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Posted on Fri Aug 31st, 2018 @ 4:22am by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins] & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Tessa Byrnes & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Lieutenant JG Caleb Jennsen & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D. & Lieutenant JG Shara Dasu

Mission: Whispers of the Past
Location: Shuttle 'USS Dripping Springs' / Unknown Vehicle // U.S.S. Resolute-

/// ON ///

Sitting in the co-pilot's seat, John looked over his pistol and thought to himself as the shuttle hummed its impulse and thrusters at Lieutenant Byrnes' commands. He was impressed at her skills and other things... to say the least. He looked up from his weapon and saw the starship before them. "Looks like a modified civilian cargo ship, Federation technology, but its got to be seventy or eighty years old."

Kavi placed her hand against the bulkhead and leaned forward, hand on her own weapon. "I wouldn't mind running a ship like that one day." she said tipping her head. "Lets give it a fresh scan... signs for weapons scaring, life signs... any signals." she said. "Atmosphere, and power?" she asked.

"It's just dead in space. There are signs of weapons fire, but the weapons fire is showing decay. We would need the Resolute's scanners to check in more details. Other than that, the starship is operational and is powered down. No life signs though," John spoke up from the co-pilots seat.

Xander, perched at the small medical terminal on the shuttle. His job was to ensure the health and wellbeing of the crew, so closely monitored the Federation ships' atmosphere. " It appears life support is still intact. Oxygen and Nitrogen readings are at sufficient levels. Inertial Dampeners are a little below safe levels though, Commander - luckily I brought some space sickness inocculations." He gazed over at the front window of the shuttle as the Federation ship drew closer. The outer hull caught the reflection of a nearby star and seemed to shimmer. "Despite it's age. It's kept well."

Tessa was concentrating on her job in the pilot's seat of USS Dripping Springs, one of the shuttles that she had renamed in the ship's registry after finding no one had bothered, and wasn't paying as much attention to what was going on around her. There was a fair bit of debris and she was sort of glad that the shuttle had some really good inertial dampeners, because Tess was pretty sure her boss would have not been leaning.

"Aye, it is a nice little one. We have a copy of a similar one in the holodeck database, Commander. Hold on tight there, this might be a bit sharp."

Adjusting the pitch and yaw settings, she sent the shuttle up over a bigger chunk and then diving down tight to curve under and around until they were lined up.

Tessa could see that the landing bay was partially open but it should be possible to squeeze through at an angle. "I can do it but it may not be the most textbook."

With that, the shuttle did a sharp left turn away from landing bay and then a corkscrew turn before dodging around a small asteroid. The nose slid sideways and lined up with the landing bay as the shuttle rocketed towards it. Slamming the thrusters on, Tessa made the shuttle pivot and up so it was coming in sideways on a trajectory that let it pass through the opening when she pulled up.

The moment they were passed the entrance, Tess blasted the thruster brakes on hard and came to rest with just a few inches of air gap between the far wall & a nice little scorch mark on the wall.

Once the shuttle was inside, Tessa let out a "Yeehah!" before adjusting the thrusters to move away from the wall and landing the shuttle on the deck with barely any bump at all.

"Okay, we are down on deck now, Commander. Y'all can get out when you want."

"Ain't she such a delight!" John smirked as he winked at the pilot officer before assisting with the engine shutdowns before activating the hatch to open. As the hissing of the hatch started, he stood and tapped his wrist scanner to bring it online.

Shara arched one of her brows, as the hatch to the ship started to open. Before standing, she checked the phaser on her hip, followed by her engineering kit. When the air from the ship finally hit her nose, she made a face and her hand instinctively went for her weapon. "Something's wrong, the air smells like death."

Mercia flipped open her tricorder as she stepped out on to the deck. Instantly a pit formed in her stomach. "It does... but peculiar...." she said. "Stick close, I'm sure the med kits have smell dampeners if you need one." she said.

Xander swiftly marched up behind Merica and Shara, injecting them each with a dose of something to prevent them from the effects of the low levels of dampeners. "Sorry to take you by surprise." He smiled, noticing the two female officers were not too impressed.

Tessa locked down the shuttle's controls as the others got ready and grabbed her gear, strapping on her lasso on one side and her phaser on the other.

"Tessa?" Xander grinned at her, waving his hypospray from side to side in his hand.

Tessa tilted her head, "You do know that waving things around at Texans is likely to get you with an ass whooping, right?" Grinning a moment later, Tessa pulled back her left arm sleeve, "Joking. Seriously I don't need it but if you want, left arm is best rather than tushy or my fake one."

Xander laughed to himself as he drew the hyprospray closer to Tessa's arm and pressed his thumb into the nozzle, a small hissing sound emanating from it, as the gasses passed into her bloodstream.

The group moved forward running through the shuttle bay and in to the halls, "At least the power is holding up enough." Mercia commented as she glanced back at the force field holding the air in. "Lets start with the cargo bays and work our way up." she said knowing they'd be close by.

Tessa tapped commands on the exterior door panel of the shuttle and waited for it to lock. That would stop anyone hiding from nicking their transport.

Hayter took lead as he walked out with his assault rifle risen to scan the area with the attached flashlight. The dimly lit shuttle wasn't large only carrying a small secondary shuttle. More than likely used for last minute reasons. In the extra space, there were cargo pallets and cargo containers. He pondered at the sight for a moment before waving at the first officer.

Mercia paused in front of the first cargo bay door and popped the panel, "Looks like some heafty security, Can you do any thing for me?" she asked looking at their engineer.

"Zeti is a good teacher," Shara popped open her engineering kit after she'd set it on the ground and pulled out a couple of tools. "Give me a few minutes..."

When the doors popped open the stench of death became stronger than ever. Mercia blinked a few times before her eyes focused in to the dark room. She pulled out the flashlight from her utility belt and shined it forward as she stepped in to the cargo bay. She nearly dropped it when she saw what laid before her.

Bodies, laid out particularly, with not a drop of blood on the ground, however on the back wall there was a symbol, painted in blood. A large circle, with an x through it and a wife V over the top. "No.... No no no no no...."

"What the hell?!" Xander exclaimed under his breath, holding his phaser down by his waist in awe. Being a Doctor, he was used to the smell and stench of various bodily ailments but this was beyond anything he had ever witnessed in his entire medical career.

Tessa brought her phaser up and instinctively, her other hand went to her lasso. Since she was just the pilot, she moved up close to check but readied herself in case anything bad was gonna happen, "That's some serious creepy we've gotten ourselves dragged into. Makes me wish that I brought Billy Bob. Anyone reading life signs?"

"Ease up, cowgirl," Hayter spoke up as he walked over to the bodies. "Oh shit... Commander... This is the same as..."

Mercia looked over at Hayter, "It is." she said. She tapped her comm badge, "Kavi to Resolute. Captain... I know why there was a distress call sent out." she started.

--- Back on Resolute ---

David walked out of the ready room with Winchester in his shadows till they split off in their own directions. "Resolute here, go ahead," David called out as he took his seat in the central chair.

Theo was getting used to his new position at tactical. It felt far better to have his finger on the trigger as it were. Not really knowing much of what to do right at this moment though, he listened in as Hawkins answered the hail.

Mercia took a deep breath, "David... its the Trinity." she said.

"Are you sure?" the captain in civilian attire questioned as he raised and eye brow.

"The symbol, the bodies, the lack of blood..." she said. "The Trinity is back."

"Trinity sir?" He asked curiously from his position off Hawkins right shoulder...

"Red Alert, activate long range scanners," Captain called out in a demanding rear just before the automation kicked in at his call, dropping the lights and yellow klaxons transitioned to red. He looked over at Theo and started to explain. "The trinity were a group of religious fanatics that were highly xenophobic. They stumbled upon an ancient device that was created by a very highly advanced species. They believed that if they collected enough blood of several species, they could wipe them out of existence. But it was destroyed before they got the chance to do anything."

Theo's actions were swift and to the point. While he listened to Hawkins explanation about the trinity, he was actively sweeping with the scanners while at the same time bringing the weapons online and checking their status. "Scanning now sir, not detecting anything....wait a minute..." He said as he worked on his console. "Sensors are picking up a small possible scout vessel about half a light year from the freighter, just...loitering sir.."

Jenssen had just arrived on the bridge when the red alert order was given. "Captain, request permission to take the fighters to investigate." The pilot asked hearing the report of the scout ship.

"Granted. Scrabble the three fighters and keep us updated but do not engage unless engaged upon. Communicate through the scout probes. We stay in stealth mode unless needed. We still dont know if there are anyone out there just yet," David nodded as he looked at their fighter pilot.

With the go ahead the pilot headed to the shuttle bay. The bay was cramped, with the three fighters in very tight formation on the hanger deck. The other pilots that made up the temporary Resolute aerospace group were already in their cockpits.

=/\= Blue leader to Resolute, ETA to target 12 minutes. =/\=

"This is the Resolute," Hawkins responded as he took in a deep breath before exhaling. "Keep us updated."


Mercia shined her light around, trying to recover from the gruesome scene before her, one she'd encountered several times before, each just has horrific. She looked to the right and frowned. "There's a difference.' she said. "I've got seven adult males, all human...." she said as she looked over the heads of each of them. "They look like they were lined up in a straight line." she glanced at the doctor, "Am I seeing this right? All of them have a fatal wound to the back of the right leg...?"

Xander looked down at his tricorder, trying to interpret the data that was being sent back to him. "As far as I can tell Commander. I'm not picking up any residual phaser or plasma energy, so I have no idea how it happened. Whatever it is, it was barbaric!" A look of disgust quickly emanated from Xander's face.

"That's not weird or anything..." Hayter remarked as he shook his thoughts and looked over the flickering controls.

"More like, let's beam back to the Resolute and get the hell out of here," Shara said, frowning.

Tessa chimed in, looking concerned at the engineer who must have been really rattled, "Lieutenant, are you okay? We flew over, not beamed over. The shuttle is ready when the Commander okays it."

"Beaming is the fastest way back," The engineer shook her head. "I wasn't on any of the away missions when we encountered this group the first time around, but I read the reports. I'd say I'm not ok."

Tessa swore in a very un-ladylike manner before continuing, "No *BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP* way am I leaving the shuttle behind. You can run back by transporter if you want."

For a moment Shara's irritation overrode her fear, "It's a shuttle, I can build you a brand new one in about a week."

"Geez, you two are trained specialists from the leading quadrants military organization and this is how you respond?" John curled up his nose and shook his head. "Suck it up and gather what we can. Its Kavi's call. Doc, what else ya got?"

Tessa ignored the Marine butting in and spoke, "Lieutenant, we do not waste resources when we are in an unknown situation with a possible threat. So zip it - unless the Commander says transporters, end of discussion. Lieutenant Colonel, I can handle this. You just keep us alive."

Shara didn't say the first thing that came to her mind, they were in an intense situation and bickering wasn't going to help them. "Lives are more important than machines and that's coming from an engineer."

Kavi turned towards the pilot. "HEY! The Lt Colonel, Lieutenant out ranks you, so how about you show respect. Not to mention we're surrounded by the dead, have some respect for them. Shara is right, lives trump machines, however, Shara, we're not going to tuck tail and run. We need to gather the ships logs, Shara get on that, also ensure we have a route for beaming, which means lowering the shields on this ship. Just in case we need it. Tessa, you get me the navigation and sensor records, see if you can set this boat to auto pilot back to the nebula, might be handy to strip for parts or use. Hayter, we're on supply duty. Weapons, power sources, anything we might be able to trade or use in an emergency situation. Is that clear?" she snapped.

"I THINK EVERYONE JUST NEEDS TO CALM DOWN!!" Xander shouted, slightly breaking away from rank and protocol, but felt it was necessary. As the most senior Medical Officer within the Away Team, it was his role to ensure the welfare of the entire team. Psychologically as well as physically. "There is nothing to suggest from my scans that any of us are in danger. No parasite, no contaminants, no contagious diseases. Whatever happened was carried out by someone else, however primitive." Xander turned to Mercia. "Commander, I suggest I take a couple of the bodies back to sickbay so I can run an autopsy with Dr Percival. Between the two of us we may be able to come up with something more conclusive."


Jennsen's fighter was taking the lead as the trio closed on the suspect scout ship, they had been relying on passive scans only on their approach as the craft seemed almost inactive. =/\= "Minimal energy signatures, either she's inactive or more likely in some sort of silent running mode."=/\= Said one of the pilots.

=/\= "Agreed, I'm switching to active scans let's see what they do." =/\= Jennsen replied as he hit a control and began high powered scans of the vessel.

A moment later the ships energy readings jumped, =/\= "It's powering up engines, looks like she's getting ready to run." =/\= He tapped a control and switched to the encrypted burst transmittion through the scout probe. =/\= "Blue leader to Resolute, target vessel is preparing to run. Orders. " =/\=

Theo listened carefully to Jennsen's report and quickly but quietly locked all phasers and torpedoes onto the scout ship. If it was going to run, he'd make sure it couldn't get away and if told by Hawkins to disable, wreck or destroy the ship, he was more than ready to do so...

"Take out her engines and weapons. We are on our way," David called out as he nodded at the helm officer. "Away team, finish up your scans and get back to the shuttle. The fighters have picked up another ship. Catch up to us."

=/\=" Copy that, engaging now." =/\= Jenssen replied before ordering the flight into attack formation.

The view of the ship the away team were on moved off as the ship shifted and thruster forward. The dark lighting indicating stealth mode changed slightly and the ships sensors came to life. What felt like forever were only minutes as they came in range of the fighters and their prey.

"Sir, we are in range of the fighters and ship," the helm officer called out allowing for Hawkins to feel relieved.

A couple audible clicks were heard from the tactical station. "Weapons locked sir, permission to fire?" Theo asked as his finger hovered over the fire button...

"Help them out, but watch out for our fighters," the captain called out as he watched it all unfold before him.

"Yessir.." Theo said with a hint of a chuckle on his voice. At that moment, both dorsal and ventral phaser strips, as well as the ventral phaser strip on the hull began charging and firing in rapid succession at the engines of the scout ship. Theo almost launched a spread of 6 torpedoes also but restrained himself as he saw the power of the scout ships shields fading quickly. "Enemy shields down to 25 Percent sir....15...5.." When the phaser shots broke through the shields, they made quick work of the engines of the scout ship, leaving it disabled and floating helplessly...

When the help of the Resolute the fighters disabled the scout ship. =/\= "Blue Leader to Resolute, we've got a lock on her power systems if she tries anything but it looks like her comms were damaged in the fight, you may not be able to raise her." =/\=

=^= Copy that. We will lock on with a tractor beam but keep weapons lock until we have transported the occupants aboard,=^= David ordered as he sat in his chair and took in a deep breath. =^= Away team, this is Resolute, finish up and head back. We have some work to do... Good work people.=^=

~~~ fin ~~~

Gladiator Crew


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