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A quiet space

Posted on Fri Apr 11th, 2014 @ 3:43pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
Edited on on Thu Oct 22nd, 2015 @ 12:29pm

Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Shuttle Bay

It had been a long... several weeks. The Gladiator was a brand new ship, top of the line and yet it had already seen a handful of things that seemed were veteran experience compared to normal. But then again, what was normal? He couldn't see it going, so called normal with this crew. How he had been put in command of a brand new Sovereign Class starship with a crew of... questionable personnel from all walks of life, he could only speculate.

The loss of the Resolute had been past for a while, but as the saying goes... you reap what you sow... seemed to fit in this context. The hard work and dedication he had put into Project Phantom had paid off, he was a captain again. But the constant blame of the loss of the past ship, he was now given the crew that most commanders would turn down without a second thought. Had he been set up for failure and an ultimate way of getting him kicked out? Or was it all just random in its own? He wasn't sure, but even with all that had been going on, his crew, his Co workers were adapting and even excelling already.

Mercia was out of uniform now, clad in jeans and scooped neck blue shirt, she headed for the shuttle bay where the computer reported David was, it took her a few minutes to get past the pile of dead plants that had been stacked up, ready to destroy, after that she had to peek in to a few different shuttles until she finally spotted him in the window of one. She grinned and headed for the side door and poked her head inside. “Hey, you can be hard to find sometimes you know.” she grinned, hanging on the door frame, her unbound hair hanging down a bit.

"That's the idea," David grinned as he continued to lean back in the pilot chair of on of their Runabout shuttles. As normal, had his feet up relaxing in his jeans and button up short and only flip flops on for shoes. He had thought about going barefoot, but some species under his command took that as insulting in their custom. He wasn't ready to insult them just yet. "Part of being a Captain of your own ship, you can go anywhere on your ship and relax anywhere you would like. Plus this is a change in scenery. "

She stepped inside now that he didn't tell her to get lost. “It is a different spot thats for sure.” she said leaning against the wall with her shoulder, and crossing her arms. She watched him, feeling pleased at how relaxed he looked, after all the stress of the past couple weeks, the fact he could slow down and relax was a good thing. “Do you miss being a fighter pilot?” she asked him softly, not wanting to invade his space too much. She didn't need to stay long, she just had to return something to him.

"Oh yeah. Being Being a fighter pilot is great but not many can say that being a fighter pilot, she specially with the massive ships out there, is easy," he grinned slightly as he remembered the excitement he had so many time had achieved in such daring moments in his career. "In the war, we saw how the use of fighters in full scale attacks were a horrible idea at times but they were useful in other ways. They could move faster and dodge things that most couldn't. But if hit, they didn't last long. I saw many pilots lose their lives. But not as many as marine ground troops."

She chewed her lower lip a little, she hadn't really had any thing to do with the war, sometimes she felt relieved, other times, she felt like she really missed an important experience that shaped so many people, for good and bad.

"So why did you stop any way?" She wondered, "I've done simulations, and it can be thrilling... why did you give it up for a chair?" She asked.

"In a cockpit, you can only do so much to help people out and find out the truth to things. In a chair, you have more power and ability to do so much more," he admitted. He wasn't about power control but changing people's lives. "That seems more useful than being able to fly fast."

She chuckled, “Well I suppose that makes sense.” she said. She dropped her arms and reached behind her and slid a knife out and brought it around to her front. “I didn't want to interupt your down time." She laid the blade across her palms and came closer to him. “But I found something that belongs to you.” she grinned. It was the knife that the plants had grabbed and covered when he had tried to cut her leg free of the plants. He’d claimed it was his favorite knife. SInce Mercia had only two or three sentimental items herself, she wondered if it was something important to him, so during her shift of plant clearing she went to the turbo shaft and searched for it. It took a while, but she found it and freed it.

He leaned back enough to see her now handing him the blade, handle first. It was his tactical blade that had been given to him by his former trainer from a long time ago. "My tactical trainer gave that to me. It's metal... One of the hardest to find and to mold."

Taking the blade in his left hand, scanned it with his eyes as he ran his hand over the small design that was etched into both sides just above the handle. The design was of a tribal design which was part his doing. "It's been helpful to me in many fights and survival times."

Mercia had spent time looking at the design, she liked the blade, a lot. It was a type she actually wanted to obtain some time. “And yet it was bested by a damn plant.” she teased putting her hands on her hips and grinning down at him. “At least thats not the one that cut me. It looks a lot meaner than the other one.” she said with a shudder. She could feel an echo of the pain from her leg being broken and cut badly. It was fading but there was still some red marks where she’d been stabbed.

"Sorry about that, " he sighed slightly as he rested the blade in his hands for a moment while he remembered what had happened to her. It wasn't truly his fault but he felt bad for it anyway. "Didn't I tell you that I hurt people I come in contact with, " he smirked slightly as he looked up at her.

Mercia met his eyes "David." She chided him. She glanced around the cockpit as she took a deep breath, "I guess I cant get in your case too much for a comment like that... because I feel like I do the same." She said heavily before she looked back down at him.

"Well you could," he joked as he grinned while looking at her. "There is a co-pilot seat recently installed in these small ships if you want to sit and relax."

A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she looked at the chair next to him, then at him. "There are other places to sit too." She teased before she dropped in to the chair next to him and grinned, "And what do you mean I could hurt you or get on your case for that comment? Hmm suppose it hardly matters because both are true." She said swinging the chair back and forth a little. She could see why this was relaxing to him, it was small, not terribly bright and secluded.

"True on both cases," he agreed as he rested the blade on his chest and went back to resting his hands under his head and relaxed once again. "So how have ya been sleeping lately?"

Mercia chuckled, "Back on that again huh?" She said before sighing. "Its hit or miss... I'm still dreading sleep, but seems the past few nights have been short but solid, I feel more rested." She smiled and looked at him, "If not a bit lonely."

"Always space at my place," he stated as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the quite tone in the air. It was nice and gave him the chance to refocus on things... or to just drop all his thoughts and just stop thinking about things all together.

"I'll keep that in mind." She told him grinning at the open invitation. "If this pattern continues I may take you up on it." She felt slightly more sullen a moment, "I really dont want to torment you with my night terrors, or waking up and hurting you." She said. She copied his relaxed stance, leaning back a bit and folding her fingers together across her stomach and closing her own eyes. Mercia smiled again, after the climbing and work she did today pulling dead plants to help out the crew and find the knife she felt less antsy than she normally felt in the evenings. Maybe she was finally coming in to balance again.

"If I was worried about that I wouldn't extend an invitation so openly," he reminded her. "It's the least of my worries these days. Which you should take that as something to hold onto."

She licked her lips, "You want me to be secure in the fact you’re not afraid of me when I'm not in control of myself? Hell, David I’m just barely secure you’re not going to wake up one day and send me packing!" She said. "I wonder if you truly understand how extreme I can be." She said softly. Her voice was hardly above a whisper, "I’m a killer." She said. Somedays that fact was her security, other days, like today, it was a heavy shame.

“A killer?,” he chuckled as he sighed before continuing. “Your actions in the past may have made you into the woman you are today, but you are still a woman. Young and in charge. Someone that wants to have the ability to have control in every situation, but that isn't who you are. I wouldn't have a killer as an XO. That is just one of your abilities. You are good at it, but you are more capable than you let on to believe. So try again. Who are you?”

Mercia opened her eyes and looked at him, for a moment a playful smirk settled on her face, but she knew it was the mask, and he didn't want to see that. She stared at him for a moment. "I'm Mercia Kavi, once a broken woman, healing now, and trying to create a good life for myself without lies, masks, and deceptions. I have a good heart, even when i fear to show it." She said. She glanced down, hoping that hadn't sounded too rehearsed, although it was thanks to Lyla who made her say it a few years ago, it was one of many lines she had forced to repeat to fight the instinct to remain broken. She often still felt broken, but she was trying, one step at a time. She knew she made strides in several areas recently.

“Good,” he stated as he looked over at her and looked at her for a long moment before speaking up with a question. “Good words, but… Do you believe it?”

She took a deep breath tempted to dodge the question. "Depends on the day." She admitted. "More so yes recently." She said."So how would you answer?" She asked, wanting to shift things off of her journey, or at least not be alone in admitting weakness.

“I couldn’t have answered it any better actually,” David replied. “I felt the same way at times. Especially during my past couple years.”

Mercia closed her eyes, “Because what happened on the other ship?” she asked him. “It makes sense.” she opened her eyes and looked over at him, “At least i’m not the only one that some days feel like I just have to make it another day, and maybe things will be better.”

“Stop comparing this ship and your new situation with your past issues. Completely different situations,” Hawkins replied as he look at her again. “I am not like others thank you very much.”

She chuckled, “I’m surmising that.” she grinned, “But I meant you. You feeling like you’re just on a healing journey after what happened on the the Resolute.” she said watching him.

“Can’t getting any worse. Its already happened. Can’t go in the past and change things,” Hawkins shrugged as he paused for a moment. “Well I guess I could, but I would be breaking a lot of rules and regulations… Maybe later down the road.”

Mercia let out a laugh, “Yeah no kidding.” she said. “I’d go back and save my Mother, and Master.” she said wistfully. “I think everyone has someone or something they wish they could go back and change.” she said as she started to play with her hair, twisting it between her fingers and letting it fall loose again.

“Well it would make no difference now. It isn’t like we could live with them after all the changing we’ve gone through,” David admitted. That would be asking for more pain and confusion. He wasn’t about to do anything as stupid and selfish as that.

Mercia was quiet for a moment, “I never thought of it that way.” she whispered. She thought about it for another moment, “I don’t know that I could face my mother with who I am now… Sure I’m in a good place now… but… I’ve done so many things that would break her heart.” she said. She felt a certain heart ache, a dread of seeing her mother’s disappointed or pained expression. She never wanted to experience that pain of seeing her mother unable to be proud of her. “I’ve certainly not done anything to make her proud.” she said.

He looked at her in almost a dumb founded look. “You have a point, Lieutenant… the Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Gladiator… top of the line starship, CO-overseer of the Phantom Project, and good friend to a lot of people on this ship and others. Yeah I can definitely see your point…”

Mercia laughed and leaned over shoving his arm, “Oh shut up! You know what I mean!” she said shaking off the melancholy thoughts.

“No I don’t,” David shook his head as he gripped the blade and sat up. As he stood up, he handed her the blade and started for the exit. “Hold onto that for me. It will come in handy later on.”

Mercia looked at it, confused. “Wait, what?” she asked. “But its your favorite knife.” she said standing up and almost scrambling after him. He was sometimes so unpredictable it made her head hurt.

He stopped long enough for her to catch up to his side before continuing for the Cargo bay doors. “Yeah it is. What are you confused about?”

Mercia looked down at the blade in her hands and then glanced back at him, wondering exactly what this was supposed to mean. “Well.” she started, “people don’t normally give their crush things of sentimental value…” she said. She winced, “Not that I’m complaining. I’d take good care of it.” she quickly added, “Its just… no ones ever asked me to do something like this before. I don’t know how to take it.” she said.

“Once you have figured out how to take it, get back to me on that,” David grinned slightly. “And if needed, we can take the crush thing out of the equation if it makes it easier for you to understand."

Mercia blinked a couple times as a grin crossed her face. She stopped and grabbed his arm, naturally swinging him to face her. "I think I like that idea" she said sliding the knife in to her belt and grinning up at him. She dearly hoped she wasn't misreading this, and he was saying they were taking this to a new level, as in... actually being a dating couple.


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