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Posted on Tue May 15th, 2018 @ 6:22pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Surgical Floor - Memphis Island Hospital

/// ON ///

Power in the Hospital had been slowly coming back to some of the areas below which had offered the crew a chance to shower, and use replicators once again. After they had taken care of the attack on the hospital, David had told the rest of the crew to relax, to take shifts, alongside the Dalacari drones, security checks. They didn't truly know the might of the pirates on the planet, but they did know that they were now waging a war with them, for their home. But now that they had secured the hospital, they needed a small down time before they moved on. What better to build their moral than to have the crew eat, take showers, and rest.

Making his way to the surgical floor, he brought a couple mugs in hand. ch'Koro had let him know that he was taking care of a few things with the hospital and that Kavi needed to have someone around her to prevent her from pushing herself to much. So when he got into the worn down surgical bay that had been lit up much better than before, he could clearly see the andorian's concerns were well warranted.

"You stubborn headed mule," David called out as he obviously threw her off her guard slightly as he walked up and sat a steaming cup of coffee on the bed next to her hands that held her in place as she stood... barely. "Where is Emmah?" he asked but sighed as he saw the band on the floor a couple feet away. "Nevermind..."

Marcia glared at David, annoyed that Khelev had sent someone else to babysit her. Her hand shook with effort as she gripped one side of the bed. "she was pissing me off. I need to move around. My legs are antsy and I can't just sit here."

He picked up the mobile band and slapped it on his arm where he had kept it for so long before clearing his throat as he looked at her pointing to the cup. "You been on ice for quite a while and you just got your legs back. Shut up, sit down, and enjoy some coffee with me for once."

Marcia looked at him defiantly before her body betrayed her and her legs gave out from under her, leaving her clinging to the edge of the bed, fighting to pull herself back up. Nothing but uninteliagable frustrated noises mixed with swears came out of her mouth.

"For shit sake..." David quickly slipped her up with one hand as he sat his coffee cup on a stand near by. She fought to allow him the chance to help but he was obviously strongerat this point. "Knock it off, will ya!"

"I can do it damn it!" she growled at him."you've rescued me enough!" she added a he set her back on to the hospital bed. She folded her arms and poured like a petulant child. "I'm sick of being broken all the time!"

"Oh suck it up, buttercup," He smirked as he used a line that was typically used by Hayter. The marine and Tayla were constantly picking at one another but they worked well together, as did Hawkins and Kavi... at least used to.

"I've been stucking it up. Did I whine when I was forced in to a wheel chair? Did I argue about being put in stasis since I was useless? No I volunteered for that!" she grumbled "I've been playing along long enough." she said rubbing her forehead. "why can't anything be easy?" she took a deep heavy shaking breath trying not to fall apart. She was angry and frustrated and life kept getting harder. Just when she thought something would go right in her life it all fell apart again.

"Actually... its getting easier," David shook his head. "Theo, Zeti, Lizzy and Zul'arra are back. They are downstairs right now. Not only that, Hayter and Mel came back with Dalari Drones, so we have re-enforcements, and then we have the biggest surprise... The Resolute is sitting in the hanger."

She tipped her head up a range of emotions washing through her. Recovering lost crew, and finding a powerful ship was an improvement. "all the more reason for me to get on my feet sooner! Does the resolute have power? What shape is she in?"

"I assume as much. But I only was given the short news before someyhing else came up. In the morning, we will meet in one of the conference rooms and get more of an answer of things before proceeding. But its finally looking up," David stated , more admitting it to himself as a hint of optimism.

"If we are stuck in this hell hole for the rest of our lives the Resolute will be important to sustain our community since Gladiator is so busted." Her mind drifted to her house, just outside the city, on the water with a privet cove. She actually missed the place and was eager to go see if it had survived the years.

"The thought had occurred to me," David nodded as he thought to himself of the outcome of this new life and how everyone would have to change and grow to handle this all in their own ways. "Get your bearings, calm down and drink some coffee. ch'Koro is probably going to be up here to take ya down to the conference room in the morning. We will figure it out from there. Sound fair enough?"

Mercia took a deep breath, "I have every intention of walking in to that room on my own." she told him. "But I'll be there. And I'll be looking for coffee for sure. I need it." she said. "Has anyone explored beyond the hospital and command building? Like... Our homes? How bad is the island?"

"Hayter and Mel have. They went to the hidden hanger and stumbled upon Dalacari drones. I guess they have been protecting the Resolute."

"Really?" she asked, as she held her hand out for her mug of coffee. With this cup and the promise of more to come made her feel a little better. "Those drones are something else... Tell me about the Rezzo."

He nodded simply with a slight grin before taking a sip of his coffee. "Dead serious. I didn't ask much yet. Whatever the case, I want the whole group hear it. We have their information and the Zeti away team mission to cover as well."

"And getting the rest of the crew back." she said flatly. "I want my daughter back now that I'll be able to walk again, and we have a safe place to let her live." she said.

"That's the plan. If it is true, that ship can hold everyone and it becomes our beacon of hope. I haven't forgotten," Hawkins explained as he tried to reassure her. "Don't think I don't want the same thing at all. I know you have things a stake, but I have just as much with those people still frozen."

Mercia sipped the coffee, "Good. Together we'll make it through this, and hopefully go home to our own time." she said.

/// OFF ///

Captain David Hawkins
Big Boss


Commander Mercia Kavi


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