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A Glimmer of Hope: Part 2

Posted on Tue May 29th, 2018 @ 11:07am by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins] & Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma

Mission: New Horizon
Location: Conference Room 3 - Memphis Island Hospital

/// ON ///

--- Previously ---

"Agreed," David nodded as he looked at Mel, then at the rest of the group. "Some how, we got shafted and brought here in this timeline. I will be damned if I allow us to call this life home without at least having a fighting chance. I would not risk splitting us up once again just for the same thing to happen again. ch'Koro is family and whether we like it or not, this is my family... all of you are. So despite the fact that you don't like the idea of splitting up once again, we need Memphis Island. We need a place we can call home until we get us back home."

There was a short bit of silence before he stood up and looked around the room. "We leave in an hour..."

--- Continued ---

David took in a deep breath as he made sure to keep his command stance as he had lost in the past, but was starting to feel it return with all this going well for them all. He continued on after clearing his throught and played with the cigar he had sat on the table earlier between sips of his coffee. "...All of us to the launch bay and get the Resolute air borne as soon as we can. ch'Koro and Karb stay back to prepare the place for us. We will leave the runabout here for them if needed. If there is nothing else..." He looked at the room to silence before he nodded and looked over at the Marine Commander and nodded. "... we have to recognize two people. Its been coming for a long time and now I think its time we handle it now. In the tradition of our old ways to which we are trying to preserve and return to... Lieutenant Junior Grade Mel Torma and Zul'arra, please step up here," he motioned for them to come to the end of the table.

Mel was a little nervous as she stepped up. First she spoke up, then someone explained to her why, then the Captain explained to her why... and now she was being called up to the front. A quick glance back showed that Zul'arra didn't look all too thrilled to be called up either. Oh man, did she do something wrong? Maybe it's because the whole crew was here and she had to be talked to. She looked a little timid as she walked up, but still... she walked up.

Following the twin form and Zeti to stand next to Hawkins, she felt slight nerviness as she didn't like being noticed whatsoever. Now the whole group was starring at her and deep down, she wanted to dart out the door. She stood there in half worn tactical clothing with civilian attire she had made from their 'away mission'. All she really could do was tap her sides nervously awaiting for whatever this was all about.

"Captain Kerby, you are up," John smirked as he was now standing as well, but on the opposite side of the small line next to Zul'arra now.

When Lizzy realised, she let out a squeak and raced off to a replicator and used her override codes. Returning with 3 colored bars, she waited.

David watched as Lizzy ran around in excitement. Deep down, he knew he should have been irritated as she wasn't acting like a starfleet officer, but they were the only ones left that would venture to call themselves Starfleet Officers. Instead, all he really did was shake his head as he watched her with a slight smirk. He had missed her and the others. It was as though a part of them were engraved in him in as family. "Right, anyway. Captain, you want to do the honors for Zul'arra."

“Yes sir.” Karbainov said, his demeanor changing instantly from someone who jokes about becoming a warlord to all business. Straight faced he approached the small gathering at the front of the room. Stopping infront of them he snapped to attention and offered a crisp and measured salute, fitting of a honor guard he turned on his heal in a very formal manner and faced the cadet. In a strong firm voice worthy of any Marine Corps occasion he began.

“Cadet, it has come to my attention that the exceptional bravery and professionalism you have distinguished yourself with in the last battle is a common place item. And for that…. By virtue of the authority of my position as Marine Detachment Commander USS Gladiator, with the recommendations of Lt. Colonel Hayter and Captain Hawkins, I hereby commision you as 2nd Lieutenant Starfleet Marine Corps.” Karbainov pulled out of his pocket his old fighting knife with the SFMC seal he had carried for luck. He placed it in the palm of her hand and smiled. “Congratulations Lieutenant. Welcome to the family.” He took a step back and gave the new Lieutenant a crisp salute.

"If you would do the honors," He motioned to Lizzy and her rank tubes.

Lizzy looked down and realized she may have made a little bit of a mistake. Getting up, she headed over to the Marine, whispering, "Are these right? I'm not exactly right in the head. Might have to get some new ones later."

She held it out to Karbainov to check, because she didn't want to mess anything up and it would have helped if she had known which ones. But she was still fuzzy in the head.

Karbainov just smiled politely, his expression was pretty blank and formal, and his mind was clear and placid. He took one of the tubes that protected the rank bars and opened the small case. Inside were the correct bars for a 2nd Lt. with the SFMC insignia for the other side of the collar. “No these are perfect, I will get her a nice tactical set later.” Karbainov reached over to Zul’arra and pinned one to either side of her collar. Finished he crisply saluted her and took a step back.

Her jaw dropped partly as she tried to understand fully how and why things were happening like this. But she slowly returned the unusual tradition of raising her hand to her eye brow, and lowered it before the captain. "Thanks, Captain... Captains and Colonel," she simply stated as she saluted and shook their hands as well before standing back as Hawkins stepped over into the spotlight.

The captain looked at the two forms and took the tube from Lizzy. He smirked as he looked at thetwin forms. "I'm not much for speeches," he started as he looked around the room, one member at a time. "But this woman has kept things going by stepping up multiple times from day one. And despite the fact that we are standing here in this messed up future, we are alive because of her."

He turned back to the twin form and nodded to her as she stood there. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Mel Torma," David started as he opened the tube and smirked again before looking between the two forms. "I here by promote half of you to the rank of full Lieutenant with all the right and privileges... Sorry, only one pip." He smiled as he pinned the new rank one one form.

Oh Dia this was happening. OH DIA THIS WAS HAPPENING!! Try not to cry! Try not to cry!

"Oh, oh that's going to drive me crazy." she said, as he pinned on the singular pip. Then each pair smiled wide, "T.. thank you. I just did what any girl with a robot army would have done." she said with a laugh from each form.

"Thank you." her other form now repeated, as the most talkative member of the Gladiator suddenly ran out of words to say. Instead, the pair came to attention. "I'll never let you down, sir."

Lizzy blushed, "Sorry. My bad for the pins."

With that, Lizzy took the third item she had replicated and held one end, she pulled it. There was a pop as confetti streamed out.

"It's alright Lizzy, I'll just try to avoid looking at it until we can get it sorted out." Mel said with a pair of smirks to the crazy counselor.

Mercia clapped before she rolled her eyes at Lizzy for the confetti. She smiled at David. It was a good moment to celebrate a win, and exactly what they needed.

"Congratulations Mel, thanks for stealing my spot light Captain," Zeti pipped up, before she dropped back into her seat.

"Sorry," David shrugged as he smirked slightly. "Alright ladies and Gentlemen, Get things packed up and ready to head out. We leave in an fifteen minutes for the Launch Bay... and to the Resolute."

/// OFF ///


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