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A Flyboy In The NIght

Posted on Thu Sep 20th, 2018 @ 4:08pm by Lieutenant JG Caleb Jennsen & David Hawkins

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Memphis Island

Lieutenant Caleb Jennsen was eager for the transport to arrive at Memphis, the pilot had been transferred at temporarily as the USS Coronado was undergoing a heavy refit and her entire Air Wing was being reassigned and would be reconstituted when she finished.

=/\= All personnel departing at Memphis Island, please make your way to your assigned transporter rooms for disembarkation. =/\=

Caleb jumped to his feet and made his way to transporter room 2. As he materialized on the island he made his way to the command center to formally report aboard and receive his duty assignment.

Still adjusting to being back to work, despite the fact that the doctor didn't fully approve of it, David insisted and allowed for house calls at any given time for his doctor and also assured that a security and marine guard detail was reinforced around his area of administration. Still it wasn't any reason to slow down as the good news of the new star ship was a great detail and he didn't want to turn it down at all. He wanted to ensure that his staffing choices were done personally as Commander Kavi lead up on the supposed attack on himself with Emmah.

He pressed the chime on the door of the Captain.

"Enter!" David called out from the opposite side of his large office in the command Center. With such a large room, he was able to have his desk on the side where the glass wall overseeing the beauty of the island. Next to the desk were two large L shaped sections around a large coffee table. Then on the opposite side of the room was a conference table able to site up to twelve. He was definitely pampered by Admiral Grayson as only the top three officers on the island were blessed with this set up. Only the Commander of Deep Space 5 orbiting the planet had that space as well. So all in all, it was a good day.

He looked over at the door and in walked an officer sporting a pilot blue colored uniform. "What can I do for you, Lieutenant?"

He handed the PADD containing his orders to the Captain. "I've been assigned to Memphis at least temporarily." Caleb said, "The demobilized the Coronado air wing when she went in for refit."

"Right... I oversaw that refit request. The Memphis Island had the space for a whole wing of fighters," David nodded as he took the Padd from the lieutenant and pointed at the replicator right off the side of the desk. "Food or drink?"

"I'm fine thank you sir." Jennsen replied. "I noticed a lot of familiar faces on the route here. Some of senior people were promoted or needed elsewhere but most of the wing is here. Command was pretty light on the details but mentioned we'd likely be doing a lot of training."

The captain sat the Padd down and started for the replicator, already ordering what he wanted before even getting to the machine. Once he was there, the computer had already produced his order and the streaming cup of coffee was there ready for him. "Is that an issue?"

"No sir." Caleb replied, "We saw a lot of action during our last tour, it will be a nice change."

"Well the reason I ask is because the Romulans haven't had many dog fights when it came to fighters or small crafts. And in the interest of partnerships, I agreed to it, and so did Admiral Grayson," David explained as he returned to the desk and sat down behind it with his hot liquid of choice.

"I'm sure we can help our neighbors get the basics down. I had the chance to try flying a scorpion once, definitely a different design philosophy from Starfleet but not a bad little fighter." Caleb replied.

"Oh really?" David raised an eye brow as he looked at the man. "How did it handle and what would you suggest to the engineers in order to improve our designs?"

"It handles well, but it comes at the speed, the one I worked with was sublight, I know they're developing a warp capable version. It's shields were a little weak, as well." Jennsen replied.

"Sounds about like the razor class fighter. Quick, maneuverable, but moderately powered weapons and shielding. The Romulans way of countering our fighters, but still have a ways as we have multiple class fighters for different missions," spoke up remembering his days as a marine fighter pilot.

"As well, to be blunt, they're pilots have little experience, while the Remans were quite effective behind the stick, despite being known to resort to kamikaze runs Romulan line officer are typically inexperience, the pilots we were working with had fighter duties as a secondary assignment and typically logged less then 50 hours a months." Caleb added.

"Well they aren't know for being as confrontational when it comes to fighting. Don't get me wrong, they are skilled when it comes to their ship to ship battle tactics, but fifty hours of flight time is sad but not a surprise," the captain smirked slightly as he thought it all through. "So are you ready to command your own wing of fighter pilots, Lieutenant?"

The Lieutenant froze for a split second. "I wasn't aware I would be commanding a wing, Sir." He replied, he had commanded a squadron aboard the Coronado and assume he would be continuing in that role. Even his tour as a Squadron commander had be surprising as typically they were at least Lieutenant Commanders. "I am ready though sir. Will we be based out of Memphis permanently or will we be reassigned to a ship?"

"I'm glad you feel you can handle that kind of responsibility. You won't be taking on an entire wing just yet," Hawkins stated kind of feeling slightly bad that he got the man's hopes up. "Just like everyone else, they need to learn to lead more in scales. Your next assignment will take on a Group made up of two squadrons temporarily stationed out of Memphis Island for the time being. Once we get our new starship here, you and your fighter group will be assigned to the new ship under my command. Do well and I will make sure you are a fast track to commanding a wing of your own, or if you chose, a carrier ship of fighters if that's your true goal."

"Thank you sir, I look forward to the challenge." The pilot replied.

"I hope so," David countered as he looked the man over. "But what makes you think you can handle it, and how are you going to run your department?"

"Respectfully sir, If you didn't think I could handle the challenge I don't think you would have offered me the position." Jenssen started, "I placed in the top 5% at the academy, three years aboard the Indomitable as a pilot and flight leader. I took over a lot of the squadron admin work during the time so I know the amount of paperwork that goes with senior posting, an unfortunate part of the job as I'm sure you'd agree. I was then posted at MAS Vulcan for two years as a flight instructor, so I'm use to training both fresh nuggets and also experienced officers. With my last posting aboard the Coronado as a Squadron command posting. It is the requirement of a fighter group to be ready to undertake whatever mission the CO assigns them, as such I believe in a rather heavy training schedule when on deployment. I know the air group is needed in every mission but we will be ready if we are. Tactically I believe in giving flight leaders the order of what to get done, and allowing them to get it done. When you have a CAG that start to micromanage their head isn't in the game anymore and that's when people get killed."

"You are correct, Lieutenant, I wouldn't have chosen you if I didn't think you could have handled it. I wouldn't have even wasted my time to even have you here," the captain noted and spoke quite frank about it. "You sound that you are going to be able to pick up on things quite well."

"Yes Sir." The Lieutenant said with a nod.

David stood up and straightened his uniform. "First order of business, get your fighters and your pilots to Memphis Island Hanger Bay. I want you to train with our Chief helm, Lieutenant Tessa Byrnes. She is a hell of a pilot, but likes flying the big birds of the fleet. Nonetheless, she has been working with all types of pilot training. Get spun up with her. Once you all are ready and I'm cleared of my medical check ups... I'll test all of your pilot's skills... It's been a while since I have been in a fighter."

"Very good sir." He said rising to his feet. "Is there anything else you need from me right now Sir?"

"Get settled into your condo, and report to the Memphis Island Flight Control Central. Welcome to Memphis Island."

/// OFF ///

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


Lieutenant JG Caleb Jennsen
Wing Commander
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


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