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Reunion of the Survivalists

Posted on Thu Apr 12th, 2018 @ 2:30pm by David Hawkins & Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Lobby - Memphis Island Hospital

/// ON ///

Rushing down the steps with his rifle in his hands, Captain David Hawkins tried his hardest not to stumble and fall as he dodged rubble in the stairwell. As he made his way to the final set, he hopped down the last set cleanly and jogged out of the stairwell into the lobby. There he saw the old faces. Just like the rest of the group, the group were in worn cloths as well as their weapons weren't all starfleet standard either. A slight smirk came over his face as Zul'arra sprinted over and hugged him.

"Sorry, sir," Zul'arra spoke up as she started to pull away but he only pulled her back in and held her as though she were his own child. He knew all too well that it was unprofessional but at this point and time, he honestly didn't care. He was very glad that they were still alive... no thanks to him. He released her, and looked up at Zeti and Theo. "How?"

Keeping his long rifle slung over his shoulder and trying to fight back his emotions, Theo extended his hand to David. "Believe me boss, you wouldn't believe the story if you'd lived it yourself.." He then smiled. "It's good to see you again though and when we can, we have a serious present to help the Gladiator.."

Joy mixed with relief clearly in Lydia's eyes, she took a moment to live vicariously through the hug being offered to one member of their returning group. She was truly pleased to see the familiar faces return back in the fold and as safe as they could be for the moment. Her nurturing and healing instincts spring to the forefront, she offered, "Is anyone hurt?"

From back behind where Theo was standing, Lizzy stuck her head, looking around nervously. She then added, "No, they are okay coz I've been treating them. Although, I'm not really right in the head anymore so we will need to talk about some stuff later."

Zul'arra raised her own eyebrow at the same time Hawkins did as well. But then gave focus on the fact that Theo offered a present to the Gladiator. "We will have to focus on presents for later. How did you get here and what have ya the idea to come here?"

Theo shrugged. "Honestly boss, coming here was Zeti's idea but as far as how we got here, we hijacked a venture class scout, quite a fun little ship if I may say so.." A bit of his old self was seen in the glint in his eye as he talked about the scout.

"Well, good to see you all back," David nodded as he looked over at Lizzy, then to Theo noticing the their lack of space between themselves. "You all have been missed but where is Zeti?"

"Well then we will debrief later. we got some doctors up on the surgical floor working on Kavi and her leg issues. But we may have a major problem on this planet that we will have to deal with in order to secure the chance of a decent salvage operation here. It's basically a gold mine for us here."

Lizzy spun around, "WHAT?? Leg issues? Surgical floor? What on earth happened to her?"

"She was hurt in one of the last battles the Gladiator was in, the one that finally send us to ground," Khelev's voice rumbled from his chest. "Without power to the ship, we couldn't operate, it's why we came to Memphis Island in the first place."

Turning to Khelev, she moved over to him, "I'm sorry you had to deal with her hurt. That must have been hard."

"Yeah she got the worst of it" replied Paula as she saw her old friends, as she sent a thought to Lizzy Can you hear me Lizzy as she held one arm up in greeting, she finished " I on the other hand ended up with this damaged arm" as she still not forgiven Hawkins for shooting her.

Lizzy spun around again when she heard Paula's voice and then the mental thought, and her eyes lit up then she spotted Paula's arm, before breaking out in tears, racing over to hug Paula. Yes, I can. I'm so sorry. I didn't know it would survive. I haven't been able to sense anything for a long time.

"Hey now, dry those tears" replied Paula looking at Lizzy as she held her close with the good arm, she continued" I'm so happy to see you all and makes my heart soar" as she started to calm Lizzy .

Lizzy wiped her eyes, I'm sorry. I got caught by slavers, drugged and made to do bad things before Theo rescued me. I'm still coping with that.

"None of this has been easy," Khelev spoke up, but he was quiet. He wasn't good with tears and it seemed others had it handled.

Lixor had assumed a position near a wall towards the back observing cautiously the newcomers. He had pushed the sleeve of his uniform tunic up giving the same placid look as always though his eyes indicated a good deal of mistrust. They had been through a good deal and he wasn't exactly sure if this was a trap or the more happy reunion it was perceived to be.

Weapons fire erupted slamming into the walls of the exterior walls of the hospital as yelling came from outside from those that had been holding up their positions. All of the people within the hospital quickly dispersed in different locations as David and ch'Koro started ordering people around. As David brought up his rifle, an explosion went off near him as he came to the entrance of the hospital...

... To be Continued ...

/// OFF ///


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