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That escalated quickly...

Posted on Wed Apr 11th, 2018 @ 4:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra

Mission: New Horizon
Location: S.S. Palomino
Timeline: Too long after Zeti and Johena left

Theo was nervously pacing around the halls of the Palomino. Zeti had been gone far too long. Yes he knew she had something up her sleeve but what that was he had no idea. As much as he would've liked to lose himself in Lizzy's physique to relieve his anxiety, this needed to e dealt with. At least now with Palomino's power back up, and given that he knew how to bring a couple systems online, Theo made for the bridge and brought the long range tracking system online. He began a scan for the ripsaw and at the same time pulled out his comm to try Zeti for the umpteenth time. "Zeti...c'mon girl, you gonna answer me?" He held onto his communicator and heard nothing as the scanner slowly started to zero in on the ripsaw...

"I'm a little busy," Zeti said through the old flip style communicator she was using. The good thing about finding a ship intact, there was still a lot of stuff that just needed some minor repairs to get operational. "I've got a lead on a ship that might be able to get us into orbit and I'm trying to figure out how to... liberate it from it's current owner without dying."

"Need backup?" Theo asked as he was already making for his room to load up his arsenal. "I can be to your position in about 10 or 15 minutes.." He had to hurry past Zul'arra because he knew that most of Zeti's plans never went the way they were intended to...

"What the zelm'oc is going on!" Zul'arra questioned as she started after Theo.

Theo stopped and turned to Zul'arra with something of a concerned (insert panicked) look. "Zeti says she's liberating, also known as stealing, a ship that could help us get this antique into orbit. How smoothly do you think that's going to go?" He then turned and ran off towards his quarters screaming back at her. "Get your bow, we'll need you!" He then acted very calmly as he quietly entered his room, grabbed a pistol, carbine, long rifle and a couple blades as well as spare power packs. He made double sure not to stir Lizzy from her slumber and then made his way towards the airlock, waiting for Zul'arra...

"I'm not ready to make my move yet, that's why I didn't call. We can't rush this," Zeti pipped up on the comm. "I'm set up with a couple of friends I'd met before I ran into you. Our target is a Cardassian named Creth, he's got about thirty armed goons. We're in the city of Aera."

"Any idea on your timetable?" Theo asked as he carried his arsenal to the airlock. "I know the area around Aera well and can set up a good cover position, depending on where this Cardassian's ship is.."

"He's got a shop right at the main cross road, we're in the saloon across the street. Looks like he's got a few shuttles for sale, but his primary source of income seems to be water," Zeti said. "Makes sense on a world that's nothing but desert. I'm sending you the scans of the place, along with the guard rotations we've observed so far. Maybe you can see something I can't."

"Gotcha, I'll pack a scope and see what I can see for you.." Theo said as he waited on Zul'arra to arrive. "COME ON ZUL'ARRA!!" He screamed down the halls. He was nothing if impatient. He also knew that Zeti's plan would go horribly wrong so he wanted to be as ready as he could be...

"I'm already here..." Zul'arra responded as she walked around the corner and shook her head as she held her items over her shoulder. She looked at the man before him and raised her eyebrow. "... Why you getting your panties in a bunch?"

"You obviously haven't been part of any of Zeti's ideas.." He said with a chuckle. "Let's go before I put your panties into a bunch via wedgie.."

"Would you two just get loaded up and get out here?" Zeti called over the comm. "We need to nab this ship."

"We are on our way, boss lady!" Zul'arra called out as she picked up her pace after using the comment she had heard from Hayter several times prior. She was starting to feel as though she had been fitting in more and more over the past year and a half with these people. She was still young, but she was catching on real quick. And when it came to Zeti, she was truly a person she was inspiring to impress as she was someone she looked up to. "... me and the man-child will be there soon."

"You'll regret calling me that.." He said with a growl as he made his way out to the Narcis hovercraft and heaved his gear inside, then heaved Zul'arra herself in by her pant waist line, aiming to wedgie her..

"Do that again, and I'll break your arm," Zul'arra growled back as she gripped her knife ready to attack. She had raised hundreds of children on the islands of Memphis without any help. She was forced to grow up a decade before, and with her, she didn't take crap. It took every ounce of her will do prevent from stabbing him. " Lizzy may let you sexually harass her, but I will not allow it."

"Good," Zeti shook her head, Zul'arra would have to deal with Theo on her own for that comment. She wasn't going to be the big sister coming to the girl's rescue.

"We're on our way Zeti." He then turned to Zul'arra and glared. "Try to break my arm and I'll stun you and leave you." He growled at her. "You have no business comparing my relationship with lizzy to anything. I get more than enough crap thrown at me from Zeti to even hint at taking any from you, now sit down, shut up and hang on.." He then turned back to the comm system. "I'll transmit coordinates of where we are when we get there.." Theo then fired up the Narcis and cruised along the desert until the city came into view. Thankfully there was a ridge on the opposite side of the shop, with a great look at the shuttle yard. Theo got himself set up and pulled out his long rifle, setting it to sniper configuration. "Zeti, we're all set, I've got eyes on the shuttle yard.."

"There is a Venture class scout near the back of the lot. It's hard to miss," Zeti answered him. "I need a way in so I don't get caught while I steal it."

Theo scanned the area with his rifle scope. "Got that beauty zeroed in...." He flicked the safety off on his rifle. "The terrain is terrible Zeti, you have almost no way in except straight through. I can do what I can to cover you from here but there isn't a 'subtle' way to do this.."

A long irritated scuff escaped Zul'arra's mouth as she grabbed the rifle, Hayter had given her, collapsed her bow and jumped out out of the hoover craft. It didn't take long before she took on her own position and looked through the rifle scope. "How long do you need, Zeti?"

"Once I get to the shuttle, assuming they didn't change the programming, I'll need a few minutes. There's a hatch under the ship, as long as I can get under it without being seen I'll be able to slip in, steal it and pick everyone up and get out of here," Zeti replied. "I won't get in during the day, but once the sun goes down, we create a distraction and I slip in. I could make a bomb."

"Think you could come up with a distraction that was a bit less explodey?" Theo asked over the comm with a chuckle. He then muted the comm and turned to Zul'arra and spoke plainly. "No matter our differences, I'm relying on you when the crap hits the fan tonight.."

"Don't worry," Zul'arra responded off the comm as she scanned the clearing and surround defense perimeter with her rifle scope. "I'll keep you safe, numb nuts..."

Theo chuckled a bit at her calling him 'numb nuts' and quickly pulled his pistol and fired a low power stun round into her leg, not wounding, just making her leg hopefully go numb..."whose numb now?"

Zul'arra growled as she punched him in the nose and watched as small amount of blood came from his nose. "And you wander why I called you a man-child. You act like this instead of what is supposed to be a grown adult, and to what your kind sees as an underaged member of society. Yeah, real mature," She stood up and started to limp away as she tapped her comm back on. "I'm heading in your way, Zeti. I should be able to offer close up support."

Theo growled under his breath. "dumb bitch.." He then grabbed the medi-kit and ran Zul'arra down. He then knelt down and began countering the numbness he'd inflicted on her. "Don't say anything, just let me apologize in my own way.." He didn't say anything else and went back to his perch...

"I'm going to shoot both of you, knock this shit off," Zeti said finally. "Just get your asses into cover and stop bickering and yes I'm pulling rank. I'll make my move tonight."

Theo quickly made his way back to his perch and got the yard sighted in again. "Roger Zeti, I'm in place and ready to go.."

Lt. Theodore Treadagar IV
Chief of Operations
U.S.S. Gladiator-A




Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Chief of Engineering
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


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