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Half Human ... Half Vodka

Posted on Tue Apr 17th, 2018 @ 3:51pm by Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins] & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Hanger Bay 3 - U.S.S. Gladiator-A
Timeline: BACK POST

/// ON ///

Forcing the hangerbay door open by hand, John Hayter pushed his way into the cool, dark hanger bay. Just like the other two hangers, this hanger was only lit by the cryo consoles barely lit. Once touched, the screens would come to life, illuminating the bay just a little more. Power consumption of the cryo systems were secondary only to the small pockets of areas of the massive ship for life support.

After making his way through the masses, he came to one and paused as he looked over before taking a marker. With a couple strokes, he smirked as the man now looked like he had an evil mustache that curled up on either side. Then he wrote on the glass of the cryo a little more backwards so once the man awoke, he would see it. Finally, e started the defrosting steps and took a drink of his alcohol while awaited for the man to wake.

The man slowly came back out of the fog of the stasis and started to look around in the pod. His first reaction was a smile then it turned to a glare as he saw the mustache. Shaking his head as the door slid open. "Wery funny... Wery funny..." he shook his head and then laughed deeply, a rasping coughing laugh. "Vhat the ell appened..." he coughed. Looking around and seeing the other pods. He had barely gotten on the ship before he was rushed off to a pod.

"Well, on our way back to Memphis Island, we had an issue with the Quantum Slipstream drive..." the Colonel smirked as he handed the man a bottle full of clear liquid. "... your favorite."

The Russian took a long healthy pull from the bottle and smiled. "Thank you." He felt better already.

"Vodka, has not aged much but it's a start."

"Better than that dive bar outside Quantico..." He laughed a little. Thats where he learned not to trust a Mexican themed establishment's choice of Vodka.

"... anyway. We launched into slipstream, had a rocky fall out, were attacked by pirates, we took a hell of a beating, we had to put the skeleton crew we had before we went into slipstream, put into cryo and 6 months later... here we are."

"Gods..." He blinked a couple of times finishing another pull and handing back the bottle. "How rocky of a rocky fall out are we talking? Like... ending up in the Delta Quadrant crap, or just a banged up ship?" He started to look around a little more, as though he was trying to inspect the damage.

John shrugged as he continued after taking a swig of his moonshine and shaking his head as it burned all the way down “Pfft … umm… more like decades into a future where its all-out anarchy and no true power house… That we have seen thus far.”

After listening Karbainov sat there for a few moments processing everything with his fog filled mind. He opened his mouth to speak several times but stopped. He stepped out and away from the pod. "How many more marines are we waking up?"

“Davvy boy only kept a select few awake as we are low on supplies, but we are going all out and heading to Memphis Island, see whats left of home base. If we are lucky, we can find the supplies to keep on living, wake the rest of the skeleton crew and fix this bucket of bolts. But even I have my doubts,” John explained as he looked at his old instructor, now his subordinate. Such a strange thing, indeed. “Long story short, we are all that’s awake until we can confirm we can sustain everyone.”

"Well sounds like fun to me!" The Russian said with a smile and a deep laugh. "I will get my kit togeather... Let me guess all the heavy equipment is in deep storage...."

"Pretty much, but you maybe able to pull some of your other gear from storage. Get going and be careful. The life support isn't on in all the areas. You may need to wear an EVA suit," John pointed out as he sighed slightly. "We launch in the morning. I'll see ya in the shuttlebay."

"Sounds good... boss..." Karbainov said with a hearty smile and a pat on Hayter's back. He walked away whistling a tune eager to get cleaned up and some kit assembled for the mission.

"Oh and you are now the Marine Commander, what's left of them for what its worth," explained as the two walked headed out of the hanger bay.

/// OFF ///

John Hayter


Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D


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