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Life of Luxury

Posted on Tue May 29th, 2018 @ 6:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Crewman Johena Kernistrov

Mission: New Horizon
Location: USS Resolute - Chief Engineer's quarters
Timeline: Before Launch

Zeti grinned as she walked into the Chief engineer's quarters. They were clean, there was power and there was a replicator. It was standard for Federation quarters but it felt like a step up after months of living on a ship with no power on a plant that had nothing but sand. She turned to Johena, who'd followed her in, and couldn't help but give her a grin.

"What do you say we take a shower and get a good night sleep in a bed that isn't really old?"

Johena sighed, "I'm so relieved. As much as I didn't want to leave, now I feel much more at home." she looked around, "A good shower, with out walking in to a pile of sand that seemed to get everywhere."

"If you talk about how much you hate sand I might lose it," Zeti chuckled softly. She unbuckled her utility belt and pulled it from her hips with a grunt, as she hung it up over the back of the chair that was at the small desk. "And you'll be able to be a nurse again, rather than the distraction when I'm trying to do something stupid."

Johena laughed, her energy flashing under her skin as she pulled her jacket off, and put it in the replicator. It was a new day with a new opportunity for clean fresh clothes. "You realize I nursed a lot of of the time out in the wild. I wasn't just a distraction." she pouted. "Although it will be nice to not be afraid of possibly having to perform surgery in an emergency alone. We have doctors now."

"And a ship," Zeti grinned, as she sat down on one of the chair and untied her boots. "I feel like I need to keep saying that so it stays real and I don't end up waking up in a cold sweat. That or we got the Palomino in space and the life support failed and we're sharing a hallucination as we freeze to death... I like the real option better."

"Although if we were dying and sharing a hallucination this is a nice way to go." Johena asked. "Especially if we got all hot and heavy before the end. I mean, there are worse ways to go." she laughed as she dropped down on a chair and started to pull her own shoes off.

"That's true, there are worse ways to go and neither of us are telepathic," Zeti had set her boots to the side and stuffed her dirty socks in them. She ran her toes over the carpet and let out a happy sigh. "It doesn't mater if this is the end or not, we're going to end up there."

"Oh now who is being negative?" she said. She threw her second shoe at Zeti, "Stop being grumpy for once and be happy for the win. We are back with our own people, we have a working ship way better than the Palomino would ever be!"

"I meant end up having sex," Zeti shot her a slight glare when her shoe hit her. She pulled off her shirt and threw it back at Johena, leaving her in an old bra and her jeans. "I am happy! The only thing that would make me happier would be if someone left a crate of spring wine in here and I get to drink it with dinner."

"Can't help you there." Joehna said as she grabbed the shirt and tossed it where it belonged. "Hey! Just because we're back among technology and civilization does not mean you can be a slob again." she chided her.

"I'm not a slob!" Zeti gave Johena a look, before she let out a humpf noise. "I just organize things differently than other people. It's not my fault you have to have baskets and drawers for every little thing."

Johena glared, "If you would be as organized with your clothes as you are with your tools I'd not consider you a slob." she said. She dropped on to the bed and laid back. "At least I don't have to worry about you getting sand in to every thing."

Zeti looked over at Johena before she shook her head and started to take off her pants. "That's why I keep you around, make sure all that's taken care of so I can focus on keeping the ship up and running. Plus you are hot as hell, I've always had a thing for redheads."

"Oh next you'll be putting me in a maids outfit to keep you organized at home." she said. "And I've seen pictures of your ex's. I know all about your obsessions with red heads."

Zeti tossed her pants at Johena and smirked when they hit her, "What a clever idea, the classic french maid's outfit with black nylons and heals would be acceptable." She walked up to the bed and looked down at her girlfriend. "You're the only one I'm obsessed with anymore, now I'm going to go get in the shower. You joining me?"

Johena bit her lower lip then tossed the pants aside, "You're incourgable." she said getting up. She bounced to her feet and pulled her hair loose. "I haven't been able to take a shower with you in forever, its about time we get to do that again."

Zeti gave her a peck on the cheek, before pulling back and turning towards the bathroom and putting a little sway into her hips as she put one foot in front of the other to give her hips that little extra. "We haven't been able to do a lot of things in forever, survival takes precedence over fun."

"Of course." Johena said as she watched her partner walk away from her. "Nothing like a breath of fresh air." she commented. "Its been nice to feel alive again."

Zeti glanced back at Johena, before she smirked and turned towards the bathroom and stepped inside. She activated the shower and let out a happy sigh as the sound of the water began to flow. Her underclothes were off a moment later, and she tossed them in the clothes basket before getting under one of the shower heads. "If we get stuck some where again, it needs to be tropical with plenty of easy animals to hunt and eat."

"You and your obsession with the tropics." she said. "I've honestly never been to anywhere tropical. My home was cold, my husband kept me in Russia if we weren't on a ship." Johena said as she stripped down and got in to the shower.

"We were just on Memphis Island and it's not the first time. You've never lived on a tropical island," Zeti shrugged. "When we get back, we'll have to take some of our saved up leave time and we can live in the bungalow I bought. It's right on the beach, it's amazing."

She laughed, "I did forget about the little bit of time on Memphis Island," Johena tipped her head back. "Who knows if the homes are still standing." she said, "No repairs after storms, fires, thieves.... might not be much left."

"I meant back to our time," Zeti made a face, before she started getting her hair wet. Johena didn't want to go back, she understood why but they couldn't stay in this time and the problem could be dealt with. "That way it's intact, there's nothing wrong with it. There's still a government. You know, the little things in life."

Johena sighed heavily as she got her hair wet as well under another stream of water. "Back among the illusion of protection in a government." she said cynically.

Zeti let out an exaggerated sigh at her girlfriend, before she started to shampoo her hair. "The alternative is to live forty years in the future and have to live like we did on the desert hell we finally escaped. Does that sound like that much fun to you?"

"Its not out of the realm of possibilities." Johena shrugged. "But We've decided to work towards going home, so that is what we are doing."

Something about the way she said that rubbed Zeti the wrong way, she knew why Johena didn't want to go back but she couldn't abandon the crew and there was no telling what would happen without them. "Don't say it like that. We'll take care of Kernistrov, you'll be safe."

"You keep promising that, but I honestly think it will take years before I can settle it." Johena replied. "He tortured me, and will continue to if he can manage it."

"Hey, we been through hell together, you really think he's got anything on me or the rest of this crew?" Zeti gave her a look. "Seriously, trust me. We are a good team, we survived when all looked lost."

Johena smiled at her again. "Things still look lost. We'll keep fighting forward." she said.

"Things are never lost until we give up," Zeti said firmly. Although this didn't seem like it was over.



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