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Whitlock investigation

Posted on Thu Oct 11th, 2018 @ 8:08pm by Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins] & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Conference Room 7, Command Center, Memphis Island

/// ON ///

Lydia sipped her water as she reviewed the information on the PADD before her. This was going to be a complicated investigation, and truth be told, she wasn't sure she understood all the elements. She was, however, eager to help.

Mercia strolled in to the room, "Lydia." she said nodding to her as Khelev and Hayter followed her in to the room. "Thank you for coming. As you knew we are trying to understand what happened to Captain Hawkins. I'd like to start out with a run through of your day, on the day of the attack." she said getting right down to business.

Khelev nodded to Lydia as she walked in, but was quiet. He was listening, using his antenna to pick up on anything they might not be saying. He didn't think the counselor would have had the capability, without the means to reprogram Emmah, she was low on his list of suspects.

Lydia nodded and greetings to both of the new arrivals. "I understand. I spent much of that day working," she answered matter-of-factly.

"Working on?" John asked as he sat his Padd down, crossed his arms over his chest , and leaned back in his chair simply.

Lydia would have thought the answer obvious, but she acknowledged he wouldn't necessarily know all of the details. "Session notes, scheduling sessions, helping out in the medical facilities, providing supervision to the junior counselors… Work like that."

"Who all did you speak to that day? We dont need to know details of what was conversed unless we feel it is relevant to this investigation," John spoke as he looked the woman over to see if she seemed off.

"I can give you a list of the people I saw," Lydia answered calmly. As she recalled, most of the people she had spoken to you professionally that day were Starfleet officers who would know the fact they were being seen for counseling wasn't privileged information in this case. "I went out for lunch and dinner and a couple of different places, the burger place for lunch, and the Mexican place for dinner."

"Anything you can remember on that day that might have been unusual?" Khelev asked her. "Anyone out of place at headquarters?"

Lydia frowned, truly concentrating on what she could recall. "I don't remember seeing anyone or anything unusual that day. Naturally, had I known what was going to happen, I might have thought to pay extra attention, but hindsight is always 20/20.The thing is, MI is always bustling with people coming and going, so even if I registered someone unusual looking, I don't think it would've raised alarm bells in me necessarily. I keep a regular schedule of counseling appointments and then I try to work in the medical facilities at least three times a week to keep my skills sharp and just to help out in the areas of medicine I love. That's usually in the areas of prenatal care and family medicine, and pregnant women and small children I wouldn't normally perceive as a threat."

A long sigh came from John as he leaned back and rubbed his temple. "Tell me about your medical experience and how you were when you patched up Captain Hawkins after the battle with the Trinity Leader Kevin?"

The sigh from John didn't escape Lydia's notice and she was trying very hard not to take it personally. She had no reason to think his impatience had anything to do with her personally, but everything to do with the general frustration of conducting an investigation of this magnitude. "My education is a bit eclectic for someone who works primarily in mental health, but as you can discern from my file, I studied psychiatry and emergency medicine at Starfleet Medical. I also have a law degree. I'm not sure what you mean by 'how I was' when I helped patch up Captain Hawkins. Are you asking about my emotional state?"

"That and your qualification at the time for medical care." Mercia added in. She glanced over at John curious as to where he was going with this.

All John did was looked at Mercia and gave her a funny facial expression before going back to looking at Lydia.

Observing the glances between the two only added to Lydia's confusion, but she searched her memory in good faith. "I'm sure I was feeling a bit stressed with all of the things on my plate at the time, but I don't remember it feeling anything unusual. As for my qualifications for medical service, in addition to forensic psychiatry, I specialized in emergency medicine."

"So tell me, you read the report stating the blunt force trauma that was dealt to Captain Hawkins. Do you feel that a simple attack like that would be the best way to take out the Captain?" John asked simply to the woman before them.

The question was even stranger than the ones that came before. "I can't say I've ever thought about how to take out the Captain, but assuming you're asking my professional opinion and not trying to determine whether I was somehow involved in the attack, your characterization of the manner of attack as 'simple' does suggest a certain judgement already." The question seemed a bit leading to Lydia, but she offered, "A simple attack planned well can be extremely effective. Is it the best way to do it? I would say that depends on the motive or motives of the offender. Does said offender simply want to attack and get away? Was the attack premeditated or not? There are any number of factors to consider."

"That seems legit. We will document this as a professional opinion," John nodded respectfully as he documented it on his padd before him before he looked at the other two before taking in a deep breath. He knew that this was only the beginning and it wasn't going the way Mercia or ch'Koro could really be interested in it going down, John was more or less interested in the truth. "Now... let's move on..."

... Scene fades ...

/// OFF ///

Commander Mercia Kavi
Executive Officer
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Commander Khelev ch'Koro
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