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Island Life

Posted on Wed Oct 10th, 2018 @ 1:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Sh'rinoc's Restaurant

/// ON ///

Making his way to the balcony, John nodded and smiled as he and his canine companion made their way to the table where he saw the twin form of Mel. Sammy, the German Sheppard panted slightly as she trotted passed his owner with a nodded after she looked at her owner for approval. She rushed up to the twin form before John and barked and wagged her tail as she sat next to the closest form waiting to get her attention she desired so much. "Looks like she missed her friend," John smirked as he sat down in one of the empty chairs and noticed that there was a free glass of water. He took it and took a sip of it before leaned back and looked at the sun set of the sun over the ocean and beach view of the restaurant.

Mel gave a pair of smiles upon seeing John, and then those smiles widened when she saw Sammy. When the Shepard was allowed to close, Mel reached down and gave the 'pup' some much deserved attention and scritchies. "Who's a good pup?" She asked, a question that all humans seemed to ask their canine companions.

"I can't tell you how many times I almost accidentally asked for two..."

"...glasses of water. Singular life is so weird." She teased with a set of smirks. "Thanks for the heads up about this being a beach..."

"...front assignment. Otherwise I'd have forgotten my swimsuit."

She paused. "Dalacari sink. You know that, right?"

"Sink?" John looked at her as he almost choked over the drink as he looked at the twin form. "How on earth does a Dalacari sink if they have the body to swim."

"Specific density." One answered, like that was sufficient. Then a pause, then the realization. "Oh, Dalacar is a 1.3 gravity world, so the water there is fine. Earth, and Earth-Like locations..."

"... like this place are 1.0 gravity, so the water here has a lower specific density. Lower than my density. Which means here... I sink."

She then gave a pair of giggles, "So, oddly enough, your question was perfectly worded. How on Earth." she smiled a pair of smiles. "And it turns out, it's the gravity and the specific density."

For a moment, John was speechless before he shook his head and smirked as he noticed a couple figures in the distance. It wasn't a surprise that he had noticed them as they were women in minimal attire enjoying the ocean breeze. He looked back at Mel. "What?"

"I lost you somewhere around the word 'Oh', didn't I?" she admonished, but with a playful tone. "Did you come here to see the sights, or did you actually need me for something?" she asked while her twin took a sip of water.

"Oh I made plans with you, so why would I go running off for another pair when I have you?" he grinned as he took a sip of his water.

The pair made a trilling noise, "Awww, what an adorable recovery." she mentioned with a pair of smiles. "You're the best, really." her twin said, and then she giggled while one of her forms looked over at the figures that drew John's attention.

"I'd look odd in something like that. Though I like the green color on that outfit there." the twin still watching John commented. Talking with a Dalacari could be jarring sometimes, but with enough exposure it became second nature.

"Yup, it would look good on you, Mel. Both of you," He smirked.

She gave him a pair of looks. "Ok, technically I'm not a *both*... But thank you." A pair of smiles at the compliment. She had gotten over that awkward feel of a compliment from a singular creature long ago.

Now it was just a compliment from her boss.

"I'll see if it cones with buoyancy assist." A smirk. "So, how's your side of the universe holding up?"

"Oh its alright. I am in charge of the whole regiment of marines on Memphis Island, so they are constantly trying to kiss my butt. Its quite honestly bothersome to say the least," John sighed as he looked at Mel. "How is the work going with the Field Medical and Sciences department on the island going?"

At the mention of how work was holding up, both forms of Mel gave a sigh, "Oh it's torture. See, there's this negotiation going on between the Federation Academy of Science and the Dalacari Board of Advancement concerning ..."

"...the status of the Thinking Engine. See, every time I mention it or describe it, someone screams out A.I. and then it's suddenly some Borg infiltration tech ..."

"...or some adaptation of their neural infrastructure and then talks stop and..." she paused, and each form took a breath. "John, I just want a tri-core quantum computer ..."

"...designed to calculate paths to favorable outcomes based on imperical data. That, and maybe six drone attendants. Is that so much to ask?" she asked, though by the end of her rant she had calmed down, and actually had the start of a smile on her features.

"They're a great bunch to work with. The Field Medical and Science divisions, I mean. Well, drones are great to work with too, but the last person ..."

"...I talked to about the joys of an autonomous workforce, they looked at me funny and suggested a few books I should read. Asimov, I think was the author."

"Asimov?" John asked as he looked at her in a questionable way before thinking it through. "Is that some Vulcan writer or something?"

"Actually Terran. Old Terran. He wrote about robotics in ways that no author at the time did. He concocted laws that robots had to follow, and then wrote books about how they..."

"... got around those laws. I actually read some of his works, and they're amazing for the time. I just keep reminding myself of what Earth had, or didn't have really, at the time and..."

"... his stuff is fantastic. I seriously recommend him. BUT not the point. Dalacari drones are efficient, obedient, loyal, and oh my god that sounds terrible when I say it out loud." she paused, and then giggled.

"Yes, cause that sounded more like slavery, and that is wrong!" John smirked as he leaned back and enjoyed the breeze. "Well I would suggest proposing it to your head supervisor and we can try getting you that if it makes your life easier."

"You know, the average DMD-640 is no more a 'servant' or 'slave' as, say, the Gladiator." she posed. "Even with the addition of a controlling Thinking Engine. Besides, under the Articles.."

".. of the Defensive Accordance, we're not allowed to engage in research into artificial consciousness specifically because engineering a race of military slaves is a terrible..."

"... idea." she paused, "And no, we knew that BEFORE the Ts'usugi told us." she was about to continue before John motioned that he had more to say.

"But all that will have to wait, as I was sent to send you on a mission as you are one of the select few that aren't under investigation for David's attempted murder," John finally explained as he took a sip of his water, still checking out women from time to time.

"Murder?" she paused, just gobstruck for a moment. "Murder..." she said the word again, as though testing if it were still an actual word. Unfortunately, it still very much was a real word. She shook her heads, clearing the moment from her memory.

"S.. sure. Yeah, what's going on?"

"Hawkins is sending you to meet up with Gladiator's new marine commander. From there, you two will be taking charge of the new starship, the U.S.S. Liberty and bring her back to Memphis Island," John explained as he looked her over. "Sorry it took you so long to give you this assignment, but it was originally going to be me, but with this investigation going on, I wanted to have someone I fully trust taking my place on this venture. Plus it would screw with people, seeing two of you walking around."

She gave a pair of nods, "No one understands the speed of bureaucracy better than I do. I wonder what the rejection for the two-bed setup will be this time." one said with a giggle. The other bioform just took a sip of water before she continued, "Though, I appreciate your vote of confidence. Knowing it, and Hearing it... make the world of difference."

She took a pair of breaths, "I'll be packed and ready within the hour, and if things go south, I'll bake you a cake with a file in it." she said with a wink.

"Wait...what?" John looked at her completely confused. "Don't you mean that I would need to bake you the cake with the file?"

"Hardly." The pair said in unison. "I'm apparently one of the few that isn't wanted for questioning." one of the forms clarified. "But, no matter who needs the file, there'll be cake." she said, with a smile on each face.

"I do so enjoy cake. Not just because it's sweet and delicious, but because it rhymes with steak. Which is also delicious." she giggled.

"I prefer pie, but steak does sound good," he smirked as he looked up at the waitress who walked up and he grinned even more. "We will try the sampler plater. There is some shark steak and what not from this planet on that right?"

"Yes sir. A ship load brought in a fresh batch this morning. Its becoming a sector delicacy which I believe you three will enjoy," the waitress offered as she smiled sweetly at the three faces before her before noticing Sammy. "Even your canine will like some of it as well."

"Sounds like a plan," John smirked as he looked at his comrade. "Now, let's say we enjoy dinner, shall we?"

"Oooo, let's!" Dalacari were predatory by design, so to place a steak in front of them was akin to buying any other girl roses or sweets. Though, truth be told Mel had a sweet tooth as well. Just really hard to maintain homeostasis across two forms. It really was a workout.

She'd think it over after this steak. "Shark, you said? Call me bias, but there's something about a predator that just ta... you know what, not going to finish that." she gave John a pair of looks, which became a pair of smirks as she started in. Unlike most of the other predators on this planet, Mel had the decency to use utensils.

/// OFF ///


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