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The Un Vulcan

Posted on Fri Apr 18th, 2014 @ 2:46pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG L'Nivek

Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Nature Preserve Kaslau

Mercia paused to crouch down and retie her boot, she was enjoying the real air, and the sounds of nature. She'd always liked visiting such places, mostly because she rarely was able to. When she had heard about this nature reserve she just couldn't resist checking it out. She had other intentions for coming down this time, intentions for later. She smiled to herself thinking about her plans for later, and she hoped they worked out.

She stood back up and continued her climb up a fairly good sized mountain. The trail was fairly narrow here, this is where someone, or someones, would go to be alone. Mercia took a deep breath as she came to a flatter part of the trail, there were several camp sites, only a couple were in use at the moment, but she continued on, soon she heard some strange sounds. It sounded like panting with distressed voice mixed in.

Concerned Mercia turned off the trail, following the sounds. She jumped over a few boulders, with her hand wrapped around the hilt of Davids tactical knife. When she pushed passed a taller bush she stopped and took in the scene...

...and what a scene it was!

"...stupid...y'neklin...animal." L'Nivek's voice wasn't exactly -loud-, thankfully, but her curses were rather vehemenent. Those coming out of her, too, made things especially strage. She was talking to an animal, a dead animal...a very -large-, dead, animal. The heavy, wooden bow lying next to her, and the long, thin arrow jutting from the beasts' head, were testament to that. Still, this display of raw feeling was most unbecoming of her.

She wasn't just going after the beast, thankfully. Long, powerful clawmarks raked up the side of one of the thicker trees, matching the splayed claws of the six-legged, black critter. She's taking pictures of the thing, for whatever reason, and has just about finished skinning it, and with good reason: it's pelt is as black as space, svelte, and looks almost oily in its' appearance from far away.

As for L'Nivek herself, she's in strong hiking clothes: denim trousers with kahki inserts, and a shirt very similar, provided wide range of movement and moderate protection. A quiver, full of arrows, rests one upon her back, the other on her left thigh. Speaking of which, there's a bandage there, too: wrapped tight around her left calf. She's muttering and speaking to herself all the while, seemingly unaware that there's somebody watching.

Mercia blinked "Hey." she called out, recognizing L'Nivek, someone she was rather surprised to see in this sort of position, she was acting rather un Vulcan like. "are you... ok?" Mercia asked narrowing her eyes.

L'Nivek had known that there'd been another person nearby; she'd both heard them smashing through the woods, and had felt the vibrations in the dirt, but...well, Mercia was easily the second person on the list of people she did not want to have to deal with. Damnit.

She looked up, then back down, continuing to skin the animal.

"Lieutenant Kavi...yes, I am well and fine, despite the best efforts of my guest here." She gestured with the sknning knife in her hand, sending flecks of gore spattering against a nearby tree.

"I hope you haven't come just on my acount...I assure you, anything untowards between me and the new Infiltration Specialist has been...dealt with."

Mercia frowned and stepped a bit closer. This was just plain weird to her. "And just what untowards things are you referring too?" she demanded. She didn't have a lot of experience with vulcans, she normally avoided them because they annoyed the hell out of her, she was such an emotional person, someone suppressing their emotions freaked her out a bit, so seeing a vulcan like this had her nervous. "Ensign." she added in.

"I belive -my- personal actions are -my- business, don't you think?" She snapped right back, the anger clear and present in her voice. Her eyes immdiately went as wide as dinner-plates, and she paused for a moment, before formulating a more respectful response.

"I...mean...I made a report, as per usual...and it should be on the Captain's desk, for his review." She had to almost bite her tongue, to stave off a snarky comment...instead, she focused on getting the rest of the skin off of the animal.

Mercia moved around a little looking over the area, and watching the Vulcan closely. "Then why did you mention it?" she asked. She noticed the wrapping, "Are you injured?"

L'Nivek was having to move slower, now, for two reasons: one, she was distracted by the newcomer, and two, she was nearing the legs and haunches. She looked confused, for a minute, hearing Mercia's question, then shook her head. "Oh, no. Just....tradition." She yanked her pant leg down over the bandages around her ankle. That's the other oddity: despite the relative comfort, she's in long sleeves, and trousers.

"It...was troubling," she replied flatly.

Mercia crouched down curiously. "What's troubling?" she asked "And traditions?" she wondered. "What the heck is going on here L'Nivek?" she demanded.

L'Nivek looked up, giving Kavi her best death-glare. She didn't appreciate either the XO's prescience, or her tone, and it showed. "I was attempting to have some time to -myself-," she began, returning her attention to the creature, "Before I was attacked. By this." She lays the knife down, moving to the head of the beast. Standing, she put one foot on it's head, and two on the arrow, jerking it back and forth.

"It was not," she began, tugging and wiggling, "My intention to be bothered, by can imagine my surprise when I had to take care of this thing." She finally jerked the arrow out, spattering gore on her trousers. The arrowhead itself is vicious: three seperate deployed prongs, each barbed.

"Alas, it was not to be so. I had a weapon on me for just this purpose." She rolled the creature onto it's side, standing up again. "It was unfortunate...but relieving. The fresh air is doing me well. As is the...exercise." She picked up her bow, which was almost as tall as she was, and made of a deep, rich, rose-coloured wood. It seems a lot of care and love went into both it's creation, and matinence.

"While I do not approve of killing as a stress relief, the endorphin rush from victory in a life-or-death situation is...unsettlingly pleasant. It gets my mind off of some other things," she remarked, feeling oddly glib.

Mercia frowned, "Why would you bring a bow with you and a skinning knife?" she asked with concern. "This is a nature preserve, killing a creature in self defense is allowed, but it has to be reported to the preserve officials, and I don't think you're supposed to skin it." she said. "Beautiful bow, really. But that is not a defense weapon for the unexpected wildlife attack." Mercia couldn't shake the feeling the Vulcan was either lying to her, or was off her rocker. What was it that Vulcans needed every once in a while? Sex? what was it called. Por Fara? Crap, she couldn't remember.

"One, it isn't only a skinning knife. It serves more than one purpose. Two, the spilt blood and such wil keep other creatures away, according to what I read. Three, according to park officials, you need to bring back the skin if you kill something, and four, I was intending to use this for target practice." She finally removed the skin of the animal, folding it and tossing it aside. She retrieved a shovel from somewhere in her kit, too, and began digging. "Photographic evidence, too, that I've collected days that this thing came aftere, and I did try to escape before dispatching it. It, however, wanted none of it." She jerked a thumb at the massive claw marks against one of the nearby trees.

"Regardless, this bow was...a gift." She trailed off, cleaning her hand and sighing. She picked up the longbow, idly caressing the thing. There's something shimmering in her eyes, to boot! And her voice wasn't angry, or even as rock-steady as it had been earlier.

"I haven't...the use this in a long time, Kavi." She was clearly distracted, as she forgot the proper appellation.

Mercia leaned against a tree, keeping back a little. "I'm still not certain you interpreted the rules correctly, but I trust you're doing things by the book as best you know how." she said softly. She folded her arms, "Archery is fun, I do it on the holodeck all the time, you can always use the holodeck for target practice." she said. "Are you alright? You're... not very vulcan like right now, are you having Por fara? Do you need to get laid?"

" much, much more complicated than that," she began, sighing heavily. " is, alas, related to that. I..." She looked at Kavi. "...I could rather use a confidant right now, but...well. Our first meeting wasn't exactly, shall we say, 'stellar'?" She cleaned off her knife, and stuck it back into her belt. She picked up the longbow, and removed a small canister from her belt, sitting and thudding heavily against the tree.

She unstrung her bow, and began rubbing it up and down with the contents of the canister: a thin, clear paste, partially liquid, partially solid.

Mercia went places prepared, but to even bring a cleaner for her bow was ultra preparedness. Mercia arched her brows, "There are reasons for that, but that doesn't mean I can' try to be nice." she shrugged. "Although You're more likely to find understanding with the counseling team, have you talked to them? There's even a new one, from what I read she's got... erm... experience with vulcans."

"I've met with one of them," L'Nivek began, continuing her work. " was less than productive. A pat upon the back, a swat on the rear, and the usual 'best of luck' attitude. Little help, quite frankly." She slowly finished with a portion of the weapon, carefully laying it aside. A sharpening stone, this time, came from her pack, and the knife into her hand, beginning to sharpen it.

Mercia took a breath, "Yeah, I'm not a fan of shrinks either, although I think you should give another try, with the new one, see if it helps any." she said. Mercia watched the Vulcan, "Don't you people get violent and crazy when you have your por fara?" she asked using that term, since she hadn't been corrected, she assumed it was right. "I don't need to worry about you going nuts on my ship do I?"

"Pon Farr," L'Nivek began, sounding annoyed. That in and of itself was not really a good sign. "It's a complex sequence of neurochemical reactions involved in the supression and control of concious thought, and comes out, explosively, and does Bad Things," the capitals were clear in her voice, "If not taken care of."

"As it stands, you see, without a mate, I have to rely on a stimulant/depressant cocktail, combined with actions to take my mind off of it. An easy time it does not make...especially when it comes to associating with other crew."

Mercia bit her lower lip, "Ever thought about using a hologram?" she asked. "I mean... its just a need to do the deed right?" she asked.

"That is part of the treatment," L'Nivek commented, continuing to sharpen her knife. After a good minute or so, she'd place it back down, and begin re-oiling the bow. "But it is an emotional and psychological connection, you see...and if someone is vulnerable, it makes things more difficult .You, for example, are really quite easy to be around: you've a dedicated...mate, or person, what however you wish to term it. Our new Specialist, on the other hand...I nearly lost control of myself, because of how things stood there."

Mercia frowned a moment, a dedicated mate? after a moment she smiled gently. Interesting... Oh there it is again "Well I don't recommend messing around with the likes of him. I don't know if he's going to play us all or if he really is going to rehabilitate. Plus you are his handler, its not a good idea." Way to sound like a hypocrite Mercia she thought to herself. "Its just that he really is an unknown at this point, and relationships are different than just needing to have a spot of fun so you don't go crazy." she said.

L'Nivek waved a hand, frustrated: she was quite literally in tears, as she oiled down the rosewood. "I know, I know...but it doesn't work like that, not for Vulcans. We don't have -idle fun-. It's a enormous connection...and you can see," She looked away, blinking. "You can see, of course, why this makes this whole situation difficult." Thing was, despite her physical display, her voice was calm and collected: gave no inkling of her emotions...unless Mercia caught sight of her face before she turned, of course.

Mercia had never seen a vulcan cry, she wasn't sure if she should run like hell, or go hug the woman before she really fell apart. She was not a counselor, she wasn't really cut out for this and she was seriously uncomfortable. "I don't know a whole lot abou deep connections L'Nivek. I'm just learning about them myself..." she admitted. "I have no idea what step to take next, so I really can't advise you." Mercia said starting to pace a bit, agitated and feeling rather lost on how to help this woman. Maybe she should order her to report to the ship and see the new counselor now.

Clearing her throat and shaking her head, the former signs of her discomfort have disappeared: a Vulcan trick, one L'Nivek knew well. "I can...I can sympathize, Lieutenant...Ms. Kavi, if I might." She nodded at her. "It's...difficult, but it isn't something that I have not undergone before, I suppose...and not something that I will not undergo again. It is simply," she paused, flipping the bow over and working on its' other side.

"It is simply a trying time." It wasn't that simple.

Mercia chuckled, "Well... I'd say you've already got some needed skills for getting what you need." she said watching her with the bow. "Just got to find a different stick." she said.

"Look, I really don't know what to tell you, you really should be talking to the medical staff. I mean.. I don't mind trying to be friendly here, but I'm really out of my element and you're talking about stuff that is way over my head. But I'm really not comfortable leaving you alone out here, I don't think you should be. I think you should head back to the ship and finish your time off there, check in with medical and counseling. I'll tell the power that be to allot you some extra holodeck time if you need to vent, or try different things help you out. And then after you get through this round you have what... seven years to pick a mate so next time this isn't an ordeal?"

"It's seven years, yes...and if you think ordering me back is needed, Lieutenant, then I shan't fight...albeit, I'd prefer to spend out the last of my time out here, away from the familiar places onboard." She didn't get up, yet, though: still oiling that bow, caring for and cradling it.

Mercia considered for a few moments. "I see two options here... Either you return to the ship now and check in with medical and counseling today, and take the offer of extra holodeck time. Or I call someone down from the ship just to keep an eye on you. They'll keep their distance, talk only if you want... and you have four hours to check in with medical and can come back down if they clear you too." she offered. "I'm not comfortable leaving you alone. This is for your safety as much as any one elses... only if I can trust you not to elude the crewman I call down to hang about."

L'Nivek did not like this idea, really. Either of them, not one bit. But...well, when a superior gave you a choice, it was wise to take it. "I...will work not to be too elusive, in terms of the man you send down." She sighed. "And perhaps that is wise, frankly."

"I think so too. Its nothing personal, but you don't seem quite in full control, and I'd rather have someone here who is aware.." Mercia really hoped she was making the right choice here. She didn't want to call and bug David about it, she had to prove she could choose the right things, and not be a rigid woman at the same time. "I'll order them to keep their distance, but stay in sight. Alright?" she asked.

L'Nivek was fuming, but doing so very quietly. She even was able to prevent from showing this, and grit her teeth before nodding and sighing softly. "I...understand, and thank you for your...leniancy, Lieutenant Kavi. I'll try to repay this, in the future."

Mercia stepped aside and tapped her ear bud and asked for a specific security crewman she knew was on duty and would be sensitive to this. Having been running the department for a while, she knew who would work. A few moments later a woman beamed down in civilian clothes. Mercia pulled her aside and spoke to her quietly before they returned. "This is Bridget, her husband is a Vulcan." she said. "She agreed to help out, and she might have better advice than me here, considering she has a vulcan mate. If you want to chat with her you can, but if not she'll hang back and enjoy nature at a distance while ensuring you don't come to harm, and the wildlife isn't responding to your... hormones." she commented. "She'll also ensure the reporting of this kill is completed, if you need a hand with it." she said.

"I...again. I appreciate this, the repsect you've shown...this condition." She waved her hand. "I'll be doing my best with this all. Again...thank you." She looked over at the summoned crewman, disguising her immense irritation rather well.



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