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Hidden In Plain Site

Posted on Tue Apr 10th, 2018 @ 7:22pm by Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins] & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Memphis Island Hospital

/// ON ///

The trip to the hospital would have been brief but with having wounded, it caused some minor hiccups. Still this allowed John and the others keeping watch for threats the time to scout a little ahead, here and there, to ensure that they were going to be find. Nonetheless, the trip was quick as best as anyone could imagine. As they saw the hospital in site, Hayter tapped his ear piece and opened up a comlink after it chirped twice to allow for a secure link to be established.

"Hawkeye, this is green leader, we see the nest, and are on approach, copy," he spoked as he held the rifle up agains his chest with Tayla not to far from his side as well leading the group.

"Roger that, you idiot. Get them up here, then I need you and Mel to head back. Do you copy?" David's voice came over the groups private com links.

"Roger roger," Hayter smirked as he looked back at the twin form. "You up for a little one on two private mission?" he asked as he looked back at the lieutenant.

The Dalacari gave a pair of smirks, "You *do* know I only count as two on the chow lines, right?" she asked, but her tone was clearly amused. "I'm ready when you are." then she gave a weird look. Not discomfort or anxiety, but more like flexing a muscle that wasn't actually a muscle.

"I'm ready too." her twin form said, then both relaxed. Consciously switching focus seemed to be the cause of her discomfort. "That's harder than it looked, by the way."

Lixor smiled lightly, "are you sayin you're not enjoying the challenge?"

Paula started to stir as she felt 4 sets of hands caressing her body as they carried her, she said " Put me the hell down Mel's " as she noticed the twin forms of the Declari officer, as a sharp pain shot up her arm once more and this time it was more intence than she remembered back on the runabout before she passed out.

"On the contrary, I love a good challenge. It's just not as easy as it looks to switch focus on the fly." she mentioned, then looked down at Paula in her grasp. Grasps? No, grasp. At Paula's sudden awakening and request, the Dalacari just rolled her eyes. "In a moment, ma'am. And for the record..."

"... I'm not a plural." she remarked, before gently setting Paula down. "I'm a complex binary organism with a singular cloud consciousness." a pause, as the pair of them regained their composure, before turning to Hayter. "So, one on *one* private..."

"... mission, you said?"

"That's great, you two get the hell out of here," Khelev said over the comms. After getting the power back on, he took residence in the security room and had eyes everywhere. "Everyone not helping the doc with the surgery needs to get into a defensible position. I'll quarterback from the security room for now."

"You heard him," David's voice came over the comms next as he looked over the surrounding from the rooftop of the hospital. "We already took care of a more than a handful of visitors but we are expecting their friends. Doctors, get your asses in here and start working on fixing up Kavi. The rest, like ch'Koro said, get into defense positions."

Lixor glanced over at his Mel and motioned over to a reception desk not to far away, "let's get over there," moving he withdrew the hand phasor he had been issued for the trip and crouched behind the covering. The look on his blue face was back to what it had been when he was a gang leader in intense danger, serious in intense.

"I've got most of the defensive structures that were installed online, full sensors so we'll see anything coming," Khelev said over the comms. "They really put some upgrades into this to make sure it was defend-able."

Paula looked round at the others and replied. "Hey, what about me, give me a weapon," as she was now getting angry and although she had a arm that was useless, she still had a good arm to use and defend this place. She continued "I might have a faulty arm, but I can still fight,"as her tactical knowledge might be useful.

"Lieutenant, if I hear about your arm that you broke opening a fortune cookie one more time, I'll shoot you again, but this time, not a stun setting. Weapons are behind the main desk in the lobby. There aren't much there, but check them over, and secure the rear exit of the building. Place personal as you see fit, security chief. I'll be down in a moment," Hawkins spoke over the comm feeling that it would at least keep her busy.

"Yeah, I'm staying out of this," John stated as he looked back at Paula. He watched as Mel step away from the security chief as there was a slight awkward pause but then Hayter tapped out as he nodded to Tayla. "Good luck, buttercup. Keep them safe."

Tayla tool a deep breath as she stood close to Hayter. The pair had been partnered up for many missions. At this point Tayla was certain she'd never be rid of the cocky ass hole,but she wouldn't have it any other way.

" Alright lets find me a surgical Bay with power, and let's get it sterilized." Percival muttered as he headed towards the hospital, they'd have to check every Bay for power and backup power before hed consider opening someone up in there.

From the roof top, people were looking like ants to David as he smirked but as he looked in the distance, his smirk disappeared and quickly through up his binoculars to see three figures coming out of the tree lines. "Ch'Koro, you wont believe this... we have three boggies... its Theo's team..."

/// OFF ///


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