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Family is Everything

Posted on Wed Apr 9th, 2014 @ 9:07am by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: Khelev's Quarters
Timeline: Shortly before arriving at Kaslau

Vidar Enes
Kelly Enes

Khelev, with a moment to himself while they were on their way to Kaslau, decided it was finally time to call his family. He wasn’t looking forward to it, but they had to know, he’d been the first one scene and he wanted to get to them before word got out. With a heavy heart he sat at the desk in his office and pulled up the old freighter he grew up on and activated the subspace array. They were within range of a subspace network, meaning the call would be in real time.

Thora got the call that one of her brothers was calling and jumped at the chance to talk to them. She brought up the line in her quarters and have her older brother a toothy grin as her antenna stood straight up and started to shake with excitement. Thora was a beauty by anyone’s standards, long white hair, a curvy figure men would kill for, ice blue eyes, full lips and a pretty face.

“Khelev! It’s been too long, you need to call more often,” She said.

“Of course I do Thora,” Khelev managed a smile and his antenna stood up as well. It was good to see his sister, but it didn’t take them long to droop back down.

“What’s wrong?” Thora’s own antenna drooped as she frowned at him, a human expression that they’d learned while living on the freighter.

“My ship, the Gladiator, found the S.S. Wasp today,” Khelev said softly. “Vidar and Kelly were on that ship.”

“What do you mean were?” Thora’s antenna started to thrash about in confusion.

“They were murdered. The entire crew was,” Khelev said softly. “They bodies were drained of all their blood while they were still alive, men, women and children alike. They arranged the bodies in the cargo bay in a symbol. I’m sending it to you know.”

Thora let out a gasp, her antenna pressed back to her skull as she felt anger, “They were still alive? Who would do this!?”

“I don’t know, but when I find out you’ll be the first to know,” Khelev said. “Can you tell Mama and Poppa?”

“Of course,” Thora swallowed. “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing alright, I’ve got some good people around me that I can rely on. Vanora, the chief Ops officer has helped with a lot of it,” Khelev explained.

“That sounds like a female name but not an Andorian one,” Thora gave him a look.

“It is female and no she’s not andorian, she’s half human and half elasian, ” Khelev said. “Don’t tell Mother.”

“Of course not! What are Elasians?” Thora asked.

“They look similar to humans but if they cry their tears have a chemical effect on men that make them romantically infatuated and rather enthralled with the woman that infects them,” Khelev explained. “They’re a warrior race, much like ours but female dominated.”

Thora smirked at Khelev, “So you mean to tell me she has extra power over men? Mine is rather enthralled with me and I don’t need any special tears to make him do what I want.”

“I do what I want!” Thora’s husband could be heard in the background. “I am Brishaa ch'Sene!”

“Brishaa, would you go and fetch me some tea?” Thora asked him.

“Of course, what do you want?”

Khelev couldn’t help but laugh at that, “Tell Thenti and Oral that uncle Khelev loved them very much and that he hopes to see them soon.”

“Of course,” Thora nodded. “If you ever need to talk, call me anytime my brother.”

“I will,” Khelev said, before switching off the monitor and sighing heavily.

After a couple of moments to recover he called up Hryni. His younger brother, and current Chief of Security on the USS Valor, a Prometheus class ship, appeared on screen and nodded the Khelev.

“Ah you out rank me now brother,” Hryni smiled. “It’s good to see you again.”

“Good to see you Hryni,” Khelev nodded. “But I call with grave news, the Gladiator found the S.S. Wasp a few days ago.”

“That’s Vidar’s ship, I just spoke with him a few days ago,” Hryni replied. “What’s wrong?”

“They were all dead,” Khelev said it again, as if saying it this time made it more final. “Some cult drained their blood while they were still alive and didn’t leave a single soul.”

“What!?” Hryni’s antenna pressed back against his skull. “They even killed the children?”

“Yes, no one made it out alive,” Khelev replied, his fingers moving over the computer commands. “They’d arranged the bodies into a symbol in the cargo bay. We still don’t know who did this. I’m sending it to you now. Ever see anything like it?”

Hryni shook his head once the image came up, thankfully was a drawing and not the bodies themselves. “No, I have not. Vidar was a close friend.”

“He was, watch yourself Hryni. I’ve already spoke to Thora,” Khelev told him.

“Good. When the time comes, and you find them, call me. We will join you,” Hryni said resolutely. “The Captain of the Valor is Andorian. He will understand.”

“I will tell my Captain to call him,” Khelev said with a nod. “We will find them and destroy them.”

“I’ll keep my kal’hris sharp,” Hryni said with a growl.

“A good Andorian always keeps his kal’hris sharp,” Khelev replied. “Give my regards to Dalas.”

“I will, good day brother,” The screen went blank again.

Khelev rose from where he was sitting and grabbed one of the bottles from his liquor cabinet, after that he wanted to be alone for a little while and nurse his sorrows with some irish whiskey.



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