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Visiting the Crash Site

Posted on Fri Apr 27th, 2018 @ 6:42pm by Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D

Mission: New Horizon

As he reached the loading dock the Marine did another check of his gear and mental and physical preparedness for the small mission he was going to do. It really wasn’t a mission, but he wanted to check out the crash site of the fighter he had shot down during the battle. It was pretty close to the hospital, just down ravine that made its way about 50 yards from the loading dock down and around the base of a fifty foot tall hill, and then about the quarter mile to where he estimated the fighter had impacted.

He dropped his pack behind the desk in the loading dock office. He had already gone through the place so didn’t waste any time looking for anything useful, all what was left was PADDs of invoices a broken monitor and a broken chair. He swapped out his old style type 3 phaser carbine for his compression phaser rifle, and checked it over. Still all green. He prefered the shorter and more maneuverable older style phaser rifle when inside a building, and was glad he found one at a security station upon arrival to the hospital.

Leaving the pack and the isomagnetic disintegrator he was left with his warbelt, a phase pistol in a drop leg holster, and a type 2 phaser on his right hip for a left hand draw. The various pouches carried some general survival gear, extra magazines for the phasers, and a few grenades. He was well equipped to handle whatever came his way.

The first thing he noticed was the breeze coming off of the water, blowing against his back as he climbed to the top of the hill behind the hospital. He took his time, zig zaging and pausing at the trees and the brush to take a look around. Even with the magnification of his binoculars he didn’t find anything new. His tricorder also read nothing. The sandy dirt gave way to a sharp steep rock on the top of the hill. Something igneous he thought to himself as he appraised it. It wasn’t tactically feasible to continue up it, so he started around the base, to appear on the far side of it, hoping that if anyone was waiting for him they would think he would take the short way around.

Just as he turned the corner his comm chirped as it lost its active connection with the network in the hospital. He grunted and kneeled, pulling out his tricorder to try and isolate the reason he lost his communications link. The tricorder was having issues as well, something inside the crashed ship must be still active and jamming his electronics. He stood up slowly and backed around the corner of the rock.

“Karbainov to overwatch, situation update, I am at the top of the hill, about to investigate the crash site. Nothing active yet, but something at the site is disabling communications… will attempt to disable. If no contact in one five minutes send in the calvary, how copy?”

The reply was two clicks from the roof team. Karbainov smiled, maybe they were learning the little tactical lessons he was trying to give them. He crouched down again and turned the corner, losing comms at pretty much the same place he hid behind a large fern and pulled his binoculars up, investigating the crashed fighter.

Whatever the craft was it was unrecognizable now, completely destroyed by the impact. The ten foot round by three foot deep crater that the ship had left spoke to the force of the impact. There was molten metal everywhere, which by now was only steaming and not glowing….

He wondered what was causing the jamming in such a complete and total wreck… but the answer to his question came on the next pass of the binoculars. About halfway up the ravine on the other side was what appeared to be a cockpit section. The only part of the ship to survive the crash, and judging by its intactness, it had auto separated from the ship upon destruction.
Shaking his head he pulled out a ration bar and chewed on the chocolate flavored brick slowly. The best thing for him to do would be to approach the crash site from the long way around… to go down to where the ravine forked apart, cross over down the angled sections, and then climb to the top of the ridge, then climb down and approach from the top… it would be the strongest and stealthiest approach.

However, that would take a lot of time and he had already moved far enough that there was no way he would be able to do that in 15 minutes before someone started looking for him. Finishing the bar he put the wrapper in his pocket and took a sip from his canteen. ‘If you can’t be sneaky… be fast…’ he thought to himself as he repocketed the canteen and started a quick zig zag down the hill. Using whatever he could find for cover, including once he was in the ravine’s base parts of the ship, he made his way uneventfully to the halfway point up the other side.

Suddenly there was a shower of rocks and Karbainov dove to the ground, the sandy soil leaving a puff of dust as he hid behind a larger than usual rock. As his heart beat in his chest he looked around for the source of the falling rocks. It had definitely come from near the ship’s cockpit. His rifle at the ready he was ready to blast whatever it was.

He was starting to let his guard down again, his heart beat no longer filling his ears when suddenly more rocks fell and the culprit appeared. Suddenly a small brown fuzzy creature lept from a rock onto the ground and scurried to a nearby hole in a tree. The Russian cursed in his native tongue and then laughed quietly. He was glad he hadn’t blasted the little critter, that -really- would have given away his position.

He stood up slowly, keeping his rifle raised in the general direction of the cockpit. He paused a good stones through away from it and checked the area again. Nothing visually, he pulled his tricorder out. He was now close enough to tell for sure that it was the source of the jamming. Pocketing the tricorder he stood up and sprinted to the cockpit, quickly clearing it with his rifle raised at the ready.

Nothing… Well nothing but the two corpses sitting in the front seats of the fighter. Karbainov quickly checked them over, but knew instantly that they were dead. No one could have survived the injuries… and then the apparent fire they had gone through. Shaking his head he looked around the cockpit and found a big red button. Smashing his fist on it he hit was apparently the emergency shut off. The jamming instantly died and Karbainov smiled. “Overwatch team, Karbainov here, two deceased at crash site… nothing salvageable… will advise when returning. Out.”

He just had to tidy up.

After a rough ten minutes of extracting the two dead aliens out of the cockpit. After digging a shallow grave in the sandy soil. After pulling over a piece of hull plating and then putting some heavy rocks on it. And then finally making a small mound of earth and rocks he said a few words. The words were not so much for the aliens… as they had just been faceless enemies… but they were for everyone he had known back home, before the time jump.

“ Lo, there I do see my father
Lo, there I do see my mother and my brothers and my sisters,
Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning,
Lo, they do call to me
They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla
Where thine enemies have been vanquished,
Where the brave shall live forever
Nor shall we mourn, but rejoice for those that have died the glorious death.”

By the end of it Karbainov was quite upset. There was a lot to process. He had known so many people and so long. He sat against the cockpit for a few moments collecting his thoughts. His mind wandered to thoughts of the afterlife with his family, and how they may have met their ends. Was it in a battle? Mind skipping around he thought of the battle he had just been in, and how it had differed from those he had been in before. He had a long fight ahead of him, he knew this. He also knew that he had the right skills for the fight. And the fight was the only way to get home. Taking a deep breath he stood, checked his phaser. Something in him tugged him back to why he had joined the Marine Corps... that decision had always been a place of strength for him in times like this. He knew his reasoning was absolutely right. He looked over the mounds again and turned, tracing the three quarters line of the ridge back to the end of the ravine, then down back to the hospital. All the while going through mental exercises focusing himself and pushing distracting thoughts out of his mind. By the time he was back he was his old self. Ready to fight, focused on the fight and doing whatever needed to end this polluted timeline.


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