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Look Who's Spineless Now!!!

Posted on Tue May 8th, 2018 @ 1:45pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D. & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Surgical Floor - Memphis Island Hospital


The double doors swayed open as David Hawkins moved through the flickering light hallways on the surgical floor. It didn't take long before he saw his 'partner in crime' standing before a glass panel before him. He came to his side and looked threw to see his XO and the two doctors and Emmah. He didn't know the two doctors, but Emmah, he trusted her with all their lives.

"Have they started yet?" David asked as he crossed his arms over his chest and gripped his rifle strap in one of his hands.

"They're just getting started," Khelev put his arms behind his back and watched quietly. "For the first time in a long time I have hope, but what I fear is coming... It's going to test us David and I don't know that everyone is going to make it through it. Slavers are bastards when the Federation held them in check, with no one to do so they're going to be worse. We're going to have to wage war."

"War... this isn't even our time," the captain stated as he shook his head ever so slightly. "Hell, we barely are surviving, let alone a running ship."

"We don't have a way home, I know Zeti thinks she can get us home but we haven't heard from her in a long time, and I can't. I understand quantum mechanics but not like she did," Khelev looked over at David. "Like it or not, this is now our time. That leaves us with two choices, find somewhere else to settle and call home or defend our island and rebuild."

This sunk in deep as David knew that this was true, but he was fighting the thought of just settling for this timeline. Federation was no more, the people they knew were dead and gone, and they were stranded in this timeline with no true way back. "We are going to need more fire power if we plan on getting this place defendable and thats long term. It was manned by three hundred thousand personal, both Federation and Romulan personal. We were a skeleton crew of an Excalibur class starship, but of a whole island. The first chance we get, we get the Gladiator back here. I don't care what it takes. Even if I have to do it all on my own. I'm not giving up on that ship. Not just yet," David explained as he looked back at the doctor's and Mercia on the other side of the glass. "How's it going in there on the back surgery?"

Xander heard the muffled question from the Captain from the other side of the glass whilst himself, Alexander and the remainder of the surgical team made the last of the preperations. He made his way up to the barrier between them. "We're almost ready to begin, Sir. Dr Percival is just finishing up the last few bits of pre-Op." He could see the Chief Medical Officer glance up at him, indicating that he was ready to commence the surgery imminently. Xander swiftly made his way back over to his colleagues.

"Alright, lets get the neural block up and running. Kavi you understand that you have to be awake through this procedure and perform certain tests periodically so we can ensure that everything goes according to plan." Alexander asked quietly, as he sprayed a sterilizing compound onto her bare back. She'd been arranged face down, on a bed that adjusted to her form perfectly, so they might operate on her spine directly. Force fields would hold her in place if they had to move her for some reason.

Mercia's face was angled towards the window, seeing her best friend and her mate watching with a mix of hope and fear on the other side. The doctors words restes on her ears for a moment before she responded. "You should know I have a history of hating doctors... Even punched one when my ankle was broken." she could almost see David smirking through the glass wondering if he remembered that day so long ago.

"Commander Kavi, comments like that will not help the process" Emma chided her.

"Oh shut up lightball" Mercia grumbled. She was uncomfortable and knew pain was coming. It set her in a sour mood despite her ache to be free of her chair.

"Will be right here monitoring you every step of the way and make you as comfortable as possible," Lydia reassured. Of of course, she was interested in the surgery itself and providing whatever medical support was needed, but under the circumstances, she also knew she should do what she could to keep their patient calm.

Xander chuckled to him self as the witty banter ensued, at the same time every ounce of his concentration was directed at sterilizing the surgical equipment for the procedure.

"Hey, don't talk to your future step daughter that way," Khelev smirked slightly.

"She does have your eyes," Hawkins nodded in agreement and grinned. "If not, we could always make her your mini-me."

"It's just a but of programming to change how she looks, the thing is I won't do it unless she asks me too," Khelev's antenna went straight up. "She's so much more than just a hologram."

Alexander sighed deeply "tell you what...if you still feel like hating me when im done, then you can punch me. " he grumbled as he placed the analgesic sensor at the back of her neck. Shed be numb with its interferance soon, there would be no pain...

Marcia felt the strange sensation of numbing wash through her. Most of her body was numb at this point. She was trying not to show it but she was actually a little scared. One wring move and she either died or was paralyzed for life. If she was paralyzed for life she wasn't sure she'd survive that.

As the doctor started, David and ch'Koro watched extensively as they kept their conversations low. They could tell that even with the neural pain receptor block in the works, she was still bothered by the feeling of the doctor and Emmah cutting into her and messing with her insides. The captain took a deep breath as he continued to talk. "So continuing on... if we clear the islands of any threat, we bring the Command post online. Its built underground in a deep bunker under the main command center tower. If protocol was kept, the bunker should still have some supplies and power to last a little while. It's a start."

"It was a geothermal power source, I can get that up and running if it's damaged," Khelev said softly. "We're going to need fighters, that means getting the Gladiator here and going out into the galaxy and recruiting. Bringing those that still hold our values here to help us. It's crazy, but we live in a time where crazy is all we've got."

"Once the group we have here is patched up and ready to head out, best course of action is to get to the Resolute and see her status," David brought up the advantage of the news from Hayter after all was said and done. "I'll send Hayter, Tayla and some others to acquire about the command tower and any information from there. But I agree, Gladiator needs to be brought back with us. If the Resolute is space worthy, you think she can tow the Gladiator back here?"

"That ship is space worthy," Khelev waved his hand. "And if I were you, I'd take back the parts you need, so Gladiator can get here under her own power. Then we have two ships. I think I'm going to stay here. If we have a connection to Starfleet's old data banks, maybe I can find some help for us in this hellscape of a future."

David pondered at the idea and signed deeply before nodding. The idea was sound and he never had a true reason to doubt him. Plus, it didn't matter what he said, ch'Koro was always set in his plans. "Fine," acting as though he had a say. "But know Kavi is going to want to come with us and I'm not leaving you here alone."

"I'll be fine," Khelev dismissed the idea of anyone staying with him. "I've got my shuttle and I'll be deep underground with all the defenses I need."

"Dont give me that," David countered simply. "Want a Russian marine? Be a good look out with that rocket launcher of his."

"Fine, the marine can stay but I'm not going to promise he'll be alive when you get back," Khelev grumbled.

(Tag )

"Sterile field is on." Alexander said as he gazed down onto the severely damaged vertebra. "Start by removing the fragments of bone, and see how much structure we have to work with here. Emmah, can you ready the osteoblastic solution, I want to use the bone fragments themselves to regrow an exact replica of the vertebrae bits we're removing."

Emmah moved a little closer, "Smart, I would have done the same when I was a EMH." she said softly. "I will follow your lead Doctor."

"I..thanks Emmah." he murmerred as he removed all the bone fragments until he had a clean surgical field again. Biting his lip, he traced the spinal cord, and each branching of spinal nerve down her back. Did the release of pressure on the cord have any effect on the functionality? "Kavi, try to wiggle your toes." he instructed softly.

Xander looked on in admiration at Alexander. They had been friends for several years, even before their days on the Gladiator, but they had never worked together in such a close capacity. He could tell his workmanship was of pure excellence just as his professional reputation had preceded, making Xander feel slightly unworthy. However, he soon snapped out of that thought, remembering that the talented Doctor has personally requested him as his assistant. C'mon Xander. Pull yourself together!

Mercia thought about it. Her face twisted a bit in concentration, and pulled her toes in. It wasn't a wiggle, but it was something. "Did it work?" she asked it.

Lydia held her breath and darted her eyes to meet those of the surgical team. She knew at this point there was one person's opinion that mattered, and that was the opinion of their patient. Whitlock understood that whatever happens next, it was going to take time for Mercia to come to terms with what she had been through.

Percival beamed as her foot moved slightly and nodded to his team. "Brilliant" he enthused, for that meant that the pathway itself had not been severed, only damaged. He sprayed an anti inflammatory compound into the spinal channel, so that it might circulate with the cerebral-spinal fluid. His mental timer began to count down from 5 minutes, when it was safe to introduce the next compound.

"Does it mean Ill be able to walk again?" Mercia asked a bit muffled. She took a deep breath her eyes looking towards the window where Khelev and David were waiting. She needed this to work.

"Things are looking good for that." He answered with a smile clear in his voice.

Mercia let out a breath slowly, feeling relief wash through her. But only time would tell...

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