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A Square Meal

Posted on Fri Feb 16th, 2018 @ 7:01pm by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Mission: New Horizon
Location: S.S. Palomino - Mess Hall

Zeti was sitting at one of the tables, with a mug in her hands, that had the Palomino's logo on it. Steam was rolling out of the top of it and she was just savoring a cup of coffee for the first time in a very long time. With power back online, they'd been able to ditch the replicator ration system they'd been using and replicate whatever they wanted. For breakfast she'd eaten three eggs, bacon and sausage and a small stack of pancakes and this was her fourth cup of coffee. The caffeine was nice to have after mostly going without for more essential items.

Theo had gone back to his quarters to dress more appropriately in the form of just throwing on some shorts. His stomach was growling intensely and now that power was back, he made a beeline for the kitchen. One meat lovers omelet with a side of hash browns and chocolate chip pancakes on his plate later, he sat down in front of Zeti.

When the door opened, she turned towards it and nodded to Theo, "Good Morning. The warp core on this thing has been humming away, the computer core is up and running and secondary power looks to be online. Not sure when we'll be ready to try and lift off but things are looking up."

"Morning Zeti.." Theo said as he started to dig in and drink his typical Cheerwine. His face softened as he tasted the real food. His senses again briefly returned to the eager young lieutenant that had just been made chief of operations. While most would see it as over reaction, a couple tears welled in his eyes as he looked to her. "Good job..." He said in regards to the warp core. "Now we've got more of a home right now but we need to get her ready to go obviously. Wonder how everyone else is doing..."

"Our subspace array is online, but we can't contact them. The signal wouldn't reach them where they are," Zeti took another sip from her coffee, she knew that she was telling him something he already knew. "She's a good ship, just needed some love. Getting back into the black won't be easy, but we're one step closer."

Theo smiled some as he continued to pound down his hearty breakfast. "Well we don't even know if they're still where they were when we left. Remember how flukey everything went with that QSD discharge.." He sipped more of his Cheerwine. "I wish the academy had kept these things around as flight trainers, cuz honestly I'm itchin to get at the helm." He then sighed. "At least we have power now and even if we can't contact Hawkins, maybe we could at least fully activate our array so that we can at least receive, who knows, might get lucky?"

"Having a little bit of experience with this, I'd say our first priority should be a few more people we can trust. One engineer, a couple of fighters, a counselor and a medic don't exactly make a full crew," Zeti let out a soft sigh. "The problem is, most of the people I knew I could trust are probably in their eighties or dead. Tough to bring on people we may not trust."

"I honestly don't think it's that hard on us Zeti. For now, we really have to focus on keeping our ship in one piece, getting it patched up and seeing how we can find the rest of our family." He sipped more of his cheerwine. "I can have lizzy on the bridge with me working science and comms and we can jury rig tactical to the helm. You and Zera can keep an eye on the engines..." He had his ideas alright, now whether or not Zeti would indulge the idea is the question...

"That's my point, these old ships were a lot less automated than when compared to a ship like Gladiator," Zeti set her coffee down, before she folded her arms across her chest, and leaned back in her chair as she exhaled. "And a lot slower, at least until I can get a new warp core and new coils installed. We're all going to need to sleep and if we get attacked, we can't protect all seven decks with five people. We're gonna need a few more skills to pull this off."

"What about droids or androids?" He asked as he finished off his breakfast. "I know you say we need people but I really don't want anyone I don't know skulking around the corridors. Heck I'm scared enough for Lizzy as is, especially since as on Gladiator, she hates clothing.."

"That sounds like it's her problem," Zeti looked over at Theo. "Don't think I don't have sympathy for her, but what do you think Johena and I had to do to survive? You think we had it easy?"

She changed the subject before anymore could be said about it, "The planet is a backwater hell hole, it took us too long to get the parts I needed just to get us here, robots aint the answer. And what are we gonna do, steal them? At the very minimum, we need another engineer and a pilot, so you can handle ops and tactical. We have to survive Theo, whatever it takes. That means putting together a crew, getting work and finding our way home. So here's us on the raggedy edge."

"You forget that being a pilot was one of my specialties when I was at the academy Zeti.." He sipped more of his drink. "And none of us have had it easy, hell I woke up in a cold sweat again because of that damned nightmare I keep having.." He sighed some. "You are almost exactly like an older sister I swear..."

"You forget that I've had bridge training, you're better with ops and tactical. As far as the nightmares, they'll get better but they'll never go away," Zeti let out another breath, before picking up her cup of coffee and taking a drink. When she set it down she met Theo's eyes and watched them for a long quiet moment. "It's time to figure out who you are Theo, because if you can't or won't, we're as good as dead and I will not let that happen. The only way home is winning and the only goal is keeping them alive."

"I didn't forget Zeti..." He seemed defeated, even with the times he'd sat in that helmsman's seat, wondering what it would be like to fly the Palomino as a fighter of old Earth history. "As far as figuring out who I am, I don't even know Zeti..." He looked at her coldly. "You've said it yourself that I'm not the person who stepped off of Gladiator that day.." his voice definitely had venom in it as he picked up his plates and made for the dispensary...

"This is exactly what I'm talking about Theo," Zeti stood up from her chair and turned towards him, her coveralls were tied around her waist with a white tank top on. Her hair was up in a messy french bun with tendrils of hair sticking out. "You can't even stand up to me and you want to sit in the big chair? You've got a spine, it's time you figured out how to use it because a few slavers from a rock like this are kittens compared to what we're going to have to face."

He did stand up and kept his temper in check but his cobalt orbs pierced through her. "I'm not trying to take the center seat from you Zeti, geez you really are like a sister, trying to impose her own will on me, not even listening to what I said!!" His voice raised as his anger did too. "You know damn well that I never mentioned the center seat, only the helmsman's seat..why the hell are we even arguing about this? All I did was pitch an idea to you. Rank doesn't matter one microscopic hair on the butt of a rat here. We either stay a family and get ourselves out of this, or we argue and fight like we're doing right now and die because we're always pissed off at each other!" If he'd had an aura it would either be crimson or black. It was like his anger made him stand taller and because he'd had to bulk up, he'd turned into an imposing force, not hulk like, but still, not one to trifle with...

"Oh bullshit, do I look like I was born yesterday?" Zeti asked him with a growl in her throat as she put her hands on her hips and didn't move an inch. "You stood up from the table and walked away, instead of understanding a word I said. A crew is a family, but the Captain is a mighty and terrible thing. A Captain always knows what to do, even when they don't. Until you know who you are, you're better off being a pilot."

That tore it, he walked right over and stopped himself before he could slap her across the face. "I don't understand you at all. I'm not looking to be a captain yet. All I've ever tried to do, you heartless bitch, is keep us alive." If this kept up, they'd either end up actually fighting or he'd go get his carbine and stun her to the ground. "You are absolutely pissing me off Zeti. What the hell is your deal anyways?? You always have been fighting me since we got here, even after we found each other. You think I'm trying to play hero or something?!"

"What do you want me to say Theo? I've done nothing but work to keep us alive, to get us closer to getting home. I know who and what I am, I'm mean and I'm nasty but I care about you and I'm trying to make you see that you need to toughen up if you want to live through this," Zeti growled at him. "If I didn't like men and women, I'd hardly ever date because men either want me to be their dominatrix or want to run the other way. So let me help you Theo."

He sighed some and then refilled his Cheerwine and took a sip. "I don't want you to say anything Zeti, I just want you to understand who you're dealing with. I'm not mean or nasty like you said you are. I was a poster boy when I came aboard. The brutal murder I had to commit was the first one I've ever had to do and its still haunting me." He sipped more of his drink. "I'll do my best to toughen up and understand you more, we need to have a give and take here.." He tried to smile at her and lighten the mood. "Besides a leather dominatrix costume wouldn't look good on you, those things never do look good anyways..."

"You're joking right?" Zeti looked down at herself, she worked hard to stay in shape and was fairly muscular. "I look like a goddess in a dominatrix outfit. That's part of the problem, I actually enjoy it I just don't want a partner that grovels all the time, only some of it. I know what you're going through, I was thirteen when I had to make my first kill Theo. I'll do my best, but I don't get much softer than this."

"I could think of at least a dozen other costumes you'd look better in Zeti, but what do I know? I'm involved with Lizzy.." He blushed and chuckled some as he went and got a second glass of his Cheerwine and offered it to her. "Just like a tsundere type sister from 'comics' i looked at in my early teens.." He blushed a bit. "Anyways, I'll work with you if you work with" He held up his glass, wondering if she'd clink hers against it...

"I don't know what a tsundere sister is," Zeti arched one of his brows and looked at Theo, before glancing down at her glass of liquid candy he'd poured her. She wasn't a fan, but she'd do it him. "You can ask Johena all about the outfits I wear for her, but until I'm single you keep your brain focused on something other than my ass." She clicked her glass against Theo's and took a drink and made a face at the glass. "I do not like this sugar water you humans drink so much."

"Good grief, was I that obvious? And a Tsundere sister is a sister who acts all tough and mean on the outside but alone with the one she cares for, she finally softens up.." he chuckled some as he downed his soda. He saw her make her face and chuckled a bit. "At least you were kinder about it than Zul'arra.."

"I lived on earth for a while and never could acquire a taste for it. I did like pineapple juice and orange juice but never soft drinks," Zeti replied with a shrug. "I need to go get a couple of things done, then I'm taking the ripsaw into town. You need anything?"

He sighed some and figured he'd better go check on Lizzy, make sure she was up and clothed. "How about a dress or two for Lizzy to wear?" he was only partly joking as he knew that Zeti also knew Lizzy wouldn't wear dresses...

"The problem is any method I'd use to make her wear one, she'd probably enjoy," Zeti raised her brow and smirked at Theo. "I'll keep my comms open, I'll let you know when I leave and you can let me know if you need anything." She gave him a wave, before heading out of the mess hall, so she could head down to engineering.

Lt. Theodore Treadagar IV
Chief Of Operations
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Chief of Engineering/Second Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

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