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Drone Hunt Part 1

Posted on Tue Apr 10th, 2018 @ 7:27pm by Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins] & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Hidden Cliff Hanger Bay


"Alrighty," John stated as he lead the twin form down the path on the behind the cliffs. The rest of the crew had been called to the hospital to get things prepared for Kavi's surgery and fortify it for a possible attack on the building. But for him and Mel, they were to search for her drone technology and hope that it would help out in protecting the hospital. "You see, cheeka... It's not that i'm not attracted to your kind... Its that you are freakishly weird."

The twin forms followed behind John, one half listened while the other watched and followed. The freakish part was that neither lost their way, nor did they seem to lose the conversation. At his half-compliment, she sported a pair of smiles, though those wilted quickly. "Freakishly weird?" she cited, "As weird as, say, discovering that all other life forms in the cosmos are trapped in singular bodies?" she said, half-amused. She was determined not to take that as an insult. Though it certainly wasn't a compliment.

"And what's so incredibly weird about me?" asked the other form. "I thought every male dreamed of knowing twins?" she teased. She knew for a FACT that she didn't consider herself Twins.

“Your species likes to sit on the side lines watching and coaching yourself along, and yet you aren’t,” John shrugged as he watched every step to prevent stepping or tripping. “I mean, let’s be honest, freakishly weird. So I guess it’s really not you, it’s your ways of enjoying the… physical act.”

Mel was silent for a moment, trying to parse a response. "Personally, I don't enjoy violence. No Dalacari really does. I just know what's expected of me, and that if I'm being asked to do something, there's a solid chance that if I don't act that..."

"... others may suffer more. It's math, really, and as long as I keep thinking about it mathmatically, then it's less of an experience." she paused again, "And as for sitting on the sidelines, mind if I ask you a personal question?" she paused.

"Who's the most important person in the universe to you?" she asked, "Don't worry, I promise I won't tell."

“What?” John paused and looked back at her again. “How did you get to… … Oh never mind. And important.. No not really.” He answered as he started back down the path he remembered. As he continued to lead, he pulled up his tricorder. “So what about you, my furry, weird friend?”

She perked up, in something of a motion of surprise, "Wait, what did *you* mean?"

"Nothing... moving on. I heard a little birdie say you were interested in somene on the crew," John quickly deflected with a slight grin on his face.

"A little bi... OH, I was going to say." she started. Apparently Dalacari didn't have little Gossip Birds that flew from story to story. "Well, I have a scientific and social interest in everyone on the crew. I find you all fascinating and interesting..."

"... not just on a social or scientific level, but as people. We're social creatures, Dalacari. I enjoy the company of everyone on board. Now, if you're suggesting I have a *crush* on someone, well that's just silly." she shook both her heads.

"But the reason I asked before, is because we're very fragile creatures. I was going to make a demonstration but, no point in it now." she pondered for a moment, "We do what we do to protect ourselves." she stated, before pulling out her own pair of tricorders.

"Though, full admission, it's cute that you call me 'weird'." she smirked. "It'll be our secret." she teased.

"Oh yeah yeah..." He replied shaking his head as he was about to come around the corner but weapons fire started up his position. Without thinking, he quickly moved back and put his hands up to block the two formed member. "Well this is new."

Despite only one of the forms being blocked, they both came to a stop. "What? What is it?" she paused, "Aside from someone trying to shoot at us."

"Uh..." he paused and shrugged. "Honestly, I didn't see it, just heard the winding sound of some weapon systems. Whatever it is...its not visible."

Mel thought, "Well, we need to know who and what we're up against. Throw a rock or something to draw their fire, and then I'll keep the tricorder ready to scan the energy signature. As for not being visible, well that just leaves..."

"... three possibilities. They're well hidden, they're using stealth, or it's the Jem'Hadar."

A long pause came over the two as John starred at her as though he was trying to figure out if she was being serious or acting as though he was ignorant. But he shook his head as he did what he was 'commanded'. As soon as he tossed the rock, it didn't do anything at all but flew in the air, and fell to the ground with a thud. "Well, professor, that didn't work," he looked over at her and smirked. "Any other bright ideas?"

"Sorry, I talk when I'm nervous." she apologized, and as the rock flew out with no response, she pondered, "Well, I can poke my head out and see?" she offered. "We're kinda pinned and, I'm sorry, I'm not very tactical."

"No, you are fine," he smirked as he shook his head. "No that's dangerous. I am not putting your life on the line. if you were someone else... Maybe."

"Hey that's not nice." a pause, "But, thank you. Okay, so do you have a mirror, or something shiny?" she offered. "Cause right now, we're kinda at an impasse." her other form had it's thinking face on, though. Even if the immediate options she was offering weren't the most helpful, she was working on more.

"Thinking the same thing," John nodded as he opened up a patch on his vest and pulled out a small piece of reflective material. He slowly moved it to where he could see around the corner and raised an eye brow as he wandered what was before him. "There are two of them, hoovering but moving as one." He handed the object to Mel and moved to where she... one of her... could see around with the device. "I never seen that technology before."

One of her forms shimmied around to get a good look. "No I ha... wait." she paused. It was odd, that the one talking WASN'T the one looking. "Wait yes. Yes I have seen that!" she was a little too excited for the moment. "Looks like a pair of DT Thirties. Well, decendents of the ..."

"... DT Thirty line. Look a little sleeker, a little neater, but that's Dalacari tech. Those are definitely Dalacari drones." a pause, "Which means there's an Engine nearby."

The pair turned back to look at John, "I have a radical idea. It's hard coded into every Engine's protocols that Dalacari are never targets. We're never a threat." she explained. "I... I think we're going to be okay."

With that, Mel took a breath, and made like she was going to just walk out into the field of fire.

"Wait NO!"

... to be continued...

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