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Drone Hunt Part 4

Posted on Tue Apr 17th, 2018 @ 2:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Hidden Cliff Hanger Bay


The hidden hanger doors latched close and the holographic camouflage was reinstated as Hayter, Mel and her drones stood there waiting for the next move. The marine waves them ahead and the group started back down the trail. As he thought of his tactic for helping out their group, he had to ask. "So what is up with that A.I.?"

She offered a pair of smiles. Seeing the drones marching in unison, marching in ranks and files it... it really did something to her. For the first time in a long time she felt happy. Really happy. There was a wellspring of hope that just, didn't exist before. "It's not technically an AI. See, we're not allowed to actually research AI's. The Ts'usugi requested it and we gave their request a lot of thought before we agreed."

"See..." the other twin started, "... they had an issue with an actual sentience being in control of our drones. Drones that serve as our military. Drones that live in our houses, operate..."

"... our vehicles, prepare our meals, help with our children." she let that last one hand for a moment. "The Thinking Engine is a clever name, sure, but it doesn't technically *think*. Instead..."

"... it's a hyper-efficient decision engine. It uses quantum computing to analyze a situation, determine what the optimal outcome is, and then project courses of action to take..."

"... to arrive at the optimal outcome with minimal loses. Once it reaches a decision, it updates the drones in the region and they act on the update." she explained. "Over time, it prunes its decisions..."

"... so that decisions that fail to produce optimal results are eliminated, and new paths are considered. For instance, if a drone picked a fight with you, and you always dodged to the..."

"... left, eventually that Engine would learn. Then every drone you ever fought would know how you dodge." she said with a smirk. "They learn our preferences, our expectations, and..."

"... serve better, in any regard requested, based off previous expectations and past failures."

She paused to consider, "I suppose from the outside that could look a LOT like intelligence, but we're careful never to cross that line."

"Sounds like some terminator action here," John shook his head. "So have any of these engines ever thought of the idea of evolving and see that they are more superior than their creators?"

"Are you crazy?!" the pair looked at him, as though he were.

"No. No no nono, we take precautions mister." she said after a moment, "Hardwired directives. Directive Zero, Dalacari are never targets." she pointed out. "Never."

"The four primary directives, encoded into each Thinking Engine, are: Dalacari are never targets. All Dalacari and Dalacari Allies are to be protected. Obey instructions ..."

"...from Dalacari who are authority. Obey Arbitration figures who are authority." she recited. "Whenever a Thinking Engine considers a projection, those four directives are included..."

"... in its requirements for an optimal outcome. Except it can never discount them. Drone losses are acceptable if the proper outcome is achieved but if the projection puts even..."

"... one Dalacari life in danger, the projection is marked a failure. Even if it pacifies one hundred percent of the enemy force." she pointed out.

"So, is that what happened with your Terminator? Silly name for a drone, though to the point I have to say." she paused, now sounding quite concerned, "Did it awaken?"

"No, its a movie series. Basically, in the twenty first century, my people used to make fictional stories called movies and tv shows," he explained as they came out of the brush and to the known landing pad they had landed on. He lead the group to a worn down land rover to which they jumped on and started up. "The movie is about computer program that becomes sentient, you know... aware of its own existence and deems humanity a threat to its very existence. Well it turns on the human race, nukes the earth, humans rise to fight the machines, the humans are winning, or won, the A.I. creates a time machine device, sends one of its terminators back in time, human resistance sends there own to protect those that the terminator is programmed to kill... so on and so forth."

"Okay, first off John Hayter... we have movies too." she said barely behind a giggle. The fact that BOTH of them were stuck in such mirth spoke how amusing she thought it was. "We have movies, and theater, and shows and plays and a circus and..."

"... all manner of literature and art. You didn't INVENT movies." she said, still laughing. Still in such a good mood. Though she did calm down after a moment. She opted to take one seat in the front and one in the rear of the rover. "Though, your movie's story..."

"... says a lot about your culture at the time. Fission weapons, computerized defenses, innovative things at the time I imagine. Though the real horror seems to be a lack of ..."

"... trust. Then again, I think if the Dalacari made that movie series it would end very differently. Then again, humanity writing a story about overcoming insurmountable odds..."

"... and defeating an enemy that well developed, sounds exactly the sort of story a human would write. Your people are proud, stubborn, and creative." she said, with an honest air about them. "They're a fascinating people..."

"... to be around. Mostly because I think your people forgot what the word Impossible means." she complimented with a giggle from the back seat form. "Do you have a copy..."

"... of the movie on the Gladiator? I wouldn't mind seeing it, for purely scientific reasons of course."

"If we get the computer core powered up, yeah. But basically all the other movies come from the first. "Basically a robot from the future comes back in time to kill the mother of the leader of the resistance AGAINST the robot uprising in the future, only it doesn't look like a robot but it looks like a person and...." He looked over at one of her and smirked as he saw her smirking with her sharp teeth. "I'll let you just watch it... And not all cultures actually have movies."

"You make a good argument, but I believe that any society advanced enough to have superluminal space travel would also get bored enough to invent a way to pass the time." she countered, with a pair of smirks. This time, she hid her teeth.

"Though, looking forward to seeing what humans consider cinema." she giggled. "So it's a robot, but it looks like a person? Yeeaaaahhh, I'm just going to have to see it." a pause from the pair before...

"Is it scary?"

A smirk came across his face as he piloted the craft through the downed rubble in the streets. "It's more than just a robot, its Skynet... the Artificial Intelligence... sending terminators back to kill them... The whole, 'I'll be back'," John quoted in a german accent. His grin grew a little more as he looked over at her. "You will see, I promise ya."

Mel gave a nod, and a pair of giggles at his antics. "Well, it sounds scary." she admitted. "Still, I just hope that all those Dalacari that lost their lives did so quickly." a pause, "And completely."

There was a moment's silence, then she just visibly perked up, "You know what, no time to be thinking like that. Mister Hayter, best speed back to...... wherever it is your driving." she said with a pair of smiles, "And, thank you."

"You would have saved my life if those weren't Dalacari drones. Well, I wouldn't have stepped out like that, but its the thought that counts. Thank you. It's a crazy ship but..."

"... you're a good friend. Dalacari value friendships." she paused for a moment, "Don't expect a cooked lunch or anything like that. I can't hardly boil water." a pair of solid laughs from the pair of her.

"Wait... You can't cook either?" this made John laugh slightly as he slowed the vehicle down as they came through thick, overgrown plant life that had taken over areas of the base before they heard weapons fire in the distance. Well shit. I guess we will have to worry about your lack of being able to boil water later." Another explosion happened in the direction of the hospital. Over head, small fighter like ships zipped by and started firing once they were out of site. "Sattle up and grab a rifle, Mel. we got to help them... and fast."

Mel offered him a smirk, "I come from a society with drone butlers and fabricators. I'm a *terrible* cook!" she said, amused. Meanwhile, the form in the backseat picked up a phasor rifle from the storage bin and handed it forward to herself, before taking another rifle.

"You drive. I'll shoot." a pause, "And I shoot better than I cook, promise."

/// OFF ///

John Hayter


Mel Torma


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