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Angels and Demons

Posted on Fri Apr 27th, 2018 @ 1:43pm by Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Hospital
Timeline: After the battle

The sunset was particularly lovely, the seaside air pulling out all the clouds and despite the rapid change in temperature, there was no wind as the day cooled off, keeping the dust and haze down. Karbainov watched the sun set from his impromptu shelter on the roof. He had a poncho up to break the wind, shade him, and shield him from prying eyes on the ridges around the hospital. The other members of Team Roof were similarly set up.

As the sun finally set and dusk settled in, the marine walked the roof, making sure all the lights were darkened and the crewmembers he had enlisted to help him overwatch knew their shifts, and the light protocol. He would be up during the middle of the night, but wanted to do something first.

Finding an open space he stood there, hands palms together facing the direction the sun had gone. Then, slowly he began the graceful movements of Tai-Chi he heard someone approaching but did not stop. His combat fatigues made it a little awkward, but he had years of practice to guide his movements.

After it be came clear that the slavers weren't going to be attacking the hospital a second time, Zeti hand landed the scout shuttle and had given flight duties over to someone else and had taken up running things from the security offices in the building. Things were quiet, Paula was watching things, and they were getting prepped to move out to the underground hanger. She decided it was time to meet the man that had taken care of the ship that she'd been struggling to take down.

As she hit the roof, a warm salt breeze hit her and she took a big deep breath, loving the smell of the salt water. Her hair was in a messy french braid with a few tendrils of hair floating in the wind. She was dressed in a pair of well worn jeans that fit her nicely, a pair of combat boots and a simple black t-shirt. Around her hips was a belt of her own design. A thigh holster with a phaser pistol on her right and several utility pouches on the left with a few essential engineering tools. Her Bajoran earring was visible with her hair up and she had a necklace and couple of bracelets on as well.

"Captain Karbainov?" She asked finally, not sure who he was having not met him. The chief engineer and the Marine CO didn't interact much.

“Yes.” he said his eyes closed, letting the air and peace of the night surround him. He felt the unnatural anxiety the timeline was causing him but he knew it would pass in time. Knowing he had found as much peace as possible under the circumstances he turned to the Bajoran and opened his eyes. “At your service, how can I help you.”

Zeti was as confusing as she was beautiful and she couldn't help the coy little smile on her lips as she looked at the Russian. "I'm your angel, just don't ever look when my hair's down or you'll find my horns. Thanks for the save. I wanted to let you know the Doc cleared Kavi to move. We're packing up and heading under ground."

Karbainov smiled back. “And don’t for a minute mistake that because I am on the side of the angels, I am one of them.” He stretched a little and nodded. “My pleasure on the save, first Ground to Air kill for me.” He looked around at the roof. “Thank god we can move out, I am sick of this roof…” He said with a laugh. “Actually, It is not the worst place I have been posted. You are the Chief Engineer right?”

"Third in command of the Gladiator and in no way an angel. I guess in this time I'm the third in command of all of Starfleet, since we're all that's left," Zeti took a deep breath and looked away from Karbainov to the city beyond the hospital. She hated seeing it in ruins. "I'm glad I could help you get your first, it was hardly mine."

“I bet there are some ships hiding out somewhere, other crews are just as resourceful as we are.” Karbainov said optimistically. He walked the few feet to his poncho lean to and started breaking down his makeshift camp. “Yeah, normally I delegate air defense, but you are right we are short of people.” He looked over to the city. “You spend a lot of time on this planet?” He asked her as he folded things up to go in his Assault Pack.

"When she was still something worth looking at, yeah," Zeti said wistfully. "You haven't been around long enough but this was home base. I owned a beach bungalow... I planned on retiring here one day. As far as other crews, we're lost in time. They'd have been on the ships for twenty years with no refits and no way to get new crew. It's a nice thought, but I think we're on our own."

He strapped the isomagnetic disintegrator to the side of his pack, a spare rifle strapped to the carrier on the other side. “If there is anything I believe in, it is the spirit of the races of the Federation and their will to succeed against all odds… probably a flaw.” He picked up the last of his gear and walked over to where she was standing. “I can not imagine how it feels to have your future so disrupted like that…” He shook his head. “This timeline is so polluted… I can feel it… it feels like stale air full of chemicals and poison…” He frowned.

"It's a mess..." Zeti agreed with him, although he was waxing poetic and it was a pleasant surprise from a crayon eating marine. "Even if I can get us back, I don't see how one ship can stop all of this and that's coming from a Bajoran who watched the resistance drive out the Cardassians."

“Everything has a weak point… every situation, plan, strategy, person whatever… We just need to figure out what we need to do, and then tug on it with all of our strength. Because it's not just us we are fighting for, but everyone we ever have known's future.” Karbainov said with a sigh. “Such heavy thoughts. Don’t carry the weight of it alone, we are all in this together.” He said, a line he had told countless other warriors he had come across. Some had headed the line and shared their burdens, others… not so much. He tried to gauge Zeti but couldn’t.

"Except for the fact that I'm the only one with an advanced engineering degree that understands quantum mechanics," Zeti grimaced slightly. "Some burdens we have to carry alone. I know the people I'm with I can trust and I've got a few ideas on how to get us home."

“Yep, you lost me there…” Karbainov let out a deep rich laugh from his gut. “But I have a theory about time, that a rip in the timeline like this is unnatural and the law of entropy will provide resources to bring it back into balance, resources we can’t even imagine.” He said with a smile. “Very basic, I know, but I just hope the universe is on our side. I feel that it is.”

"You're talking about faith," Zeti said with clear surprise. "I admit that I have never been a good good Bajoran who serves the Prophets, but ever sense we ended up here I've found myself praying to them more and more. Perhaps your right, I'll find what I need to get us back."

Karbainov nodded smiling at the surprise evident in her expression. “Faith in yourself is the first step, drawing strength from others you have faith in, faith in your Prophets, these are all tools you can use like your hypospanner thing.” Karbainov said with a shrug. “I pray too, quite a bit. That's why I called you Angel, because I had faith you wouldn’t let me get strafed to death or mauled by a tank. Maybe by your past leading up to being here, right here, has been your service to your prophets? Maybe its molded you to be strong enough and independent enough to when they need you, to be right here you are? Maybe that's why you are the only one that knows quantum mechanics… you are the only one we need.”

"Wait, does the glue sniffing, crayon eating marine fancy himself some kind of philosopher?" Zeti teased, giving a little smirk as she tried to cut the seriousness of the mood. "If the Prophets did that, they've got a real funny sense of humor. You watch my back, I'll watch yours, just don't call me angel."

Karbainov laughed out loud, another hearty belly laugh. “I am an El-Aurian with a Phd… so yeah… I guess sometimes I get a little deep… to deep.” He laughed again. “Crayon eating…” He shook his head with a laugh. “I meant it as a compliment, I was raised observing Norse mythology… so… it was a compliment, like Valkyrie, a warrior Angel, but if you don’t want it as a call sign, I will just have to come up with something else..” He teased back at her. “I am sure I can find something more…. mischievous…”

"A Valkyrie? I've never heard of them, I like the sound of that. I'm still no angel," Zeti shook her head before she chuckled softly. "More like a living nightmare if you ask a few of my exs. I should head back down to oversee the rest of the pack up. I want to move us out in an hour at least."

“Sometime over a proper drink I will fill you in on the ‘Choosers of the fallen’” Karbainov said, not flirtatious, just in a matter-of-fact friendly way, with a smile. “But yes, we have things to attend too, sorry my philosophy ate up so much of your time. I will get the team on the roof ready to go, then go walk the perimeter and make sure it has a proper fall back plan as we start heading underground. We shouldn't be more than a half hour. Thank you Commander.” He said with a smile. "If there is nothing else..." He slung his carbine across his chest and started to walk across the roof to where the other part of his three man team was stationed.

"Don't apologize Captain, I needed the pep talk," Zeti replied with a smile. "I'll see you on the ground."


Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Gladiator-A


Captain Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Gladiator-A
Detachment 'Gladius'


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