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Caught in the Act

Posted on Sun May 25th, 2014 @ 3:58am by Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan

Mission: Pitch Black
Timeline: During Blackout


Liam had been walking the corridors of the ship for what seemed like hours. He knew in his head that it had only been a few minutes, but when you were stuck in the dark, with nothing but a flashlight, and a phaser he was certain it had been longer. He turned a corner seeing a small child huddled up against a wall panel, crying. Scooping the child up, and pass him along to a Security Officer, he ordered the man to take the child to the lounge.

He took a few takes, but stopped dead in his track. He swore he heard something, a noise; perhaps a scream. "Aren't these walls supposed to be sound proof," he muttered to himself. Wait, there it was again. He waved his arms, "Get a grip Callaghan, you're freaking out," he told himself. Approaching a nearby door he pounded on the object, "Security," he shouted without a reply.

He waited sometime and eventually giving in to his nerves he forced the door open and made his way into the dark room. Looking down at the floor he picked a pair of female panties. Black, silk and lacy; he had seen more clothing on an Orion Slave girl. He smiled, "How the hell did someone wear this," he muttered thinking of the ride up factor. "Security," he stated, suddenly glad he had walk into the room.

From the bedroom, Lizzy sighed with happiness before calling out, "Help.. Can you get me out of these handcuffs and chains? THen we need to get some medical attention for Ensign.. I forget his name."

Liam rushed into the room, his brain not processing the entire conversation. He stopped mid door way and looked over the seen. It his left an Ensign laid on the floor, it was apparent he was injured but it didn't seem to serious. Liam looked at the bed, "Oh my..." every fiber in his body told him to look away, respect her privacy. However he couldn't. He merely stood there, with that deer in the headlights look. "Hm.. Lieutenant," he spoke, "You wanna..." he let his eyes drift lower allowing a small whistle to escape. He bit the inside of his lip."care to explain..." he told the rather attractive and completely naked female in front of him.

Lizzy was amused at his reaction, "We were playing around and about to.. you can guess.. when the power went crazy. He dropped the keys and was looking for them, when he banged his head and knocked himself out. Can you undo the cuffs? I can get free then. Been stuck her for a bit and need to use the little girl's room."

Liam walked over to the side of the bed, and undid the cuff on the left arm; leaning over her body he undid the cuff on her left arm accidently brushing up against her breast in the processes. Opting to ignore it, he could feel the heat in his cheek as he blushed. "There, all free," Liam commented knowing her reputation, "For now.."

Lizzy was amused about the gentle brush, but could tell from just viewing body language that her nudity wasn't something he was comfortable. Rubbing her wrists, she smiled as she quickly headed to the bathroom, "Thanks.. I'l be back in a sec."

Liam nodded as he began to assess the Ensign laying on the floor. Lifting the man slightly, Liam rolled him back onto the bed as his eyes drifted down, "Well as least he went out happy," the Security Officer smirked. Picking up a nearby pillow he covered the man's midsection not really wanting to see "that".

Returning a short time later, Lizzy had grabbed her discarded panties and bra, putting them on, before making her way back to Liam, "Thanks for the rescue. Got any ideas on what may have happened, Lieutenant? I have some medical training which is my normal spot in a crisis."

"I would say your first order of business would be to help him," he pointed to the unconscious man on the bed. "I would ask what happened here, but," he coughed, "I don't know if I REALLY want to know," he asked clearing admitting to the fact he really hadn't been paying attention earlier. He had heard rumors of the ship's Counselor but till now hadn't put much stock in it. He smirked brushing off the thought that the Ensign dodged a bullet on then one.

She nodded, "Yes, but I meant after that."

Moving over to the Ensign and not mentioning that he shouldn't have been moved before checking - but now was too late, so she had to go old-school and opened up his eyelids looking at his pupil and using her hand to block some of the light from above, noting that his pupils reacted as expected.

"He has good pupil response so I don't think there is any serious damage - just a good knock to the noggin. I know how to wake him."

She left the room and returned with a half glass of water which she tipped on his face. He woke suddenly, gasping and spluttering, as Lizzy held him, "Stay still, you hit your head and I had to wake you."

He groaned and yelped when he saw the security chief, "Sorry, Sir."

Lizzy ignored him and held up a finger, "Follow my finger."

He did so and she tested his ability to track her finger.

"We should get you to Sickbay for a full check, but you seem to be okay enough to move with help."

Turning to Liam, she spoke, "Lieutenant, I can handle this if you want to continue checking on the ship."

"Ensign, Counselor," Liam stated, "Good luck next time," he was really trying to hold it in. While the situation was embarrassing for all, it was also funny; very funny. He smirked as he walked out the door, waiting for the doors to close behind him to laugh. He couldn't wait to get back to the office.

Once Liam left, Lizzy asked Ensign Andrew, "Do you think your boss knew that you were in his department? He did cover you at least."

"Oh god. I'm gonna have to transfer now. Can you get me some clothes?"

"Oh, yeah. Sure."

Lizzy helped him dress before he got up. She got him to do some test movement, and he smiled, "I seem okay."

"True, but I still want to check out out. There should be a medkit close down the corridor."

He nodded and followed along behind Lizzy. Sitting him down, she opened up the medical tricorder inside, noting it still had power, and did some scans, "Okay, no serious signs but just a bit of concussion. No fractures, but you probably should go to sickbay. Running around and doing security stuff isn't advised. After a concussion, you need to limit any kind of exertion and build back up gradually."

Nodding, they headed off to Sickbay.


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