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Welcome back to the real world

Posted on Mon Aug 6th, 2018 @ 3:17pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Caleb Jennsen & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D.

Mission: Whispers of the Past
Location: Cargo Bay 2 - U.S.S. Resolute

/// ON ///

With the Resolute holding the majority of the crew of on board, David only authorized a hand full of engineering and security staff left on the Gladiator to get her space worthy once again. Slowly, medical was finally waking people up out of the cryo's and getting people caught up was the supervisions part of all this. With only a hand full of the cryo pods and personal safe and sound, Hawkins had ordered to have the crew awaken a few at a time to make sure they were all cleared properly and fairly. It was now their responsibility, once again, to awake another.

As Hawkins, Kavi and Bori walked into the Resolute 's cargo bay, the captain took a sip of coffee as he looked around the room at the powered cargo bay and remembered at how they had to deal with power issues or lack there of. But with the fully powered starship, he was happy to see the rest of the crew finally coming back out. Now the Gladiator...

"So doc, how do you like the Resolute, thus far?" the captain as he looked at the doctor.

"It's a nice Ship." Xander smirked at his Captain. "To be honest, after almost having to resort to treating cuts with Leeches, a 2100 Constitution Class would have been Just as good!" He laughed at his own terrible joke, before composing himself. "It's an awesome Ship, Captain. Just what we needed."

"Yeah, we did need this. I would have to agree with your logic there. Alright Doc, time to wake up the pilot if you don't mind," Hawkins requested as the three stepped up to the cryo in question.

"Yes, Captain." Xander pulled out his medical tricorder attached to his utility belt amongst a few other emergency medical apparatus. The positive beeping sounds from the device was a good sign. "All lifesigns, however weak are stable." Xander swiftly tapped the Command Codes into the panel on the stasis tube, but he was met with resistance. "Looks like the control panel has fused. I'll have to get the computer to override it. Are all the Command Codes updated yet, sir?"

David paused for a moment as he looked at Kavi, who nodded with a facial expression of 'duh' . He smirked slightly as he needed. "Yup, they are updated as requested by all senior staff members.

"Computer." Xander said, with direction and assertiveness. The computer signalled a small melody to notify that it was ready to accept an order. "Begin reverse cryogenic stasis procedure on Cryogenic Pod 324-Beta. Authorisation Bori-Six-Three-Four-Delta."

The computer chirped again to accept Xander's command codes. "Reverse Cryogenic Stasis Procedure in progress." The robotic voice of the computer echoed throughout the cargo bay. The cryo-pod began to glow a shade of red, gently heating up Jennsen's static body. A few moments and the pod opened, residule gasses escaping, showering him in a field of mist.

Caleb felt groggy with a headache halfway between a hangover and studying for his exobiology final at the academy. He blinked several times trying to force his eyes to focus normally, "What's our croaked." He croaked out with a bad case of cotton mouth.

Before the man, the three stood there in civilian attire with their Starfleet badges on their shirt or coats. David backed up for a second before finally pulling out the water bottle he had brought for the man. "What's our croaked? How about ya take a minute to focus and take a drink. Doc, how is he after the extended cryo sleep?"

Caleb accepted the bottle and downed most of it in the first few gulps. The headache was starting to subside and as he looked around the cargo bay filled with stasis tubes, it was eerily similar to when the cargo bay on the Indomitable had been lined with caskets, except these didn't have Federation flags draped over them.

Xander ran his final tricorder scan, analysing the facts and figures appearing before him on the screen. His soothing, British accent and charming beside manner took over. "He'll be absolutely fine, Sir. A bit of dehydration as expected and slight inflammation around the oesophagus but other than that. Everything is looking good."

"So, what exactly happened, and what's our status?" The pilot replied, trying to make it sound more like a question a demand as he addressed the senior officers.

"Well, after the Gladiator had been slung into this timeline due to the Quantum Slipstream Drive issue, we found ourselves under attacks from raiders. We took a lot of damage, so we placed the skeleton crew we had on board prior to the jump into cryo stasis as these. It's been six months. We recently went back to Memphis Island and discovered that the Resolute was left to us on purpose. The Gladiator has an engineering and security team left behind repairing her to get her going once again," David admitted as he took in a deep breath before continuing. "For now, we are bringing people back as we have power on the Resolute, here versus on the Gladiator for the time being. We even have a couple fighters we were able to stuff in this intrepid class starship. Thought you would like that."

"Good, I'd like to get a CAP going to make sure we don't have any more surprises. Thank your Sir. Am I good to go?" Caleb asked turning to the Doctor.

"Welcome back to the real world." Kavi said with a bit of a smirk.



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