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Standing on Ceremony

Posted on Fri Apr 27th, 2018 @ 5:07pm by Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Hospital
Timeline: Late at night, early morning after the Battle

After a fitful few hours of sleep Karbainov got off of the roof and walked through the docks and the hallways surveying the damage and the perimeter. The dust had started to settle, the bodies had been removed, the positions were refortified... things were moving well However, one thing struck him as odd. “Captain Hawkins it's Karbainov, can I see you in the office off of the lobby for a moment?”

"Yeah, I'll head down that way," David's voice was overheard also tired and worn but was awake. It took a few moments before the commander walked down the steps from the surgical floor to the first floor. He looked around at some of the small groups sleeping off to the side keeping warm or the couple people that were just chatting it up, trying to relax.

The Russian smiled as the Captain arrived. “I am sorry sir, but I don’t think I have had time to talk with you since I was awoken, and I had a perplexing question I had to ask of you.”

"Yeah, sorry about that, Karba. Sorry about the craziness. The past several months have not been kind to us. I don't know what John told ya, but this trip to Memphis Island was a hell mary. I am happy it worked," David jabbered on before he stopped himself. "Sorry, I haven't slept much in the past months. What's up?"

The MCO’s face changed to his stoic thinking face, so very serious. He pointed through what was left of the glass window pane at Zul’arra. “Sir, who the Frack is that?” He was curious as to why someone so young was fighting with the rest of the crew.

The captain looked out and smirked as he sat down on a worn couch. "That is Zul'arra, an upcoming marine cadet. Well she was supposed to be," he explained as he pulled out two long slender cylinders and tossed it to the marine captain. He, then popped one end, and slid out a cigar from the its casing. He bit off the end of it and spit the piece off before he started to chew on it while he searched for his box of matches.

He listened to the Captain’s response and nodded. Then thought in silence for a moment sitting on a desk. “I am impressed, and… to be honest that doesn't happen much anymore. I would like to do things proper sir, and give her a Battlefield Commission.” He reached into one of the pockets of his vest and pulled out a small leather bound journal with the SFMC seal on it. He opened it up and began to read. “We need… Commanding Officer’s permission, and two command level Marine Officers….”

“Hayter, it's Karbainov on private channel, can you come to the office off of the lobby, it's about Zul’arra”

After Hayter had confirmed the request, David looked at the man before him and smirked. "Did Hayter hand over that marine command position title to you? If not, technically we were supposed to do a change of command, but that is a luxury we don't really have as you can see," David paused for a moment as he grinned through his teeth and his cigar as he pulled out his match box and opened it. He still had a couple left as he pulled it out and looked at the man before him. "You going to light up or do I have to pull rank and order you to? I haven't done those kinds of things in a long while."

The Russian Laughed and prepped his cigar. "I haven't had one of these since I graduated Frunze..." He smiled, rolling the cigar over to feel it, warm memories of smoking with his father filled his mind for a few moments. "Yes, Marine Command was formally transfered at... Well back on the ship." He started to page through his notebook, looking for the page but gave up. It didn't matter in the long run.

The sound of boots came up to what was left of the door frame of the once small office. Hayter nodded and looked at the two with a slight smirk. "Well, what do we have here?"

"We don't kiss and tell," David joked as he lit a match and started to puff on the cigar in his mouth. A roll of smoke barrelled up from his mouth and cigar before he held the lit match up to the marine Captain.

Leaning forward Karbainov lit his cigar and took a puff. "Yeah, I keep all that information in a little pink notebook under my pellow, tell no, take notes yes..." He smiled.

"We wanted to talk to you about Zal'arra" He continued. "I think she would make an good addition to the Marine Detachment. I would like to give her a battlefield commission. What are your thoughts?"

"Well I don't see a starfleet here anymore, chief," John sighed as he looked at the captain before the big captain. "But that was the plan for her. She was getting personal training from myself and Mercia for several months preparing her for boot camp and officer training school."

"What he said," David puffed his cigar before looking back at them.

“Well… here is the fleet…” Karbainov pointed to Hawkins, and then to the crew in the lobby. “There is the fleet… The United States Navy only started with seven frigates… we have a battleship, a few fighters…. Marines, I am good to go.” The Russian said puffing on his cigar. “I see you point though, but I think the three of us are uniquely qualified to bring a new marine into the fold, even if she is the last Marine. I think we should do it, the moment we stop moving forward like the fleet, we lose ourselves and what we stand for…”

Another puff of his cigar Karbainov shook his head. “Apologies friends… I get a little preachy, too much time teaching I think.” He said with a smile. “So, Final verdict?”

"The last marine, sounds like a an exciting title only to be an epic flop," Hayter spouted off as he sighed and looked at the two. "But if anyone deserves it, that little bugger deserves it. More than most."

Karbainov nodded remembering Hayter’s fascination with old earth entertainment. He agreed though from what he observed, that girl did deserve it.

"Oh what the hell, sure. May bring someone some excitement," David nodded between puffs.

“Alright then…” The russian spoke after a thoughtful puff. “The three people that need too are in agreement, when do we do the ceremony? Do we do it infront of the rest of the crew? Or just bam, right now?” He opened a pouch on his warbelt, and after fishing in it for a while he pulled out an EGA and Lt's Bars.

"Well we do need to get people ready and going in the morning. A little shinedig before heading out will be nice. Plus i have another to handle as well. It will be like old times," Hawkins smirked as he looked at the time. "Kavi is up and about, not quickly but its something. So let them sleep a little more. What ya say?"

“Your the boss.” The Russian said with a playful smirk. “But no, I wouldn’t change that plan. I already talked to the perimeter team, they know the fallback sequence… managed to rehearse it even… briefly… in sections” The shudder he gave was visible, and he knew the want of a proper tactical team must be visible on his face. But he was doing his best not to get too wound up about it. "Do either of you need anything from me until then? I am going to walk that ravine behind the hospital where the fighter I shot down crashed...."

"Not really," David shook his head as he leaned back and let the smoke roll from his mouth. "Do you need any coverage?"

Another puff of smoke from the russian as he shook his head negative. “No, I will just have the roof team scoot over to the covering side of the building for the time being. I already pulled the topography. If I lose comms I will double back, or advise.” Karbainov kept his cigar lit as he picked up his carbine and pack. "See you at the shindig." And with that the Russian made his way out of the hospital, heading to the loading dock exit.


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