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Intel Meet and Greet

Posted on Thu Oct 18th, 2018 @ 10:45pm by Lieutenant JG Laural Mackenzie & David Hawkins

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Deputy Commander's Officer, Command Center, Memphis Island
Timeline: BACKPOST


Materializing on the transporter pad of the Memphis Island Starbase, Laural looked around to get her bearings. This was her first time on a planet side starbase and although she'd read the reports on this place, they didn't do it justice. Making her way over to a nearby interface terminal, Laural began her search for the man she was here to meet, Captain David Hawkins.

It didn't take her long to find his location and plot out the route she would need to take to get there, but for her time was of the essence. Using her command codes, Laural used a site-to-site transport to beam herself just outside of Hawkins' office.

Quickly checking her paperwork, Laural took a quick breath before tapping the door chime to let him know she was there.

Security forces quickly rushed around her with phasers drawn. "Who are you?!" The leading security guard demanded as they looked her up and down.

Laural looked the security forces over, “I’m impressed, it only took you 2 minutes and 20 seconds to react to a possible intruder. Not fast enough to stop me, but still” she said, reaching into her shoulder bag to retrieve her ID when the doors before them opened.

The doors to his office swishes open and David looked the woman up and down as well before glaring at the security staff. "Seriously, I am a former marine officer and my office has glass doors... you know the see through kind..." he knew by her profile picture who the officer was and waved her in. "Stand down guard dogs. You did well today. Take a longer coffee break."

Stepping inside, Laural waited for Hawkins to return before introducing herself, “Captain Hawkins, I’m Lieutenant Laural Mackenzie. I’ve been assigned to your crew as Chief of Intelligence”

"Yeah, I saw that you were added. Admiral Grayson chose you while I was in the hospital. I won't lie, I don't like people choosing for me, but he usually chooses useful people," he responded as they walked through the large office to the two sectional couches near the glass wall overseeing the view of the Island. "No offense."

“None taken, I can understand the need for strict organisation” Laural replies, following Hawkins further to his office.

"How was your trip here? Being on the romulan/federation neutral zone is not a short hope, skip, and a jump to say the least."

“I have no complaints, the USS Madrid is a fine ship” she said, holding out the PADD containing her transfer orders, “These are my orders assigning my to you command. Everything should be in order.”

The captain took the orders and skimmed it quickly befor sitting it down on the couch and lowering himself on the couch as well. A slight relief escaped his lips as he got the chance to rest and relax. He was still recovering but the last thing he wanted to deal with was medical staff hoovering over him. "So no complaints of the Madrid. I find that hard to believe," he remarked as he offered the lieutenant a seat across from him.

Taking the offered seat, Laural looked up at Hawkins, “Why do you say that?”

"Because every place is perfect," David shrugged as he looked back at her. "If it were, why would you take on a transfer?"

"I guess you wouldn't take the transfer if you had found your perfect assignment. I guess I haven't found mine yet" Laural said, a little confused by his explanation, "Besides, I was just a passenger on the Madrid, not apart of her crew. My last assignment was on Earth at Starfleet Academy"

"What did you do at the academy?" He asked as he scooped her out. He knew her record was before him but her words would show her true point of view.

"I was an assistant lecturer for Intelligence courses" Laural answered, a little surprised how thorough this man was being. The few marines she'd met before were more direct with their questions, but this man seemed more cautious. Perhaps command training had given him some restraint "Outside of teaching and assisting cadets with their studies, I handled intelligence feeds at Starfleet Headquarters"

"So you kept yourself quite busy, not allowing for much of a social life, from what it sounds," David countered pondering to himself a he watched her body language as well. "Sounds kind of boring if you ask me."

"it may seem boring to most, but for someone wanting a quiet assignment it is perfect" laural replied, thinking back to why she needed a 'quiet assignment'

"Fair enough, so tell me what your goal is in Starfleet?"

"My goal is to protect our often overlooked boarder colonies from pirate activity. Starfleet patrols aren't enough so I make sure that colonies have the information they need to survive."

"Makes sense but that is why we have the Starfleet Boarder Patrol. Their section are held accountable to do such things, but our quadrants have taken a toll due to the multiple attacks from Borg, the Dominion War, and Romulans taking a massive blow, we are stretched thin as is," David countered as he looked at the woman before him.

"I am painfully aware of that Sir. That is the reason why I do what I can to provide those colonies with up to date information, so they can be protected" Laural said, as a memory flashed across her mind. "Otherwise, I do what I can for the starship to which I have been assigned."

"I can admire that. Did you grow up on the border planets, by chance?"

"I did, until my home was destroyed" Laural answered, her composure slipping for a moment as a memory fragment flashed across her mind. "Which is why I do what I can for them."

"Destroyed during the Dominion War?"

Laural shook her head, "It wasn't the Dominion, it was the Orion Syndicate"

David took in the information and nodded as he knew where she was coming from now. She came off highly professional but had her own things that motivated her to do her job to her best abilities. "Well, I'll make sure that you get your chance to achieve your goal as long as you give me your best. Sound fair?"

"I appreciate the offer Captain, but I don't think there is anything you can offer that I don't already have access to in one way or another" Laural replied, "with that said, I have been assigned to your ship and that is my first priority"

"Well then, do you have any questions for me?"

Pulling out a small PADD, Laural began to read, "David 'Helaku' Hawkins, 42, Male, single child and single period. Good with emotions but not with prep time. was apart of a flagship apprentice program onboard the USS Firewing, started out as a marine pilot and eventually transferred to the Command program. why the switch in careers?"

"In this position, I can help more people then I ever could as a fighter pilot. Plus, I get to sit in the center chair," he smirked slightly before shrugging. "It was an obvious choice."

Thinking it over, Laural nodded, "Fair enough. What can you tell me of your XO, Commander Mercia Kavi? I understand she is quite the handful. Not what most Captains want for an XO"

"True, but I'm not like most Captains. Most captains have had a career of Naval ranks but like you pointed out, I came from the marines side," David pointed out as as he popped his neck and relaxed a little more. "Commander Kavi is a fire cracker and has some character flaws. But she, along with all I expect to work with me, is dependable and will fight tooth and nail beyond what is called of her in this uniform and out."

"High praise from a Commanding officer. Are you concerned that her time in captivity may effect her decisions as your XO?" Laural asked, deciding to probe a little deeper into what she saw as a close relationship between the two senior officers. "As I am sure you know, captivity can change a person. Not always for the best"

"Yes it can and does change a person," David agreed as he sighed knowing that despite the fact that he didnt like sharing things that were going through his mind, Laural was his Intel chief. She needed to know all the facts and concerns. "As required, Command Kavi was required to be screened and approved by Starfleet medical. Added to that, I made it clear that our counseling staff was to keep her in weekly counseling sessions, for a bit longer. I am sure that they will remove her from the extra sessions in due time, but what mattered most was that Starfleet Medical cleared her and she is back to her feet once again. So am I concerned, of course. But she grew up in that kind of life, and she has rebounded quickly over the years to many things. I have no doubt in her capabilities but I want to be safe than sorry. "

Laural nodded, "Good to know. I'd hate to have to clean up someone else's mess again" she said, Making a few more notes, "Can you tell me when we might be expecting our starship to arrive?"

"We got a green light to have the ship brought here. Due to this attack attempt, I have requested that I have chosen who will be going to go pick it up and bring her to us. They should have the ship here within the week, if time permits." he explained as he shrugged. "Should be nice to get back out there after all this down time. "Any other questions?"

“Do you have any orders for me before I get to work?” Laural asked simply.

"Just get settled in and meet the other crew. We will get your Intel requirements list later and make sure our new ship is prepared for you prior to our departure from this area of space. Other than that, settle in and you are dismissed," David finished as he stood and shook the young woman's hand. "Welcome aboard."

Standing from her chair, Laural gave a slight bow, “thank you Captain, you won’t be disappointed” she said, turning on her heal and walking out the door.

/// OFF ///

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


Lieutenant J.G. Laural Mackenzie
Chief Intelligence Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


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