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Defending the Beachhead

Posted on Fri Apr 27th, 2018 @ 6:16am by David Hawkins & Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Tayla d'Jax [Kavi]

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Lobby - Memphis Island Hospital

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... Conclusion ...

Weapons fire erupted slamming into the walls of the exterior walls of the hospital as yelling came from outside from those that had been holding up their positions. All of the people within the hospital quickly dispersed in different locations as David and ch'Koro started ordering people around. As David brought up his rifle, an explosion went off near him as he came to the entrance of the hospital...

The ringing in the ear overpowered his hearing and the throbbing of his head through his focus for a loop. There was nothing that made any sense as David felt warm liquid come from a cut on his forehead. He could feel a vibration come from his throat and mouth as he moaned fighting to get through all this. He opened his eyes and saw everything going slow as he saw blurry energy pulses fly by. The ringing slowly subsided little by little as the sounds of weapons fire went back and forth. He gripped his thigh as he focused more and more until he could see better. The ringing finally at a minimal, David sat up against the wall as he pulled at the rifles strap till he felt the cold medal of the weapon in his hands.

"Hold your ground!" he yelled as he blinked hard before he saw everything start to speed up quickly. In the distance, he saw a couple pirates run out in the open firing out right at his people. He pulled his rifle up and fired a couple rounds taking one down, then the second. "Do not let them in the lobby!"

Theo gave Lizzy a quick hug and whispered in her ear. "Stay close ok?" He then took his position behind some rubble, making sure his pistol and carbine were ready to go incase the company decided to get too close. Starting to steady his breathing and heart rate, he nestled the barrel of his long rifle into a good nook, took aim and began to pick off random elements at extreme range to try to thin the ranks out.

Lizzy had followed as best she could, but she wasn't really in the best condition mentally for this. But when she saw the blood, something inside her head shifted and the doctor training she had been using flipped up ready. Springing over with her medkit, she slid across the floor and came up sliding behind David, hitting into the wall. Her tricorder was out and she did a quick check before noting what she was seeing.

As she quickly slid a cylinder into the really old-style hypospray that had been given the nickname of Satan's Toothpick by a lot of the old Marines nearly a century before, Lizzy jabbed it into her commanding officer's side, and spoke, "Sorry." With that, she pressed the button and knew it wasn't going to be the nice sort of one that most people were used to as the device tried to ram the meds though.

Knowing it was after the fact, she added, "It might hurt. But should clear your head."

An intense rush of energy rushed over Hawkins as the injection filtered through his body. There was no doubt what it was as he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes tightly fighting back the urge to yell. But it soon was taken over by heat and his heart thumping hard as everything came back into focus. The adrenalin was now taking over along with the pain killer cocktail of Lizzy's. Deep down, he wandered if it was something that could be transmitted but laughed at the thought as he took aim and fired while standing up enough to move once again.

As put it away, Lizzy spotted more movement as some more people came out of the cover. Reaching to her waist, she whipped off the extra belt she had and with practiced hands, she slid a strap down until it became a sling and pulled a stone out of her pouch. Shifting the weight to one hand, Lizzy began spinning it around in a circle until it was going fast and then dropped down some of her fingers, causing that end to come loose.

The small rounded stone whizzed through the air as it skimmed through the air and then made direct contact between the eyes of a pirate - causing one slightly insane fluke of luck. He let out a shriek and involuntary action happened as he went unconscious, his arm dropping and fingers squeezing tight on the trigger. All of this caused his pistol to go into autofire mode and spray across three others from behind.

“Of course….” Karbainov swore internally as the main axis of the attack formed up on the other side of the building. Grunting he crouched up behind a vent and shouted to the other two on the roof with him. “Get over to the other position on zee other side of da roof, cover the front entrance!”

The two crewmembers nodded and made their way as he opened the roof hatch and slid down the ladder. At the bottom he looked around, seeing nothing on the landscape he walked down the stairs to the receiving area. The lone sentry nodded as he passed. “Hold here, I am going to check out the lobby.”

Not sure what I will do when I get there… He thought. This was the most messed up firefight he had ever been in, he had been in plenty of engagements before, some quite dicey, but he had always had marine brother and sisters surrounding him….

Theo kept his eyes on Lizzy while she showed her skill with the slingshot. "Atta girl.." He thought to himself as he continued to take aim with his long rifle. Shot after shot rang out and the bodies fell like rag dolls. This wasn't the academy trained hot shot showing here, this was a cold hearted man who had changed after months of toil on a god forsaken planet...

Reaching the lobby Karbainov peaked around the corner of the hallway intersection. The place was getting pretty well torn up. “Segodnya vecherom ya obedayu v adu!” He bellowed as he jumped around the corner, opening up with his carbine as he did so, not at anything in particular, a rapid burst to suppress as he moved. He almost made it to the desk before he tripped and fell, his speed and momentum keeping him moving until he crashed into the desk. He hit the quick release clasp on his backpack and kneeled up, opening fire again, laughing deeply as he did so.

Tayla peered around the corner and saw the Russian Marine taking risks and taking a fall for it. She rolled her eyes, "Young people." she rolled her eyes.

The smell of energy in the air, the sounds of weapons fire landing all around them and the rifle in Khelev's hands had his adrenaline pumping and a little grin on his face as he hit a slaver. His antenna were bent all the way back, and he was set up near the door of the lobby behind a makeshift barricade they'd rigged as part of their defense. There were two more right in front of the lobby doors with two forward spots. The men on the roof of the hospital where providing high cover and making sure no one was able to get to an opposing rooftop and start picking them off. Their defensive line was slowing the advance, but these boys had tactics training.

There were two squads four blocks down from the hospital that were concentrating fire on the defensive line at the hospital, with two more using cover to advance. They'd picked off a few, but had found a strong fire base inside of an hold coffee shop, all they had to do was take it and the back squads would begin their advance. They were going to be over run, it was just a matter of time. A glint of something further up the street caught his attention for a second and he dropped behind his cover.

"We got armor coming up the road, looks like three with micro torpedo launchers. I think we've pissed them off!" Khelev's voice was almost gleeful. "First line, prepare to drop back to defensive point beta. David, Gorbachev and I are the last ones through the door. Go on my signal."

Before anyone could say a word the armored vehicle that was in front suddenly exploded in a fire ball, sending the advancing force scrambling for some kind of cover as they had no idea what just happened.

"Go now! Fall back to the lobby!" Khelev shouted as he laid down suppressive fire into the confused enemy lines.

There was gleeful laughter over the comm a moment later as the scout shuttle Zeti and Theo had liberated did a strafing run down the street, before pulling back up and heading for the atmosphere. Zeti was at the helm, doing her best to maintain air superiority. She wasn't the best pilot, but she was good enough and the scout ship made it easy.

"You got your window, I've got two ships coming in. I'm going to have to deal with them but one of the tanks is toast, the second is buried in rubble and there's no where for the third one to go except back."

"Thank you angelic voice from the sky, whoever you are!" A thick Russian voice responded over the comms.

Karbainov then stood out from the reception counter as the line fell back into the lobby. He kept his carbine pointed at the floor as he helped the defenders into position. He looked them over one by one. "Any wounded to the back? We all good?" He started to check people off mentally, but not knowing almost all of the crew he had no idea as to the personell situation.

The blue man had heard what had been said and moved closer to an area where he could be more accurate with his weapon, but safely out of the main fray. for a second he peered over a counter before tucking himself back down, The expression on Lixor's face was still placid, almost emotionless, but he shook his head, "this is not going to be a good day."

More weapons fire lit up the lobby as everybody fell back behind Karbainov, Hawkins, and ch'Koro who were spread out, the Russian holding the lobby checking desk, and the other two holding opposite pillars. Even with the heavy artillery down, their were multiple ground troops that they couldn't handle. "Shit," David muttered as he leaned up against the pillar checking his rifle before slapping another clip in and slapping the round forward with the release.

At that time, a rough broken voice called out over a mic. "You are surrounded, give up and only half of you will die. Don't, we blow this building up and make sure all of you... hey wait... what the shit?"

The random threat being cut short caused David to look at the Russian and Andorian with a question mark on his face. "Not exactly the best threat in the world..."

"They want the building, they're not going to destroy it," Khelev looked through his scope, he noticed some movements and weapons fire broke out again but this time not directed at the lobby. "Rooftop, what the hell is going on out there?"

The Russian just shrugged as he slapped a new magazine into his rifle with a smile.

As the Karbainov, David and Khelev talked, Lizzy had slipped another stone into her sling and swung it again, letting it go. One of the men had been running and turned a few moments as the stone begun dropping. There was a loud squeal of shock and then he dropped, clutching himself as he moaned.


Theo made his way to the lobby and stole a sneaky squeeze of Lizzy's hind quarters before he chuckled. "I seriously hope this isn't what they intend to defeat us with.."

TAGs for paused confusions and one liners for comic relief.

Weapons fire errupted once again but when the lobby only saw flashes, yelling and screaming, an irritating voice called out over the comm. "Gettem' Mel! Ride 'em like a cowgirl!"

"Are you shitting me," David sighed as he looked around the cover as he saw the cross fire going off. He smirked at the site before he waved at the others. Well, there is Hayter and Mel, let's light those batterd up! Open fire! Roof top, see if you can lay down cover fire for them and if you get a clear shot, help take our those birds Zeti is having issues with. Some air support along with this added distraction could end this fast."

Hayter and Mel arrived in an armored transport. Hayter at the wheel and Mel in both the front passenger and the rear driver seat, and both wielding a phaser rifle. The transport stopped just over the crest of a hill, and Mel stood out of a window halfway and gave a gesture of sorts while yelling out something that wasn't audible from this range out. A number of the pirates charged their position, though they were gunned down by the next thing that came over the hill.

It was a robot of some force, a military drone. Sleek and stylized, though it had seen better years. Bipedal, humanoid, and armed with a plasma rifle in hand, it crested over the hill. Then the next, then the next. Then came the rest. Mel had brought a small army, identical in every way and marching forward devoid of fear or restraint. A citizen of Dalacar was under threat, and to them, that was cause enough to act. Her words put their programming to motion: Advance, target, neutralize. Advance, target, neutralize.

The ground shook with each coordinated step as the drone army stepped in time, targeting enemy forces and firing. Lances of burning hot plasma arced outwards, not as efficient as a phaser but doing a magnificent job of lighting up targets and threatening to set the surrounding region of each hit on fire. Due to the severity of the threat posed, none of these drones were using weapons set for stun. This was a military action to repel an invasion. There were to be no prisoners.

"I am going to the roof! You!" He pointed at Winchester. "Hold this position."

" Damm right I will, " replied Paula as she continued "these bastards are going to get it for harming her" as this was her chance to get revenge on those that hurt Lizzy whom she called sister, she was going to make these cowards pay as she aimed her weapon and fired at the drones.

The Marine smiled at the response. Having his position filled he pulled his bag over his shoulder and ran out of the lobby, back down the hall and up to the roof. He made it just in time to see the robots. Swearing in Russian he ran over to the cache on the center of the roof.

"Angel, if you can hear me, bring yourself over the building. I am going to give one of your tailers a problem." He said as he pulled an isomagnetic degenerator out of it's box and powering it up.

"Angel? I'm no angel," Zeti laughed over the comm, she'd already turned one of the ships into slag but the other one was a better pilot than her and the only advantage she had was the fact that the scout shuttle was so maneuverable and had better shields. "I'll approach from the south east. Don't shoot me by mistake."

"You are today... copy south east approach, already tracking you..." The russian said as he switched the boom cannon over from anti vehicle to anti air mode. The large targeting display showed the scout ship as she approached.

Zeti took a few hits as she tried to avoid the other ship, throttled up and started diving down towards the Island. The other ship hadn't been expecting the maneuver and was soon in hot pursuit. "Coming in hot, they're trailing me."

"Seperation is good Angel, break hard left in... three..." The marine switched targeting over to the pirate fighter, with the scout ship banking Karbainov was clear to fire. The blue energy bolt streaked from the roof, all the fine dust lifting off of the roof's various surfaces. The pirate pilot despite his training had little to no warning of the incoming shot. His craft caught it in the engine. The fireball and flames that resulted were not disapointing, as the ship spun out of control it left a smoke trail down to the ridge nearest the hospital. Upon impact it exploded, shaking the whole building.

"Wooo hooo!" Karbianov yelled out loud and then hunkered down, reloading the cannon. "Angel, you should be clear now."

"I'm clear, I'll stay in the air and keep a look out," Zeti replied. "And stop calling me angel."

The blue man rolled his eyes when the disjointed threat had been issued. He had looked over the edge of the counter again and shot back twice before returning to his position, "that's what I think of your threat." He scurried across the floor low and quick drawing a few shots but not much and as a door opened he moved inside.

As he looked around he began to smile. Clean compounds in neat orderly rows adorned the shelves of he closet and thankfully there was a box of empty bottles, "Improvised cocktail time," he muttered as he began taking various solvents and cleaners off the shelf. he lined up eight bottles on the edge of the mop sink and put on the protective gloves left there before he began to make his brew. When he was done he had a rather pungent smelling brownish liquid in all of them. They fizzled and bubbled angrily but he managed to put the lids on before the thumping of the approaching robotic army came.

For a moment Lixor stopped trying to identify the new threat but shook his head, "Whatever it is this sure won't make them feel too healthy." Lixor carefully placed the bottles into a box and began his exit just as low and just as fast being careful to protect the box of goodies.

Reaching the counter again he looked around at the in-battled group. "Now it's my turn for some fun. carefully re removed the first bottle and lobbed it over the counter towards the pirates. It struck hard against chest of one of them and exploded sending he acidic concoction all over the man's protective gear. In a moment the man screamed and began running frantically away from his peers.

"Any volunteers to help with the bottle brigade," Lixor asked hoping his request could be heard over the commotion of the assault.

Lizzy gulped when she saw the bottle and shifted back, nervous about helping. But then she thought for a moment and then grinned, reaching behind under her shirt, fiddling with a clasp and then pulled out her bra, "This might be able to help get some range."

The question of where Lixor found a ready supply of bottles notwithstanding, Mel's drones were driving back the threat with a speed and efficiency Khelev could only describe as awesome. He could only turn his antenna inwards towards each other in mild irritation when Lizzy took her bra off. "Surgical tubing would be far more effective than your bra, put it back on or I'm going to stun you and toss you in a closet until this is over. Besides, they're being driven back by the Dalcari drones, they're out of range now and we're not going to advance on them."

Lizzy blinked before responding up, "Yes, that would work, but where the hell do you think I am going to get surgical tube here? You obviously haven't seen the elastic strength."

The pirate forces made a rally, and tried to at least make a push. With a rally cry, the first push caught the drones off balance. Sparks and servo fluid served as screams and blood as drone after drone went down. Then the second rally cry, and another success, though less so.

The third rally cry caught in their throats. The drones were ready. The first rank knelt to let the second ranks bring their guns to bear, and double the firepower to the front cut the third rally down before it could even begin. The drones had learned the pirate tactics up to this point, and this success was simply filed away under yet another tactic to be wary for.

"They're WAY more responsive than the units back home. Though, I guess a few years or so of advancement makes the difference." Mel commented to Hayter as they drove.

"Now thats some serious Terminator shit..." John muttered as he looked over at Mel real fast seeing the slight grin on one of her faces before he drove until they came to their last batch to deal with. "...And did I seriously hear Lixor say bra? Why am I missing things like that?"

Lixor shrugged and tilted his head, "well, it was worth a try," he offered as he peered above the counter trying not to be distracted by the braless counselor. He drew in breath and let out a sigh, "guess I need to come up with a few new tricks.

"For SHIT SAKE!" David yelled as he watched the whole thing before firing his own weapon. "STOP TAKING YOUR DAMN CLOTHS OFF. Why do you always think you need to lose your damn clothes?!?!?!" He shook his head as he rounded the corner and quickly moved with rifle up hitting targets. "Move! clean up Lixor, whatever those are, keep throwing. Lizzzy, either fight or heal. Noone is tipping you right now!!"

From behind, Lizzy poked her tongue out as she grumbled, "Still have shirt on."

But as David rushed the door, he stopped and lowered his weapon until he saw what was before him was a couple robotic humanoids holding position around the entrance as Hayter and Mel pulled up in a land rover. He took in a deep breath and sighed. "I guess disregard? What the hell is all this?"

"Mel's personal terminators," John answered as he turned the motor off and stood up. He leaned over the top and shrugged. "I wouldn't dick with them, to say the least. But long story short.. We are good."

Hawkins looked at the twin form before he scanned the drones one more time. He hadn't seen this tech before and there was no doubt these things were more than capable. They had pretty much, single handedly taken out the threat of the pirates. "What about stragglers? They can't get back to their people and report what they are up against."

"They aren't terminators." Mel protested, though it was more like her replying to his teasing then any actual annoyance. "Though they're a few ... dozen... model numbers beyond what I remember. So, I guess..."

"... given enough time, anything improves. Though, as for stragglers." she paused, "Let them. What are they going to report?" she asked with a pair of smirks.

"That they were repelled by an army of robots?" a pause, "Well, technically drones, but they don't know that."

"They will have some kind of sensors up and would have already seen this," Khelev spoke up. "Tactically we need to consolidate. We hold the hospital until we can move Kavi, then we move to the safety of the underground and plan our next steps. Sound good David?"

"You are probably right," David sighed as he took in a deep breath.

"That is probally the most sound tactical plan we have right now." The Russian interjected over the comms.

The drones quickly pulled up weapons in the direction of a tree line, but lowered their weapons as John waved his hands as he saw the figure come up walking with a knife in one hand and what looked like a metallic spork. "Zul'arra???" John asked as he hopped out of the vehicle and walked her way. He looked in her hand and was completely confused as the utensil was covered in blood. "Umm..."

She smirked a little as she tossed the utensil to the side, holstered her knife and hugged the colonel. "Great to see you, sir."

"Why were you carrying a..."

"... It was on the stragglers that were running away. There weren't many, and I took them down real quick," Zul'arra looked over at the captain and waved. "All clear sir."

"Freaking beast..." David muttered under his breath as he shook his head before looking at the andorian and the twin form. "Then that's the plan. Get Kavi fixed up and moving, then go underground."

"Huh... what about that ship in the hangar?" Mel asked quizzically. "The one that the TE Thirty Seventy Five was installed into?"

"Ship?" David questioned as both he and ch'Koro looked at her completely confused.

Khelev looked between the two of them for a moment, before focusing on Mel. "What kind of ship is in the hanger bay that can take a thinking engine?"

"Oh you make it sound like a Thinking Engine is huge." she giggled, while her twin gave an almost dismissive wave. "Like you've seen one." she enjoyed the mirth for a moment, before she calmed down.

"A proper Thinking Engine is a sphere about five feet wide, as you measure. There are rings around the sphere to house cables and to help mitigate local electronic spikes but..."

"... it's not that big. Well, not on the outside I guess you could say. She's a triple core, star raid array quantum calculation engine, cooled in a-." and she stopped, realizing that maybe.... MAYBE.... three people here knew what she was saying. With that, she cleared her throats.

"The whole array is maybe twelve, fifteen feet across including the rings. It's all stationary, installed into a floor space. I think Hayter called it a Resolute class?"

"No its the Resolute, an intrepid class starship," John spoke up as he and Zul'arra both walked up to the group and grinned. "Boss man, the Resolute is in the hanger."


"Seriously. That weird Skynet TE thingy was pulling power from the ship's systems to keep itself going. Skynet said that the ship is in working order and is space worthy," John explained in more detail before pointing to Mel. "The whole Terminator gang here and TE Skynet is all on Mel. Its her species special servent drones."

Mel rolled her eyes so intensely that it was almost audible. "It's not Skynet, they aren't Terminators, you don't call a group of them a Gang." she paused, "But, they're my people's technology, and while I'm very curious as to why..."

"... it's here, I'm very grateful that it was. I can continue letting Hayter know how wrong he is once we're out of danger, though." and to that effect, one of her forms gave Hayter a smirk.

Theo had lost sight of Lizzy and it worried him greatly. He knew she could take care of herself, but this wasn't anything like the brothel he'd found her in. Moving from hallway to hallway, one shot, one kill. He couldn't afford to waste any rounds. Given that things had moved to close quarters, he was using his carbine now and had shouldered his long rifle. Rounding one corner though, Theo wasn't fast enough to dodge the knife that came jabbing into his shoulder and then sliced up his face, barely missing his right eye. A yelp of pain escaped his lips, followed by the hiss of anger as he grabbed his trusty curved knife and drove the blade right into the front of the attacker's neck, dragging the blade down across the left side of his body, splitting him as he squealed like a stuck pig. "Captain Hawkins..what's your location? I need a medic.."

After hearing his voice, David looked at the others and they all followed him inside the lobby as he tapped his ear piece. "We are on our way back in. Lizzy, you are up. get your med kit. Theo... where are you?"

As he made his way towards where Hawkins was, he found two pirates who were trying to sneak up behind David. Without a word, Theo made his way up and drove his knife into the left side of the neck of the left attacker, letting the handle go for a moment to pull the right attacker by his hair, back against his carbine barrel, two shots, two holes, one body on the ground. When his hand grabbed the curved knife handle, he ripped the pirate apart by dragging the blade again across the back of the pirates body. "Boss..." He said casually as he stood before David bleeding and holding his wounded right shoulder...

When Lizzy spotted Theo, she raced over, wishing she had a med kit that wasn't so old, "Woah. Sit down so I can treat you, Theo. " Moving him down to the ground before he fell, she brought out a hypospray from the kit. Pushing it against Theo's shoulder, Lizzy gave him some broad spectrum and then looked around in the kit, finding some sterile pads which might do for a bit, but not the best, "Anyone have a better med kit? Mine's really old and put together from bits."

A faint smile came across Theo's face when Lizzy raced over. "Yes ma'am.." He said as he sat down with her holding him. "Thanks.." He said as she began to work on his shoulder. "That almost felt fun.." He chuckled as he suddenly found himself pining for the life of the planet where they had been. At that very moment, the 'calm' of Starfleet seemed far too boring to him. Now if only they had Palomino with them...

"Lizzy, get him to one of the Doctor's and check the other wounded," David shook his head as he looked at Theo and Lizzy. There was some serious things he must have missed as he sighed and looked at ch'Koro and the others. "Khelev, can you go let them know they are in the clear to start Kavi's surgery? I will catch up in a bit once we have a secured perimeter. Everyone else... settle down, we are holding this place till we move. We will take shifts..." He paused again as he looked at the drones that came with Mel and Hayter. "... defending where needed. If you aren't on look out, take advantage of the showers, and replicators. ch'Koro got the power up and we have limited areas powered for now. Don't want to light this place up like a christmas tree, so we will set up some camp fires inside to keep warm. And its nice to have our people back as one... Any questions?"

Lixor looked over at Mel and nodded at her, "so how did they know we needed help again?

"I told them." Mel gave Lixor a pair of smiles. "Hayter and I explained the situation, presented all the data, and the Engine calculated that the best course of action was to engage." she stated.

"It didn't hurt that there was a potential threat to a citizen of Dalacar." the other twin brought up, almost as an afterthought.

Lizzy smiled and helped Theo up, wrapping an arm around his waist as she led him off to find some better medical tools to help him.

"Buckle down people... and rest up," Hawkins ordered as he nodded at the group and took a deep breath. "Well done people and welcome back."

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