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Waking a Sleeping Giant

Posted on Sat Aug 11th, 2018 @ 4:34pm by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Chief Warrant Officer Kah'Chek'tall

Mission: Whispers of the Past
Location: Gladiator Bridge

Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti was feeling quite proud of herself, she was standing on the bride of the USS Gladiator and looking over the master display system as she through her way through the repairs to the ship, so far they'd managed to get the impulse generators up and running so the ship could travel at sub light and had enough power to support the eight hundred or so crew that were still on board. The Resolute had been towing them to Memphis Island at warp speed when they picked up the distress signal and decided to split up once they'd hidden the gladiator behind a small moon.

That left Zeti in command of the Gladiator and there was something about it that just say well on her shoulders. She was a tough, driven leader but she cared about her people and everyone knew it. For now she had to prioritize, they needed warp drive, shields, weapons and having access to slip stream would be incredibly useful. She looked over at the twin forms of Mel Torma, the second highest ranking officer, and current executive officer of the Gladiator.

"Warp drive should be our priority," Zeti said finally. "Khelev just didn't have enough time to get you running again, did he girl?"

One of Mel's forms was looking around the Bridge, lost in the memories of how this place was so cold and quiet while everyone was asleep. The other form was attentive on Zeti. "I agree, but probably not for the reason you think." she started. "With warp drive operational, that would mean we have a steady supply of warp plasma, and thus a steady..."

"... flow of high-grade energy to the various parts of the ship. With that, we'll have an easier time getting the other systems operational. Once we have a power flow, I can..."

"... plus some numbers into Delta Eighty Six, and set it on a calculation pattern for where to go from there. Mind you, in this case I'd trust your judgement over its calculations." she admitted with a deferring nod.

"It just never hurts to have a solid plan."

The giant lizard looked around engineering and tapped his comm badge. The clicks and whistles of his native language would not be entirely filtered out by the universal translator, and would sound strange to most at first, especially since he was a very recent addition to the crew before the trouble started. He was still getting looks of horror when he used the turbolift and prefered to slink through the Jefferies tubes.

=/\= " “Propulsion Specialist Kah’Chek to Bridge, whenever you are ready my division is stood up and ready to assist you with sorting out this ball of yarn mess down here…. We are linking in to Bridge Engineering now…” =/\=

He said as he moved over to the workstation he had commandeered. With people in various states of recovery from defrosting he had taken charge of his unit.

=/\= "Specialist, report to the bridge and transfer engineering command up here, =/\= Zeti answered over her commbadge before she closed the channel and turned to Mel. "I'm the Captain, not the Chief Engineer. If Delta can give us an edge, we should power it up."

Mel gave a nod, and turned her attention to the science station nearest to her, and brought up a screen. Then another, and another, before finally bringing up what looked like a simple text terminal. "Delta Eighty Six, acknowledge."

A single word appeared on the screen. :: Acknowledge.

Mel then began to type in a series of commands into the terminal system. "Prepare for new calculation vectors and required end scenarios. Engage verbose mode and activate ranking priority for responses. Acknowledge upon readiness."

The screen had a flurry of activity, almost looking like it had been damaged and was just displaying lines of garbage code or flashing colors. When the reply finally came, it wasn't a word on a screen but a voice. It wasn't the normally cheerful voice of the central computer user interface, and it certainly wasn't Emmah. This could only be the Thinking Engine itself. Or at least, the cobbled together version of one.

"System ready for new data. Awaiting final calculation expectations and acceptable degrees of calculation. Awaiting final scenarios for optimal calculation and prediction systems. Designation Delta Eighty Six, online and ready to operate."

Mel turned towards Zeti, and gave her a pair of nods. There was no possibility of hiding that smile she had on each face, at all. "The system is set up to recognize anyone ranked higher than me, on the Federation level, as someone to take input from. To make things extra simple, I registered you all..."

"... as trusted and valued allies of the Dalacari Republic. That puts your safety and survival as about as important as my own. Dalacari safety standards are hard coded when..."

"... it comes to our own personal safety. It's been five hundred years since our last drone uprising, and we'd like to break that record daily." she said, with something of a recitation. Maybe it was a slogan back home?

With an affirmative hiss the Lekk cut the channel to the bridge, finishing uploading Main Engineering to the Bridge. There really wasn't anyone around to object, or give him a better idea. Curiously he made his way to the turbolift wondering what would greet him on the other side.

A few moments later he hopped out of the lift and made his way to the engineering station, not sure whom he was reporting too in this situation he announced, with a shrill whistle his arrival. "Specialist Kah'Chek reporting as requested." he blinked his eyes and looked around.

"Welcome to the bridge Kah'Chek. You're getting a field promotion to Chief Engineer, Mel here is our XO and I fancy myself the Captain. You know the repair schedule and current status of the ship. We've got one of the Dalacari thinking engine as back up. What are your recommendations?" Zeti asked the Lekk.

The Lizard cocked his head in momentary confusion, but kept silent besides a low click to himself. He raised along six knuckled finger claw up to his mouth level. "Although I do not have the familiarity with all Federation systems you may need, my recomendation would be thus..." He walked over to the Engineering station. "A standard reboot of the power systems cascades the power from the main conduits and power generation, through the system at these check points where they branch off to the smaller system. Each time the power level hits a check point, it steps down in energy, and the computer preforms a series of checks in the next level to confirm it is ready to operate. This is because Federation ships are designed not to be cold started once out of dry dock, and whilst in dry dock they are continually getting more systems added to them as they are constructed."

He paused for a moment making a motion to Mel. "With the thinking engine, we could tie it into the Engineering core and processes and have it preform all these checks similtaniously as we power up the /whole/ system at once. This would reduce the time needed to bring the energy level up in the ship by a great factor due to the fact we have a completly assembled vessel to work with... Instead of the constraint of preforming diagonistics every time we drop power from a main to a primary, to a secondary and so forth, the greatest time factor would be programing the saftey parameters for this type of manuver into the thinking engine... Any thoughts?" He turned to the two.

The Dalacari listened, then nodded in agreement. "That's certainly within the realm of possibility. A direct feed into the diagnostics, and then allow it to assess the condition of the power system at each step as we cross..."

"... each threshold, and then if the Engine predicts or evaluates an issue, it can warn us then and possibly show alternative systems to power to achi.. Yeah, I think that'd..."

"... work. We don't normally do system restores like this on a Dalacari craft, but not to toot our own horns too loud, but we have two of every system *kinda* for this..."

"... reason. Dalacari ships don't go cold often, and when they do we usually request assistance from a Ts'usugi escort." the pair made a motion of putting their hands up to their eyes and turning, as though scanning a horizon.

"I don't see any escorts around, so we'll have to try." she said with a pair of giggles. "I'll begin hooking in and configuring the Thinking Engine, if that's the plan?" and NOW, the pair turned to Zeti. All the conversation in the world was nice, but this wasn't Mel's command.

"It's not how I'd do it," Zeti crossed her arms over her chest and looked between Mel and Kah'Chek for a long quiet moment before a half smile crossed her lips. "But I think it'll work. Make it so."

Mel gave a pair of nods before walking over to one of the terminals and logging in to her station remotely. From there, she logged into another screen, and then another. After that final login, the screen flashed through a kaleidoscope of colors before settling on a black screen with what looked like random line streaks crossing through it. Projection calculations.

"Tee Eee Thirty Seventy Five?" she addressed the screen, and there was a flicker. Then text appeared on the screen.
:: Citizen Torma, it is beneficial to see you again. Are you and the crew of the ship well? ::

She gave the screen a smile. Thinking Engines were such an integrated part of Dalacari life at this point. One form looked over at Zeti and Kah'Chek, and motioned them to join her. "We're all well, thank you for your consideration. I'd like to give you a new project."

:: This unit is ready. ::

"I'm going to be giving you access to the diagnostic section of the computer, as well as a feed from the Engineering section concerning power feeds and ignition ratios. Your project..."

"... will be to monitor all aspects of the process to cold-start the Gladiator and report any errors or dangerous scenarios with as much advance warning as possible."

There was a brief pause. :: This unit is ready. Will this project be this unit's sole concern? ::

"For the moment, yes. Allocate according." she replied. It's like they spoke a different language, really. Expectation and delivery, concern and solution. "This is Commander Zeti. She's the head of the Engineering department and will be the head of this..."

"... project. Please recognize her authority as you would my own."

:: Compliance. Good welcome, Commander Zeti. This unit looks forward to the successful completion of the project. ::

"I'm currently in command of the Gladiator with Lieutenant Torma as the acting XO," Zeti said to the computer. Specialist Kah'Chek is the acting Chief Engineer," Zeti explained, the correct personnel in place could make all the difference in the world. "I'd like to to calculate a repair schedule with a top priority list."

:: Acknowledged. Commander Zeti listed as Commander. Specialist Kah'Chek listed as Primary Engineer. ::

Mel actually seemed rather proud that things were running smooth. The Engine's display terminal flashed a few series of colors and lines across the screen in a quick flash or six, before the terminal returned to its previous display. The entire projection calculation took perhaps twelve, maybe fifteen seconds.

:: Preliminary calculations established. Adjustments will be prepared on an as needed basis. Displaying calculated projection for optimal order of repair schedules, as per Commander's specifications and requirements. ::

With that, the display showed the systems that it calculated were the highest priority of repair, and listed down in order of importance. Every system was listed, even things such as sanitation and structural upkeep.

Zeti took a long look over the list, it wasn't exactly how she would have done it but it also made sense and she wasn't here to bark orders and make everyone do it her way. She had a crew to trust and rely on. "It's a good list, nice work Mel."

Kah'Chek whislted as the computer brought the data to life. "I like this..." He was apprenensive about being field promoted to Chief Engineer, but with the 'thinking machine' they might have a chance.

Mel gave Kah'Chek a pair of nods, "Thank you." she started. "The Thinking Engine is one of the cornerstones of Dalacari society. It's perhaps one of our most important discoveries and inventions since the ..."

"... construction of the first superluminal engine." and then the pair gave a smile, each. "There's an Engine of some complexity or another on every Dalacari craft. From the smallest little shuttle to..."

"... the largest fleet flagships."

"As much as I'd love to stand here and talk about Dalacari engineering, we have a lot of work that needs to get done. I want updates every hour Chief, anything you need you make sure Lieutenant Torma knows and she'll get it for you," Zeti folded her arms behind her back. "Anything else?"

Kah'Chek did his best approximation of a nod and turned back to the computers he was working on. They did have a lot of work to do.

"I'll take that as a no," Zeti smirked slightly.


Lieutenant Commander Halen Zeti
Chief Engineering Office
USS Gladiator-A

Lieutenant JG Mel Torma
Science Officer
USS Gladiator-A


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