hand. "Thomas Shift by the way."

She looked at him for a moment before taking his hand and shaking it. "Zul'arra. And yes... I am going with this runabout if this is what Commander Zeti, Lieutenant Treadager, and Lieutenant Torma are scheduled to use."

The released hands and he nodded. "Yup, this is her. The U.S.S. Gauntlet... She will do good for ya."

"She?" Zul'arra questioned as she didn't understand what the technician stated. "I don't understand."

"The Runabout!" Thomas grinned as he looked back at her.

"You humans are weird."

All he did was smile and shrug.

"One vulcan stated that humans were the rednecks of the Alpha Quadrant," she pondered as she looked at the runabout. This caused the technician to start laughing at the statement but shocked Zul'arra. "What? Did I say something funny?"

"Rednecks of the Alpha Quadrant, you say," he chuckled as he shook his head. "That's funny."

"Vulcans are always the funniest when they're absolutely not trying to be." Theo chuckled as he walked from behind the runabout towards Zul'arra. "Cadet..." He nodded towards her. "You may as well go ahead and get your gear stowed, we're gonna be getting underway here very shortly." He then waited for Zul'arra to walk to the runabout before he turned and thought to himself. ~"Hmmm...a small confederate battle flag would go nicely on the engine spar..."~

Zeti arrived in the shuttle with a black rucksack over her shoulder with her personal effects, she spotted Zul'arra and Theo in the cockpit of the runabout and gave them a simple nod before she headed through the equipment first section where the head, equipment storage and secondary computer interface was and into the crew compartment where she stepped into one of the small room. There was a double bunk and a small work desk but that was it they'd likely be sharing with Zul'arra. It reminded her of her days as a junior officer stuck in a small room as she worked her way up through engineering. It brought a smile to her face, before she dropped her rucksack on the bottom bunk and headed out back into the cockpit.

She settled into the engineering station and tapped a few commands before looking over at the other two. "We almost ready to get this show on the road?"

"Just about." the Dalacari mentioned as she finished up a few last minute entries into the system. "Sure is cozy in here, eh?" she remarked, but it was more rhetorical then curious.

Zul'arra sat at an auxiliary station and looked over the complex controls but kept her hands on her lap as she didn't want to do anything that may cause issues with the controls or the spacecraft's operations. She looked up at Theo, the new operations officer prepping for launch.

Theo felt Zul'arra's eyes on him and as he prepped his station he called back to her. "Something on your mind cadet?" His tone was inquisitive and warm, like one trying to break some ice between crewmates...

Zul'arra had spent much time with many of those officers outside of Captain Hawkins, Commander Kavi, and Colonel Hayter for the most part. So she hadn't had much time to really meet and get to know many of the others. But this was slightly different as she wasn't much of a socialized person now a days. All she could do was shake her head and simply responded. "No, sir."

"C'mon Zeti, let's get going." ~"Why do I always have to wait on ladies?!"~ He thought to himself as he engaged the start up procedure and brought the runabout to life. "I haven't flown one of these since right out of the academy...bit ungainly for my tastes..."

"That's reassuring." Mel offered as she secured herself. Comments like that made her long for the comfort of the Dalacari shuttles back home.

"Don't make me guarantee we run into space turbulence Mel...." He chuckled as he finished his preparations and waited on Zeti to give the all clear for the engines...

"Dalacari aren't superstitious." she defended with a smirk. "We have drones that worry for us." and the pair settled in for the start.

"These runabouts are pretty well designed," Zeti rolled her eyes, she was the current ranking officer and that made her realize this was kind of her show. "I also believe I'm the ranking officer and I mentioned getting the show on the road a while ago. Engineering checklist is complete, your board is green and showing that if you'd look at it."

~"You asked for it..."~ He thought to himself as he cinched up his belts and lifted the runabout off the deck and proceeded out of the ship. He then smirked and stifled a chuckle as he punched a couple keys right before they went to warp and in a very fast motion, the run about shot vertically up and down, left and right, front and back and then spun 720 degrees flatly before they jumped to warp...

The advantages of being a Dalcari were legion. The disadvantages almost as numerous. One of the more terrible disadvantages was that if one of you got sick, it was a fair assumption that both of you would be sick. Luckily, Mel Torma was made of stern stuff. That, and the Federation weren't terribly behind on their technology to dampen the effects of Inertia. Behind the Ts'usugi, yes, but not too far behind the Dalacari themselves.

Suffice to say, Mel Torma did not lose her lunch during Theo's momentary revolution of ... revolutions, but it was a close call. "Dia... what I wouldn't give to be in a Calus Class shuttle right now..." she muttered just loud enough to be heard. More of a statement than a mutter.

Zeti arched one of her dark brows as she turned and looked at Theo's back, the fact that Mel almost lost it mean she'd never been in combat maneuvers before. With a slight smirk, she turned back to her console, "I used to fly second seat in a Marquis modified peregrine fighter, that almost reminded me of some of the maneuvers we had to pull."

"I prefer flying those solo.." He said with excitement on his voice. "These busses aren't nearly as nimble.." He said as he keyed in destination coordinates on the nav panel. "Sorry for the 'speedy gonzales' moment Mel, I've got a sister I need to teach a lesson to.."

"Well, feel free to bring her next time. I have two stomachs." Mel commented, having gotten herself a bit more grounded now that they were flying level. "And what's a Speedy Gonzales?"

"Speedy Gonzales is an old earth cartoon character and the 'sister' I'm referring to is sitting beside me.." He then looked to Zeti like an older brother would, even though he was younger than her.

"I'm sorry that you have to drive the family camper on this trip," Zeti rolled her eyes at Theo. "I'm a bitch, why would you want me as your sister?"

"Because you're far too dangerous to try to chase as a lover.." He chuckled some...

The trip to the Delta Quadrant was interesting, but not in the tactical sense. It was relatively uneventful, considering there weren't many others who used this particular drive system to traverse the distance. The runabout eventually returned to real space, the navigational sensors confirming that they were indeed in the Delta Quadrant.

"I don't suppose we could swing past Dalacar on the way back? Do a little shopping?" Mel asked with a smirk on each form. She was clearly joking, but it WOULD be nice to visit home. "Though, you'd need to stay on the visitor platforms. No offense but..."

"... Dalacar has a higher gravity than Terran standard. Not dangerously high, but enough that we install gravitic regulators for visitors." she pointed out. "So, welcome back to my..."

"... proverbial neck of the woods. What's our next move?" she inquired. "If our next move is Establishing Contact, I can't actually direct you TO Ts'usugi space, but I can help..."

"... establish contact. Dalacari, by treaty, are considered special citizens of the Empire."

"I just want to see the Tech," Zeti gave the twin forms of Mel Torma a bit of a predatory grin, although she considered it might be lost on a species that actually was still very much a predator. "So whoever we have to call..."

"I'll see who we can reach. Let me get to the comm relay." one of Mel's forms spoke, while the other started to make her way over to the communications panel. "Now, if I remember correctly..." and she hummed a tune to herself, which seemed to remind her of something as she entered a few subspace frequency corrections.

"Everybody ready?" she asked.

"Go ahead.." Theo replied

With everyone giving the all clear, Mel sent out a general broadcast on a frequency not registered as 'in use' by the Federation system. "This is Citizen Mel Galibe Torma, six three seven calypso five nine tetra. I am with allies. Request for general inquiry." and then she stopped. Not like one of those times when her other form took over the conversation. It just seemed as though she were done.

But the comm line was still open. Still active. Someone, or something, had received the communique.

"We're in the queue." she replied to the unasked question. Then she shook both her heads, "And yes. My middle name is Galibe."

"Here's hoping things go smoothly.." Theo quietly said as he impatiently waited for someone to respond to their query...

"Patience is ever a virtue worth ha..." Mel started, but then the screen shifted from a simple black screen to an image. On the other side was now a male figure, who looked very much like a humanoid rabbit. Dark fur, dressed in a dark purple uniform. A soft violet illuminated the area around him, which cast the whole of his appearance as something sinister. It wasn't very well illuminated on his side, perhaps that was all the light he needed. "Connection stabilized. Apologies for the delay. How can the Network assist you, Citizen Torma?" his voice sounded quite professional. It was hard to tell if this was his first comm call of the day, or his thousandth.

"Requesting an escort to friendly controlled space. Our current position will follow." Mel commented, while one of her forms typed in their spacial coordinates.

Al that information Mel was speaking was even more alien to Zul'arra than she had though humans were but kept to herself as she looked around the cockpit. A part of her was more focused on the fact that they were about to go back to their sector of space, their home... her home.

"Coordinates received. Expect an escort in half an hour. Remain where you are as long as you are safe." the operator commented. "Can the Network assist you further, Citizen?"

"No, I think we're good. Thank you operator." and with that, the image of the rabbit operator

"Why did they call you citizen and not by a different title," Zul'arra asked curiously as she turned to look at one of the forms of Mel.

"Because that's what I am. All Dalacari are granted the status of limited citizenship in the Ts'usu empire, through the Defensive Accord." Mel responded. "Plus I really..."

"... don't have any other titles. Well any that would apply or be recognized by the network, really."



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