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Not really a damsel

Posted on Wed May 9th, 2018 @ 11:19am by Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Mission: New Horizon
Location: the desert planet

After his brief sit on the bridge to get his bearings back in order, Theo left the helmsman seat and made his way back to his quarters. When he entered he saw Lizzy still sleeping blissfully and he could swear she was smiling. "Even when we're in a situation like this you can still smile you lovely woman.." He thought to himself as he looked at the woman he could no longer hide his feelings for. He was in love with her, especially after she said she loved him. He didn't want to disturb her, so he took a seat in the chair at his quietly and gazed upon her. To think that it might have been very different as he gazed at her. His mind wandered again, this time back to how they'd found each other on the planet....

Theo had just found the Palomino buried in the desert, which was a godsend since it at least gave him an opportunity to safely rest for a bit. Now that he'd been able to scrounge up a pistol and carbine as well as some new clothes, he was walking one of the many small village type towns on the planet. He was actually wandering because he didn't know what to do to try to get the ship up and running again...

Moving through the building, Lizzy stumbled a little and grabbed the side of the corridor, shaking her head a little but not really clearing it much. It had been awhile back that she had woken up in a strange place and had quickly realized that her hands had been bound above her head & she was naked. Some strange men had come in and put a collar around her neck before explaining to her that she was now their slave. Since then, Lizzy had been forced to work as an exotic dancer and worse in the alien strip bar & brothel. Most of it had become a blur as they kept her pliant with drugs.

Lizzy reached the change area and one of the aliens grabbed her, pushing her against a wall before giving her an injection of something she didn't know. Lizzy had given up struggling against it and after a few moments, the fuzz disappeared. The alien let her go and she was directed to strip & go work; Lizzy nodded and headed out to the main floor, where she found a pole & began beginning to work, gyrating.

Theo heard a lot of chatter coming from one building and the neon sign above the door pretty much told him what he'd find if he went in. Why now of all times would he be compelled to enter a strip club? Anyways, he entered and kept his carbine hidden under his trench coat, but ready to go no matter what. He made his way towards a back corner but caught sight of the woman dancing up on the stage and his eyes nearly popped out of his head, it was Lizzy!! He almost leapt up onto the stage with her but he restrained himself. A planet and building like this were no place for him to play serious heroics, especially when he didn't even know what Lizzy was doing up there, other than trying to make the pole blush.

He started to plan how he'd get her out of there as he took a seat and called a barmaid over to inquire more about the woman dancing up on the stage...

The barmaid looked at him, sighed and waved him back before calling out, "No table service. What sort of place do you think this is?"

"I'm not trying to get table service!" he almost yelled out but drew a bit more attention to himself than he'd like. He just had to wait for Lizzy to finish her dance and see what he could do to rescue her then...

Lizzy wasn't really concentrating as she spun around the pole at least until she heard something that caused a spark to go off in her head. Lifting her eyes as she slowed down a spin, she tried to figure out what it meant and then spotted someone who she remembered. It seemed like a long time ago, and her heart stopped for a beat before continuing.

Lizzy knew that she had to finish her set and after about ten more minutes, she saw the little light appear on the concealed stage display from the managers to take a break.

Coming down, Lizzy made her way to the backstage area as another came out and grabbed a robe, remembering he was a bit shy. There was one spot she knew they could speak, and she hoped it would work. Walking out from the change area, Lizzy made her way to Theo's table, seeing there was room and dropped down onto his lap, smiling, "Hi, handsome."

She leaned in, whispering, "They can hear here. Have idea."

Lizzy spoke a bit louder so others could hear, "How about a lap dance in the back room?"

His cheeks flushed some as he nodded. "Sounds deliciously lovely to me.." He was embarrassed about having to use such language but he did stand and follow her to the back room, once there he whispered in her ear as he embraced her tightly, his upper body feeling bigger and stronger than last she saw him. "Hey Lizzy...i'm relieved to see you..."

Lizzy snuggled up against him, "I'm more relieved. I woke up here after crashing and found myself a prisoner in this place." Pointing to the collar, she added, "It is a shock one. And really hurts when it goes off. We will have to fake the look but can speak freely.. They only do vision recording, and it's crappy resolution. Okay?"

"Fair enough.." He smiled and hugged her once more. "It's so good to see you again.." He took a seat and motioned for her to start making it look believable. "So how do I get you out of here?"

Lizzy slid the robe off and slid onto his lap, smiling, "I am not really sure. Last thing I remebered after waking was back in space. I have no idea where anyone else is. When I woke, I was chained up and naked. They collared me and have been making me do terrible things."

A tear came to her eye, "Have you met anyone else? Or know what happened?"

He looked to her solemnly. "No and no, but I do have somewhere safe for the two of us.." He acted like he was enjoying himself with her in his lap, which was actually true, he did like having her in his lap. "I have a couple weapons on me and I can definitely protect you, we just need to get that collar off of you.."

Lizzy nodded, "Okay. I think they had to change something with it and used a remote to unlock it. The bouncers have one of the remotes. But I should mention that they have been giving me drugs. My memory is really fuzzy."

He thought for a few moments and then looked to her with a blush. "Is there anywhere we can go that doesn't have cameras?" He hoped but was skeptical of there being such a place...

Lizzy shrugged, "I doubt it. I'm pretty sure they are paranoid. But they don't really have many staff around, just a couple of bouncers and the rest are timid & possibly other slaves. Do you think you could stun the guards and then get a remote? Could then let everyone go as cover for us getting away."

He leaned up and whispered into her ear. "I'll do what I can, but you might need to help after I get you that remote.." At the same time though, his thoughts were 'Bad idea central, population, bad idea..'

Lizzy put an arm around him and shifted forwards as she wiggled a little, "Well, I have two little weapons on my chest that work well as a distraction. Once they are distracted, you might be able to bop or stun 'em from behind."

She smiled, "And I have something in my locker stored away that no one actually cared about. Way back on an away mission on the Gladiator, I picked up a little light wooden staff with a sling on one end.. While I don't have that, I did manage to get my hands on a broom and I've found that a good solid wack between the legs to men works quite effectively. I may not be strong but I have practiced other ways to take down targets. I used to practice in classes for it."

Theo looked to her and nodded. "Lets go get that, then give me a moment or two to get a remote." He gulped as he looked to her. "You'd be a far better distraction than me.." He then stole a kiss from her cheek. "Distract 'em and I'll stun 'em.."

Lizzy nodded and giggled at his words. She smiled when he gave her a kiss on her cheek, "Maybe we can explore that later. Let's go get my broom and then out of here." The half-betazoid slid the robe back on, opened the door, checking the corridor and then led Theo to the back area, scouting it out before directing him in. Walking over to her locker, Lizzy opened it up and grabbed a satchel from inside, pushing all the stuff into it that she wanted to keep - some from the Gladiator, some from after. Lizzy took some t-shirts and some pants, stuffing them into satchel too, and then grabbed the broom.. Then she spotted something in the back that she had completely forgotten about and grabbed it, smiling.

Turning to Theo as she held up a black ball with two white buttons, a display and white wheels on the end, she smiled, "Ready. Let's go. I don't think you will need to do as much. I forgot I had this. Never got to use it on Mercia."

Skipping to the door, Lizzy looked out and then pressed some button ones on it, and gave it a kiss, "Sorry, Clocky. I may be able to grab you after."

She then added, "I've set it for five minutes. Let me get out there and put it in the right spot, then I'll grab my stuff after. You will know when it goes off, trust me."

With that, Lizzy slid the robe off until she was nude, put the gear on the ground and slipped out with Clocky. She didn't stand out from the patrons or dancers and Lizzy reached the right booth she had planned, which was empty and knelt, putting Clocky down so he was aimed at going outwards.

Heading back to another section of the room so that she would give Theo a clear shot, Lizzy began chatting with one of the guys. A few moments later, Clocky began blaring his little alarm and spun forward on his wheels, spinning and twirling around under the tables playing chasey.

There was a giant uproar from the guards who left their posts to check it out, patrons who reacted out of fright and jumped up which blocked the guards, and dancers who screeched in fear.

"Too easy.." Theo thought to himself as he began stunning the guards who jumped up. He couldn't believe Lizzy had pulled this off. He dashed out and raced towards Lizzy as he saw a guard racing towards him.

Lizzy grabbed a bottle from a table and broke it over the head of a guard as he passed, dropping him to the ground. She giggled and headed towards the door, retrieving her gear and swinging the broom stick.

"You amazingly lovely woman!" Theo almost screamed as he picked her up princess style and carried her out the door and then down an alley way. "You crazy, lovely, beautiful woman!" He exclaimed again as he pressed his lips to hers. "Let's get out of here and back to the new home I found.." He then took her hand and began leading her towards his hovercraft..

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