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Message in a Bottle

Posted on Tue May 29th, 2018 @ 11:08am by David Hawkins & Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Bridge - U.S.S. Resolute
Timeline: After leaving the Hospital

/// ON ///

Ever since the news of the Resolute stored up in the hidden hanger bay it originally resided in, it was a major hope and moral booster that truly got Hawkins and the rest looking up after all. It was the Gladiator, but it was something that they would at least know something about with the leap in time. But then again, everything they had seen wasn't anything out of the norms.

The turbolift doors slid open and Hawkins, along with the rest of the first group came in. It wouldn't take much longer before the crew... his crew arrived aboard the bridge themselves. As they stepped out, systems started to come alive sections at a time.

"Wow... its as though the systems know we are here," John smirked slightly as he moved through the area up front. When they had first received the Resolute for Memphis Island, he had assigned to the ship as it's pilot. Now they all had found themselves with a blast from the past.

"Of course, you idiot," David called out as he walked up to a secondary console behind the command chairs. "Looks like all the system is locked out and waiting for a couple command codes. How ya handling yourself, Mercia?"

"Sore but managing..." Mercia said. She ached quite a bit after her surgery.

"Want to give her a hand, blue balls?" Hawkins looked behind her at Khelev.

"Keep it up you're going to be no balls," Khelev growled at him, as he moved past him and to the console. He still had an engineering command code he could enter.

"I thought you two were getting along now." Mercia grumbled between the two of them.

"What you talking about... We always have," David shrugged with a slight grin.

"Hey, Mel... What ya think of the Resolute?" John called over to the twin form as the next batch of people entered from the other turbolift nearest to the tactical station. "Looks like she has been refitted, but this is an Intrepid class starship. She maybe small, but she is fast and has a couple tricks up her sleeve."

Mel gave look around with one form, while addressing John with the other, "Well it IS a little cramped, but you'll understand. We Dalacari enjoy our space, but that aside it looks like a nice, quaint ship." the pair smirked. "It's got a nice..."

"... cozy feel to it. Log cabin, warm cocoa, fireplace." she teased, but then serious'ed up, "All truth, it's a rather nice ship. I'm sure it'll carry us all home."

"Alrighty," David spoke up as he and Mercia finished entering in their command codes. "The system took our codes..."

With that, the wall-mounted console sprang to life, as did the panels surrounding it. LCARS was running on full speed, and the displays showed the automated system checks and updates cycling through. But more noticeably was the hologram that now materialized in front of Hawkins and the rest of the crew. She was older, certainly--silver hair now instead of her black locks, and worry-lines built up in the passing decades--but it was unmistakably his longtime friend and former crewmate, right down to the grimace on her face.

"David. It's been a long time," said Vanora Stele. The hologram was dressed in a modified field version of the Starfleet uniform that wasn't one Hawkins had ever seen, designed apparently for away team missions that required more stealth, given the mostly black fabric with only hints of Strategic Operations red. But they did include very clear Rear Admiral insignia on the collar. "Too long. But I knew you would make it here. By my calculations, it will have been at least 30 years, and maybe even 40, since the Gladiator's transwarp drive malfunctioned and launched you here, to your future. And you'll already have seen a lot of what has happened in the intervening years."

Stele continued. "I'll be brief, as there isn't much time. I wouldn't be surprised if Zeti hasn't already figured this out, but your trip through time was no accident: the transwarp drive was sabotaged, specifically to take you out of the picture. And we were able to determine who was responsible; unfortunately, you'll be familiar with them: The Unholy Trinity, and C.O.I.L., done with their infighting and unified under a single-minded leadership. The Gladiator and its crew--you and your crew--were the only ones ever able to successfully undermine their plans and root them out, so they knew that taking you out of the picture was the key to their success."

The hologram sighed heavily. "They were right. Starfleet thought that the Unholy Trinity temple we destroyed was the only one, but they were wrong, and without the Gladiator to call on, there was no one I could convince to go off-book and find the others. I even tried climbing the ladder to get more authority," she laughed darkly, touching her Rear Admiral insignia, "but even up here in the Admiralty, no one wanted to revisit any of the Trinity mess. But there really were other temples. You weren't there--we weren't there--for those ceremonies, and they finished them, within just a couple of years of your disappearance. A tricobalt device was set off directly at Starfleet HQ in San Francisco. The capitols of Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar Prime... ravaged and ruined in an instant. Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards destroyed at the same time by C.O.I.L. terrorist attacks, along with most starbases in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants."

"We only lasted ten years, David. You all would have been proud to see how hard everyone fought, but it wasn't a standard war: the Trinity's alien devices made it impossible to trust anyone, and they had agents everywhere, even inside Section 31. It was worse than with the Founders; at least in the Dominion War we had the blood tests. So we kept fighting, and every time we thought we'd turned the tide, there'd be another inside job, another disaster, and we'd have to fall back. And when they destroyed Starfleet and the Federation, they finally got the chaos they wanted from the start. It's anarchy out there, and the handful of Starfleet ships left... we did our best. The Federation worked because our citizens and planets shared common values, which meant we didn't need to police every sector all the time. I can't believe I'm saying this, but those values are gone."

"You have the clearance for it, so I'm sure you read the full classified report of the Voyager's final trip back to Earth from the Delta Quadrant. How a future Admiral Janeway gave the past Voyager the chance to change the timeline. Well, that was to be honest for selfish and personal reasons, and I never much approved of what she did, violating the Temporal Prime Directive. But I read it, and remembered it well, when we finally got down to our last ship, the rest of them destroyed by the crime syndicates that are the closest thing that the Alpha and Beta quadrants have to governments these days. So here it is, my last gamble: this ship, and your crew. I have no idea what state the Gladiator is in by the time you arrived here, but no offense to your baby, you need this upgrade if my plan is going to work. You see, I traced your trajectory, and I figured out the window in the timeline when you'd arrive here. The last of my crew--the last of Starfleet--and I knew you would come back here to Memphis Island--home. We did our best to protect it, used your old hiding place, so here it is. I need you, Mercia, Khelev and Zeti to put things right. This isn't selfish: I'm asking you to save the Federation itself. If there was ever a time to break the Temporal Prime Directive, the end of civilization itself is a pretty good one."

"You'll find more than just the ship here. We've given you all the tools, research, tech, and strategic intel we've pulled together in the last three decades. And of course, the map back to your time. Don't try to take the Trinity and C.O.I.L. head-on: it's not going to work. Get back home and stop this from happening."

The hologram looked at each of them in turn, finally smiling. "And David... Mercia... Khelev... there's something else for each of you, too, in your quarters. I only wish I was here with you now, to see this through to the end. When you get back, tell my past self that I owe all of you a dozen rounds for this. Stele out."

And with that, the hologram of their old friend dematerialized, leaving them standing in a restored and refitted USS Resolute.

"This is a bit deus ex machina for me," Khelev spoke up finally. "Also, when we get back, I'm finding her and kicking her ass. We need to get Zeti to look this stuff over."

From the back, Mel's voice broke the silence after Khelev spoke up, "Ummm, should I be bothered she didn't mention me?" the Dalacari said, a humorous tone in her voice. "And... does this sort of thing happen often?"

"Dont take it personally," Hayter called out as he ran his hands over the now live control panel of the helm station. "Stele, Davvy, Kavi, and blue bells, here, were the ones that started this legacy we all find ourselves apart of. You could say, they were the original Backstreet Boys of the good ol' days."

"Something like that," David murmured as he took in a deep breath as he look around to the now active and more advanced bridge before them. He nodded slowly as he look at Kavi and ch'Koro. "You two find your quarters and have her rest a bit. We can figure out things for a bit. Consider this ship as our getaway home till we get things going again."

"I'm not going to stay on board, you've got a good Engineer. I want to stay here, see if I can make contact with anyone that can help us," Khelev said, maybe this hologram from Stele was real or maybe they were stuck here. They needed to be ready for both. "Maybe I'll have rallied some forces by the time you get back."

"I know this. But we aren't leaving till the morning, and I thought you two would want to settle in... you know..." David simply explained as he winked.

"Way to beat around the bush, el' captain!" John called him out with a loud voice that everyone heard.

Mel made a face, the kind of face that one would make when the prospect of the mating rituals of another species was brought up in casual conversation. Then something clicked...

"It's so cute that your little gang had a name." she giggled, "Though, calling yourself the Backstreet Boys doesn't exactly sound intimidating. Though, for a band of friends travelling together..."

"... it does have a certain charm to it. Something a little larger than life, I guess you could say."

Khelev looked at the twin forms of Mel, looking between the two of them before shaking his head, "We didn't have a name, I'm pretty sure he's being a jackass."

The pairs gave a thought, "You know, it's hard to tell with him. I have an advantage of perception, so I can look at someone from an angle they don't control. In that, I can usually tell when someone is..."

"... not entirely truthful. You have one, Zeti has one, Dia in the brief time that I spoke with him even Theo has one." she paused, then shook her head, "Yes. You have one. Everyone has..."

"... one, but the point is with him it's weird. Either that or I haven't found it yet." the pair giggled. "Either way, thank you for the clarification. I was worried because to be honest that sounds..."

"... more like a vidpop group than a rugged band of kickass explorers."

"That would make more sense Mel," Khelev nodded his agreement. "Let's go see what Stele left us."

Mercia grinned and rubbed her hands together, "Years of being pissed off at her, and she still came through for us..." she said. "We'd be smart to ensure the bay doors work, but also fortify here. Make this our central base of command until we clear the island of pirates."

"Khelev and Genny, take a little bit to gear up and say your goodbyes," David spoke up as he mad his way to the center chair to look at. He took it all in as he continued on. "The rest of you, familiarize yourselves with your sections and prepare this ship for launch."

/// OFF ///


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