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The Lady's New Man

Posted on Wed Apr 9th, 2014 @ 3:56pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: C.O.I.L.
Location: Kaslau Port

Trean ran his fingers through his short blond hair before he headed in to the Krill Bane Pub in a less then reputable part of the Kaslau port city, Hondon. Things had been chaotic for him recently, he was from Merinasu, a non federation system not far away. They were allies with the federation so their citizens could move about freely, with papers of course.

His were false, claiming he was a member of the Planetary Guard on vacation here, the truth was he was here to check out a group of Federation citizens who held some similar beliefs he did. He had been hearing bout C.O.I.L. and wanted to check them out. His world, Merinasu, had no holograms, they firmly believed that a computer program could not make a soul, and for people to make fake people... it just wasn't done. From what he had heard the Merinasu were not ones that believed that.

The meeting had been enlightening, but he wasn't certain how effective this group was, of course he'd only had two encounters with them. The political out cries and petitions would only go so far. He really wondered if action could be taken, and if these people had the courage to do so. If not, he was wasting his time.

He had been surprised when he was handed a note at the second meeting he had attended, requesting that he meet one of the leaders of the group here at this time. Maybe since he had been the only Merinasu who had come in contact with the group, they wanted to pull him in. Trean wouldn't mind it so much, if their ideals lined up of course. This would be a time to find out!

He strolled in his gray boots making a firm thudding sound as he strolled in with confidence, and let his green eyes look around for familiar faces. To his surprise a number of people he had seen at the meetings were there, enjoying their down time.

When he saw a figure raised his hand to him and wave him over he headed that direction. He waved the paper note between his fingers, "This is a rather archaic way to ask someone to meet with you." Trean said, not certain if he actually knew who this person was. He thought he might have seen him, in the back of the meetings... not leading them. "Who are you?"

Trean was met by a very tanned Human with almost black eyes. Though he usually dressed audaciously, in something like a flowing gold and yellow jumpsuit adorned with golden jewelry, he was somewhat more subdued at the moment. His effort at going incognito involved earth tones, shades of browns, though his striking blonde goatee still grabbed attention. "You may call me 'Lion,'" the man replied in a deep baritone. He took the slip from the Merinasu and flipped out an ancient gas lighter, alighting the paper and letting it burn down to his finger tips before flicking it away. "'Archaic' is such a dirty word. It implies that something does not work, simply because it has been long used. Isn't this a most perverse twist on civilization? Those technologies tested by time and proven repeatedly are the most quickly casts off, and in the name of 'progress.'"

Lion motioned to the seat next to him, in the darkened corner of the room that they now occupied. The Human brought his lighter to a wax candle and dropped the small flame onto the center of the cheap prefabricated table. "I have been watching you. You were at the meeting of these so-called 'reformers,' and yet, like me, something about their speeches and narrow vision left you wanting, like a man who receives just drops of drink when his throat is parched. Tell me if I am wrong."

Trean leaned back in his chair a moment and eyed the man, "You're not." he said evenly, wondering what in the world this man wanted. And why him?

"You are not a stranger to me, Trean." Lion's mouth came into a full smile as he revealed his knowledge of who the Merinasu was, though the way his lips pulled back tightly, it could easily be mistaken for a predatory snarl. His canines were particularly long for a Human, perhaps even purposely sharpened. "Your forgeries were good, but not perfect, and in the world you are entering now, such mistakes are discovered more quickly than you could imagine. No," he shook his head preemptively, "do not be concerned. There is a greater purpose for your being here than simply to turn you over to the authorities." Lion held up a data crystal, out of Trean's reach. "These, on the other hand, are perfect, and would pass muster even with Tal'Shiar, not to mention Starfleet Intelligence."

Treans eyes had gone wide when Lion spoke his name, he was about to get up and run, but something made him want to stay, and learn what it was he wanted. He eyed the crystal, a forged ID that would pass those two organizations? That was tantalizing. "Why are you offering me such an ID?" he asked. He held one hand near his pocket where he had a smuggled weapon hidden, just in case.

"We want the same thing. But like me, you think that those pamphleteers are shouting into the wind. It will take braver and bolder actions to prevent the oncoming storm of holographic AIs with full control of heavily armed warships. You, Trean, are uniquely positioned to help me take such an action." He tapped the crystal on the table, balancing it upward with his index finger. "You are aware, I believe, of the one called the Lady?"

Treans eyes narrowed, "Are you speaking of Lady Patience Maeru?" he growled. The heir to the throne on his home world, someone not well liked, in fact many believed she would destroy their world. He'd heard on the news she had been stranded here several days ago on her way to a a diplomatic conference at Starbase 47, her ship had been sabotaged and was beyond repair. "What does she have to do with holograms?" he demanded.

Lion smiled at Trean's reaction. It was what he had hoped for. "The Lady has found herself a new ferry to her destination. You may have heard about it at the pamphleteer's meeting: the USS Gladiator." The speakers at the C.O.I.L. rally had railed against the experimental Sovereign class vessel that was crewed by as many holograms as it was by flesh-and-blood Starfleet staff. "This," Lion tipped the crystal in Trean's direction, "comes with a ticket on that ship. Transfer orders as a member of the Lady's personal security attache. Once aboard the ship, you will be in a position to prove the major failing of the holographic abomination in a language that even Starfleet Command will not be able to ignore."

Treans eyes widened. He leaned forward with interest, the man had his complete attention. "And just how will I do that?" he demanded. If he could get close to the dreadful woman... maybe something could be done about her too. "Please tell me it has to do with a hologram strangling that wench?"

Lion laughed, exposing his sharp teeth. "It would be poetic justice, but unfortunately hacking Starfleet's computers without detection is a skill beyond the ones possessed by me or my comrades. Our methods will have to be more... blunt. I have secured a device that will cause the holoemitters aboard the Gladiator to malfunction, and ultimately to fail completely. Having a vast majority of Security officers literally vanish into thin air at the very moment that the vessel is being boarded, I think, would be the sort of disaster that would have Starfleet Command declare the whole pilot project a failure."

Lion leaned forward even more, flipping the crystal into the palm of his hand and presenting it to Trean. "Of course, who knows what else might happen in the heat of battle? You will be at the Lady's side, as her former head of security had an unfortunate accident earlier today. A career-ending one, let's just say. Her safety and well-being will be entirely in your hands."

Trean looked at the crystal, "Whats in it for me?" he asked already drawn to the deal. The chance to get rid of the woman was enough, he was one of few people who's family had been decimated by her policies and exorbitant demands. He hated her with a passion, and he wasn't alone. Killing her would pave the way for a new way of running things. He closed his hand around the data crystal and looked at Lion square in the eyes. "I need an assurance that my little sister will be cared for all her days if things go badly." he said. "That is all I ask." His baby sister was all he truly cared about, she lived in a care facility that he paid for, as she had the mind of a child.

The Human nodded. He did not approach a possible recruit without knowing her or his weaknesses, and Trean's sister certainly fell into this category, though Lion was surprised that the opportunity to kill the Lady was not enough on its own. "That can be arranged. Off-world, perhaps, I can guarantee she will want for nothing and receive the appropriate assistance and care; our presence on Merinasu is still nascent. This would be dependent, of course, on you successfully accomplishing your mission. You understand, I am sure." Holding this over Trean would prevent cold feet.

Trean watched him for a long moment. "I understand." he said tightly. He knew the risk. he might not make it out of this, but the chance to strike against the Holograms and the Lady? He wasn't going to pass this chance up. He could be a hero!


Trean played by Kavi
Lion played by Stele


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