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Return of the Medi

Posted on Thu Apr 12th, 2018 @ 3:10pm by David Hawkins & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Hanger Bay 2 - U.S.S. Gladiator-A
Timeline: BACK POST
Tags: Luuna, Sombra

/// ON ///

Cryo-pod - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

In hir dream the Kazarite doctor stood in the center of a open well groomed multi-spectrumed meadow. S/he sported what most fur-covered beings preferred, naught but hir coat. Besides it was a dream who cared. As s/he shifted hir digitigrade feet to complete hir slow-turning spin hir paw brushed against something that caught hir attention. Reaching down, s/he found a well-chewed bovine femur. Hir face contorted as s/he thought about the voice that had been attached to it at one time. However there was something oddly familiar about the shape of the remains, and internally s/he recalled this particular femur had been grown in a lab and had never actually had a life much less a voice.

Amiri froze, realization struck hir and hir arm went limp, carelessly allowing the gnawed calcified osseous tissue log to fall to the soft grass. Slack-jawed and vacant suddenly realization hit hir since s/he realized where s/he was. Over hir shoulder appeared a flash, and in front of it a bridge; a bridge made of every color of the spectrum of light. Indeed it was a rainbow bridge.

Instantly Aldana's eyes welled up. S/he let out a specific call. A whistle of sorts of a specific tone and frequency s/he thought s/he'd never use again this side of eternity. Then a voice she'd never thought s/he'd hear again. Their eyes met, and time literally slowed -- since it was a dream, and why not -- as the pair began to run toward each other. For some reason the "Chariots of Fire" theme began to play from somewhere inside Aldana's cranium....

Cargo bay 3 - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Emmah standing near by to Hawkins leaned over the pod her eyes looking over the person below her, running a scan with her hand waving over. "Doctor, I'm reading heightened brain activity, more than usual. I believe they are waking through sleep." she reported curiously.

"Good, that's a much more pleasant way to awake from cryosleep" Percival commented as his eyes focused on the screens in question.

Slowly but surely the vitals of three individuals began to rise. Soon steam started to appear on the inside of the transparent aluminum case as respirations began to increase. Soon Doctor Aldana began to stir, s/he winced -- even though hir eyes were still closed -- as the actual fake light replaced the lovely natural light of the meadow. S/he moaned and hir first thought tried to escape hir lips as s/he yawned. "Guyzos?"

"Doctor Aldana?" Alex said softly, as he stood in front of the chamber that s/he was in, waiting for it to open to the air.

The automated mechanisms kicked in and after much hissing and -- for some odd reason -- much liquid nitrogen fog the cryo chamber released its hold revealing the tall doctor in hir furcoat. Nuzzled along either side of hir legs and partially covering hir mid-section were two large canidae who started to stir next to hir. "Ugh... how... long?" came the well furred Kazarite's barely audible voice, weak from lack of use and dryness.

"about six months. After the Gladiator was thrown into slipstream, and we were attacked constantly. Due to power and lack of resources, I ordered most people into cryo sleep until we could get the ship or resources to get us going again," David explained as he looked at the alien.

"Perhaps some water?" Alexander suggested as he offered the other doctor a bottle that he himself had drunk from earlier. It had been cleaned since then, and refilled more than once.

Aldana smacked hir lips trying to work up some saliva. "Not... until... my guyzos..." With out spit hir voice was wraspy and speech primitive. "They... first... water." S/he winced, "ugh, bright."

Someone helped the two non-Terran canines out of the stasis pod and down onto the floor where someone else brought them two fresh bowls of cold, fresh, pure water for the quadrupeds.

Groggily the canidae moved over to the offered liquid, struggling a bit to get purchase on the smooth hard floor after months without practice. Soon one and then the other were feeling a bit more perky, and each one in turn began to slober-ly show their appreciation.

Vaguely aware and pleased hir companions were seen to, Aldana -- now feeling a bit exposed and cold -- accepted a glass of cold water too. "Ah, much better. Now, does anyone have a robe?"

"Ah..." David looked at the species and shook his head. "You are already dressed. Noone was put into cryo naked..."

Aldana looked down and sure enough s/he wore a slightly more feminine version of starfleet PJs. "S'funny, I could have sworn I was just in my furcoat. I could have sworn I felt a draft." The Kazarite/Hermat hybrid stepped down slowly and stiffly. "Ugh, I feel so... so... out of touch. What's the situation sir; who are these people? I assume the Gladiator-A survived our ordeal?

Sombra came up and pressed his crown into Aldana's palm for comfort and s/he fondled his ears gently.

"Right... the Gladiator is on its last leg. She is dead in space in a nebula. Minimal power with most of our crew still in stasis. You and the good doctor here got stuck in the middle of your transfer to Memphis Island. After about a month of us dodging raid attacks, it was decided to place people in cryo until we get the ship back up and running again with supplies to actually hold us over. But that hasn't happened... so we need to do a hell Mary and get Kavi back on her feet. We maybe decades in the future, but Memphis Island is probably our best bet to getting supplies and a safe place to do the surgery for her," David looked at the two doctors as they stood in the dark cargo bay. "Anything else? We have a runabout to get us all to."

"Lead the way, captain, we can talk at the same time." Aldana yawned and flexed hir toes; the floor was cold. "I think I'm suffering a bit of hibernation sickness, could someone please remind me how we got into this situation?"

"The Quantum Slipstream Drive systems malfunctioned for some reason, launching us into the corridor and caused something we couldn't explain throwing us into the future," David simplified the explanation as he lead the group through the dark cargo bay to the barely opened cargo bay doors. "Is there anything else you need besides food and water you need or want to ask? All that's in the runabout... what we do have."

"We have enough to sustain the crew that is awake. But we will need more if we plan to wake many more up. Rationing will become more of an issue." Emmah reported.

/// OFF ///


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