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Zeti investigation

Posted on Thu Oct 11th, 2018 @ 8:11pm by Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins] & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Conference Room 7, Command Center, Memphis Island

/// ON ///

Mercia sat down at he conference table sipping her coffee. She sighed needing more coffee already before her first cup was even done. She glanced at as the other members of the investigation team arrived. "Morning.... Ready for another day of beating our heads in to the table?"

A long sigh escaped John's lips as he sat down at the table as well. "At least we have consistency. Can't really complain about that," he muttered as he finally leaned back and rubbed his eye lids.

"The only reason she's a suspect is because she could have done this, but she's got no motive. She's thrived working for David for the last two years," Khelev grumbled, hating that he was questioning her. She was family to him and that would be of the highest of betrayals.

Halan Zeti straightened her uniform just outside the door, she'd not opted for a representative because she was reasonably sure she could convince them she was innocent. After a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and stepped through the doorway.

"Welcome, Commander Halan," the colonel spoke up first as he fought the temptation to snap something unprofessional and witty at her. All this serious questioning of their fellow crew mates made things harder and harder on them all, but the fact that he had to be serious was eating himself up inside.

Mercia nodded to the woman before she looked over at Khelev. She knew this was hard for him, but there was no doubt in her mind Emmah did this, and she was going to ensure she had enough proof to get her shut down. But first they needed to talk to the crew, especially those who had the capabilities to effect Emmah's programming. People such as Halan Zeti.

"Commander Halan, thank you for coming. Lets get started. After Commander chKoro left, who was left responsible for being prepared to perform maintenance on the holo program called Emmah, and the devices which the hologram used to function?" she asked.

Zeti resisted the urge to be snarky, she wanted to blast both of them but decided not to and instead settled into a chair and looked between them. "Myself, Lieutenant Dasu and Lieutenant Tuks are the three primary engineers that have anything to do with Emmah's programming."

"Ever since we got reassigned to Memphis Island, would that also mean additional personnel would be added in the loop of maintaining the Emmah Holigram?" The marine asked simply.

"No, Khelev was trying to keep as few people looped in to her programming as possible. Besides, she was working fine and not due for a check up for another three months," Zeti shook her head. "There was no reason to share that information with them."

Mercia leaned forward, "We will be requiring all access records to Emmahs program files since her incarnation." she said. "With every name, every view, and every edit listed." she said. She gave Zeti a critical eye. "Who, among those with access to Emmah has the ability to erase records of accessing her program files?"

"I've already checked, no one has erased any records and I forwarded you those logs before I came in here. Trace amounts are always left," Zeti shook her head at Mercia. "With the bio neural network we have, nothing is ever truly erased. You'd have to have the engineering and medical knowledge to completely erase the file and kill the gel packs it had been stored in."

"Is there any one who might have those skills on the gladiator?" Mercia countered.

"Me, maybe Shara Dasu... Khelev could have. A couple of software techs that might have been able to. I can give you their names when we're done," Zeti replied. "It's a tall order to pull off."

"So who do you feel could have pulled it off and trick both you and Khelev?" John asked simply. He wasn't stupid, nor did he feel like she could have. The motives just were not there. As he looked her over, he thought of the idea of who could have even tried to.

Mercia looked over and John and nodded, "Or is it possible that Emmah was just corrupted because she got to big for herself. It isn't as if history isn't riddled with AI's taking matters in their own hands out of natural evolution and lack of ability to feel emotion."

"Still on that 'she is guilty' phase, aren't ya?" John muttered as he shook his head and leaned back.

"If she'd naturally gone crazy it would would be obvious, the degradation would be easily detectable by most holo technicians," Zeti replied, giving Mercia a slight look with her dark brown eyes. "Those AIs were different and there are plenty of examples of them not going crazy. The Doctor from Voyager, Data and James Moriarty both from the Enterprise."

"Emmah strives to be like the Doctor from Voyager." Mercia said, "However she is different, What if it is not a degregation? But rater an evolution?"

"May have a point there," John nodded, finally seeing something that he could get on board with when it came to what the Commander had to say. Plus it wasn't filled with anger or hatred for the hologram. It was a change of pace for once.

"Evolved into a murderer?" Zeti shrugged her shoulders. "It's possible, but she has the EMH knowledge. I'd think her attack would have been more sophisticated. Even if it wasn't, I'd think she'd have made sure Hawkins died."

With this answer, John leaned back and agreed mentally, but knew that this was only the beginning and it would take more than just a couple people agreeing to this thought to prove to Commander Kavi that it wasn't Emmah. But on the other hand, the marine could have simply seen it as the holograms way of throwing them off her scent."

"Reasonable. Its also come to our attention that Emmah's back up emitter is missing. We will need to trace it." Mercia said laying her hands flat. "Let me know when if you can figure it out." she said standing up and nodding at the trio of people around the table.

"You heard the lady," John shrugged as he waved at her. "Guess you are clear to head out. Good luck!"

... Scene fades ...

/// OFF ///

Commander Mercia Kavi
Executive Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


Commander Khelev ch'Koro
Chief Task Force Engineer


Lt. Colonel John Hayter
Task Force Marine Commander


Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Chief Engineering Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


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