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"The day is for honest men, the night for thieves." - Euripides

Posted on Sat Aug 11th, 2018 @ 4:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra

Mission: Whispers of the Past
Location: City of Area
Timeline: Several hours after "That escalated quickly..."

Night engulfed the desert city as the sun fell below the horizon, the temperature quickly began to drop and creatures that remained hidden during the hot day sun began to find their way out of their various dens to hunt for food in the night. The market had died down and now the various eateries and taverns were a buzz with activity.

Zeti was sitting, awake, in a completely darkened room with visual scanners to her eyes and watching Creth's place. Theo and Zul'arra had been quiet for a while and she was about to make contact when something caught her attention. There seemed to be a disagreement with several of Creth's guards and a local caravan company and in looked like guns were being drawn.

She reached up and touched the communicator on her ear, "Everyone look alive. The Lucentgold Caravan guards just drew down on Creth's guards, I'm making my move."

Theo finished drinking some water from his canteen and sighted his rifle in on the commotion. "Copy that Zeti, lemme know where you're comin from and i'll keep an eye on you all the way to the scout.." The familiar sound of a bolt racking followed as Theo chambered a large caliber cartridge and began to steady his breathing...

Esyhl moved up on Zeti's right and shouldered the rifle he'd brought with them and started watching through the scope. With the window covered, Zeti set down the visual scanners and grabbed her engineering backpack and pulled it on as she booked it out of the room and started down the stairs. There was an explosion a moment later and she smirked as she hit the ground and headed out into the street. The bomb wasn't her, but she could see gun fire.

After pulling her own side arm from it's holster, she started to move quickly to the shuttle. She stuck to blind spots and shadows as she moved, trying to avoid being seen as much as possible. The fighting sounded like it was getting more intense and she knew she needed to move fast.

She got around the building quickly and ducked behind another shuttle, there were still a couple of guards on this side of the fight. There was one blocking her route to the shuttle and she double tapped her comm before pointing to the guard, signalling Theo to take the shot.

"Gotcha covered sis.." Theo said confidently as he gently squeezed the trigger, sending his round down range. A couple seconds later, the guard's head exploded and his body dropped to the ground, followed by the somewhat quiet report of Theo's rifle. "Good to go..."

Zeti gave him a thumbs up and turned back towards the shuttle. The fighting was still going on, keeping the attention of most of the guards. After a quick look, she made her move to the shuttle and slid under it before crawling to the underside hatch. She pulled out her tools and got to work on it.

"At the hatch, all of you get ready to move."

Theo kept his sight on her for a few moments then did a sweep around the yard. "Hang on sis...trouble comin your way, looks like a couple of guards, 15 meters and closing fast, they're coming right for the scout.." He racked another round. "I can drop one easy enough..."

Without a sound, the two guards dropped and a shadow moved passed where the two guards had been. "I took care of them," Zul'arra called over the comm as she held her knives close as she moved in Zeti's shadows here and there to the scout.

"Nice moves Zul'arra.." Theo said with confidence as he kept both ladies covered.

"When you live on your own in the wilderness around dangerous killer predators. Plus I am a quick study when it comes to technology," she muttered as she slammed up against large metallic box crates. "Less complaining and more info updates."

"Stop fighting," Zeti hissed over the comm, she was nearly past the lock and into the ship. The hatch was the easy part, getting control of the computer and the ship was going to take a little longer. "We're lucky that fight broke out."

"Less luck than you might think," Esyhl replied over the comms. "Girosa got them fired up enough to attach Creth, she's on her way back."

"That would have been good information to tell the one who made the plan!" Zeti nearly shouted, the hatch opened and she tossed her bag in before pulling herself up into the dark shuttle. "I'm in, once I have control I'll make contact and beam you all aboard."

"Sounds fun," Zul'arra replied over the comm as she ducked the weapons fire from far off. It was a sniper shot that took out an enemy from behind her. She looked out in the distance as though she was looking at Theo directly in front of her. She nodded and went on around the corner, taking another two straight on with her knives in hand. "How does it look, Theo?"

"Two more coming in a straight line...they're mine.." He chuckled some and squeezed the trigger, sending yet another round down-range, catching the two goons in their heads, making them explode and causing their bodies to drop to the ground...

Zeti closed the hatch, before moving into the cockpit of the shuttle. The first door that lead into the room where the science stations and transporter was easy to get into. She made sure it was closed behind her before moving to the flight deck door, this class only needed one pilot but the door itself was more secure than the last. She had to pop the control panel from the wall, before connecting in her engineering tricorder and bypassing the lock.

Even as a Starfleet engineer, it took Zeti time to get through the security and get the cockpit door open. Once she was in, she opened a maintenance hatch in the floor that lead to an access panel for the computer core. It looked like it had been reprogrammed since this had been in the service of Starfleet, so she set about restoring the computer back to it's original condition. With the fall of government, it seemed technology hadn't progressed much since they'd vanished and Zeti knew what she was working with.

Once she had bypassed security and the restore was started, she leaned back against one of the shuttle's bulkheads and closed her eyes. Zeti wore her erring, it bore the Halan family symbol, signified their devotion to the prophets but she rarely prayed. So much fighting as a child changed her in many ways, but she was getting to her limits. How much longer could she go?

"Prophets, help me find a way to get back to my crew and to find a way home," She muttered softly.

The computer beeped, which caused her to open her eyes. The main console had come to life with the lcars control system, which made her smile as she stood up and approached. She tapped the controls and entered her command codes and took full control of the ship. She replaced the hatch in the floor before locking it down and taking a seat in the pilot's chair while tapping the comm behind her ear.

"The ship is mine, let's get the hell out of this one horse town."

"Got it!" Zul'arra called out as she kicked another enemy down to the ground, grabbed her knife, and holstered it as she sprinted for the cliff at the rear of the compound, dodging weapons fire. As she made it to the rear of the compound, she quickly made her way onto a worn down craft and stopped for a moment, but was grazed by weapons fire, hitting her arm bringing her down to her knees. As she was about to be overrun by her assalents, the shimmering glow engulfed her. The next thing she knew, she was on a small transporter padd in a starfleet vessel, much more modern than what they had been living in. Around her, she saw Lizzy and a new face. She held her arm tightly as she walked through the vessel to find Zeti at the front cockpit, piloting the vessel. "Thanks for the save."

Theo had kept his sights on everything going on while Zeti got the scout up and running. He'd also covered Zul'arra while she was being transported aboard. "Sis, I'm on the ridge, can you flyover and kindly beam me outta here?" He then sat waiting until he was enveloped by the transporter beam and finally aboard. "Let's not do that again.." He said with a chuckle as he made his way forward, giving a kiss to Lizzy and then patting the seat where Zeti was sitting. "Nice swipe Zeti..."

"We're not out of this yet, Creth is going to be looking for us. We're going to have to figure out our next move," Zeti furrowed her brow. "Speed is our ally now."

"So what is the plan then?" Zul'arra asked as she took a seat on a rear chair away from any consoles or responsibilities of the runabout. She was a survivalist, but not much of a tech person yet.

"Not die," Zeti blurted out. "The way I see it, this thing can get us to where we need to go. We can head out to find the gladiator now, come back for the Palamino once things cool down."

"I can get behind that plan.." Theo chuckled some as he took a seat. "What about Memphis? Think we could find any help there?"

"I think that's a safe bet, unless the actual planet was destroyed, there are safe places we can go," Zeti nodded. "And there's a good chance the rest of the crew will think to go there too. Even if they didn't, we'll be able to search a little easier."

With that Zeti jumped the shuttle to warp, it was time to go home.



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