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Memory of a Good Chat

Posted on Wed Nov 28th, 2018 @ 8:17am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Ready Room - U.S.S. Resolute
Timeline: BACK POST

/// ON ///

After getting off the turbolift, David looked around as he watched the normal life style as the crew were settling into their new positions on the Resolute. Deep down, he knew all of them wanted to be on the Gladiator as he did, but this was something that could easily be overseen for now. He thought about all of the things going on as he walked into the ready room and stopped as he looked at the woman before him. "Well, you seem to have made yourself comfortable. Everything good?"

Mercia shifted, and put her feet up on the desk, "I can't complain. We're on a functional ship, my daughter is on the schedule for being woken up soon, my back is feeling much better. Other than being lost in time, life is improving." she said. "And you? How are you holding up?"

"It's weird to take 'Admiral' Stele's quarters. I mean, it was clean and like new but still, it had that feeling of a ghost being there," David stated as he walked up to the table and took one of the steaming cups of coffee before flopping down in an opposite chair and relaxed. "Should still have the rest of the crew defrosted soon. The Resolute isn't bad at all. Its not the Gladiator but it will do."

"Its smaller, but just big enough to handle whats left of us, and has enough of a punch to keep us safe until we figure out how to get home." Mercia said. "I'd offer to give up my quarters and crash on the couch in here, but i'm not single any more, and I need to be able to have my sister and daughter secured. We'll be pretty tight as it is." she sighed. "I have sent a message around asking any one who isn't senior staff and doesn't have family on ice scheduled to wake up to consider sharing quarters."

"You are the XO, shouldn't be a problem. Plus there are only a little over what... a hundred of us as a total?" He countered as he rose his eye brow before he leaned back and stretched his back.

"Just enough to need a little sharing." she said. She eyed him as he stretched, "Don't take that for granted. That was one of the worst things about my back being broken. I constantly felt the need to stretch and yet I couldn't!"

"Oh I don't plan on it," David smirked as he looked across the table. "So how is your implant holding up?"

"Not at all since the doc healed me up." she smirked. "I'm just glad to know if the repair fails we can reactivate the implant at a moments notice." she said. "Its been nice to walk, run, and do... other things. freely."

"I will miss calling ya professor X, though." He smirked simply.

"I never did research what in the world that meant?" she said softly. "I am not smart enough to teach, in fact most of the time my dearest friends spend a lot of time reminding me of my foolishness."

"I guess I didnt know I wasn't a dear friend. I dont typically try to do such a thing. But it is what it is."

Mercia dropped her feet off the desk and leaned forward, giving him a classic Mercia inquisitive look mixed with a smirk. "See... now I'm starting to think I woke up in another dimension. Maybe you didn't call me an idiot, but you've acted as if you believed it plenty of times. Hell you confined me to quarters for standing up to you and call YOU an idiot, then tried to talk me into transferring, despite t he fact you knew I'd end up crashing and burning and likely ending up back in prison. When did you become so soft David? Why don't you challenge me any more? Do I need to start acting like I did when you first took a chance on me and made me you XO?" she asked. "We used to be Iron on Iron... now I feel like... you're dead inside and I can't get a rise out of you. Maybe I should just punch you, so you can shoot me again and maybe you'll wake up." She said growing more worried and somber with each word that spilled out of her mouth.

"Maybe it's been the past six months for me to realize that all the damned work we did and it seems as though it was all washed away with one simple act of God, or nature or whatever," he threw an arm up as he sighed before leaning forward and looking at her. "Soft... huh... never been called that before. But I guess all this maybe true in a way. Or maybe I'm growing up?"

Mercia grinned and leaned over the desk with her arms folded under her chin, "Growing up is for the old. I'm not ready to be old, and i'm not ready for you to be old. Part of the reason we get along so well is because you were brash and challenging."

This made Hawkins chuckle as he nodded thinking deep down how he missed these moments. "Maybe it's just been how we haven't had you around that I have been missing."

"awww are you saying I'm part of the spice and spirit of your life?" she teased before she clucked her tongue at him. "SO sappy Davy." she teased but deep down she was touched. She missed the spark in him deeply, and the absence of the depth of their former bond had been depressing. Just a hint of it back would make life that much better. "still... I'm not challenging you enough. Maybe another surprise hike on a backwards moon? A secrete fight with a Naisiccan? Get arrested for punching a diplomat... Or maybe I'll just aye sir you on the bridge..." she laughed knowing how much he hated that. Her old exploits had certainly challenged him before. Maybe they both needed a bit of it again.

"Oh shut up," David chuckled as he shook his head. "You know damn well that you cant get me to go on a hike... but a good fight with a Naisiccan would be fun. Maybe we need to do that some time."

Mercia grinned, "Well we find one I'll make sure to pick a fight..." she laughed.



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