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Lights and Barriers

Posted on Wed Oct 10th, 2018 @ 4:44pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: The Light of Emmah

/// ON ///

Finally making it to the floor of the installation, David, along with his armed guards, walked out of the turbolift and started down the hall. As they came to a guarded room, he gave his clearance and they checked his information before giving him access. Almost annoyed with the security already, David walked into a room fully designed to construct and build on the holographic matrics of anything and anyone build by force fields, lights, and computer programs. In the room we technicians on one end of the room while on the far end, by himself was the blue andorian himself, in his golden engineering uniform once again. hunched over a computer console going through data.

"So it took a creation of yours to beat me to a bloody pulp to get you back into that uniform and returned to us," David stated only loud enough for ch'Koro to hear him. He could tell that the andorian heard him as he saw the man's antenna twitch ever so slightly to his words.

"I was busy," Khelev grunted at David, but didn't turn to look at him. "I've been going over her program for days, trying to figure out what happened. This shouldn't have been possible, I gave her upgrades to prevent this from happening again."

Mercia folded her arms watching the hologram behind a forcefield, sitting on a chair, not really looking at anything. "Well someone managed to get through them, either that or it has always had the corruption and its just not been found before." she commented.

"If you're saying I missed something when I checked her after I destroyed the phantom core, I'll break your arm again," Khelev growled at Kavi. "I don't think anyone got through, I didn't have to report what I did and I deleted all of the files."

Mercia rolled her eyes, "I still owe you for that arm break." she grumbled. Years ago they'd spared and she'd really gone at him. It had been a brutal spar which ended with her broken arm, and he never let it go. Then again neither did she. "Well something happened Khelev. Someone either broke your programming or something lingered when COIL got in to the Phantom project." she said firmly.

"Nothing like the good ol' days," David muttered as he crossed his arms over his chest and walked over to the mobile emitter. He thought to himself as he looked it over. This just didn't seem right at all. "Emmah's programming still has her medical package from her original EMH layout. Correct?"

"It had the medical package, but it wasn't from her original EMH. I did a few upgrades to her, including her security," Khelev said with a grunt. "I know something happened, I'm trying to figure out what. It's bad enough the entire project failed but if Emmah failed..."

"...She didn't fail..." David cut him off as he stared at it all. "Is she in the holomatrix and is it secure from the rest of the base?"

"There is a computer core in there she can connect to when we're working on the emitter." Mercia said pointing at the block sitting at the holograms feet behind the barrier.

"Go ahead and bring her out," the captain ordered simply as he looked at the andorian. "She isn't a threat."

"Belay that order!" Mercia blurted out suddenly, "Like hell am I going to let that thing near you David!"

"Don't start, Mercia!" David quickly looked over his shoulder and looked at her. "You may hate her and what she stands for, but she was like the rest of us, fighting to get you back from those cold hearted bastards. She is family, and we don't just throw family out like that."

"That isn't family that is a thing, a tool, and a powerful one that tried to kill you!" Mercia argued. "It is a threat and I have a responsibility to keep you safe damn it."

"We don't know for sure that it was her, we have not eliminated the possibility that it was someone else," Khelev hit a couple of commands on his console. "Mercia, relax. We're in a testing environment, I've put safeties in place so she can't make herself solid."

"Besides, the holographic projection distance is in a six by six by ten area, so she wouldn't even be able to reach us, even if she wanted to," David explained as he shook his head before nodding at ch'Koro. "Let's talk to her and you can check her active subroutines for inconsistencies."

Khelev let out a sigh, before he hit several command on the console in front of him, activating Emmah. This wasn't the first time he'd turned her on since he'd been here, he'd wanted to talk to her to make sure she hadn't completely lost her mind. Now he was doing it with David there and he would see how she reacted. A moment after he'd hit the command, her program initialized and she shimmered to life inside the holographic area.

Emmah flinched to life as she was reactivated she shifted in the chair before she looked towards where Khelev had last been. When she saw David she jumped to her feet her eyes assessing him. "Captain Hawkins! are you alright?" she asked her brows furrowing with worry.

"Better than you intended him to be." Mercia snapped.

Emmah looked at the Commander. "Commander, I was an EMH before, I have retained that programming. If I had done what I was accused of attempting Captain Hawkins would not be alive still." she said. "It stands to reason that since the attack was unsuccessful it could not have been me." she said.

"Oh she's trying logic now..." Mercia grumbled.

"She's not wrong, she could have downloaded an assassin's program and set up a thousand different ways to kill him and we never even would have known it was her," Khelev looked over at Mercia, before he looked back at Emmah. "She might be your top suspect, but don't make the mistake of assuming she's the only one."

"I concur," David sighed as he looked her over before looking at the mobile band emitter. It sat outside of Emmah's range. As he walked up to it, he started to question her. "So Emmah, how are you doing? Have they hurt you?"

Emmah folded her hands in front of her and shook her head, "No one has harmed me, I am frightened however. Few believe that I did not harm you, and I do not wish to be interrogated again. It can be very confusing. I do not wish to be executed or studied, harm then could come to me." she said in a clearly worried tone.

"That's not going to happen," David spoke up as he looked over his should. "Khelev, I thought you made two of these for her?"

"If I study you, harm will not come to you," Khelev said with a nod. "I'm very good at what I do." He glanced at David and nodded slowly. "I made two, yes. I was working on a mark III but it's not ready."

"I was very much looking forward to the mark III." Emmah said. "I would be only comfortable if Commander chKoro studied me, I trust no one else."

Mercia folded her arms, "If you are found guilty of the attack your comfort will mean nothing to any one." she said. "Person-hood has not been awarded to you yet Emmah, therefore there is no chance they'll put you in prison... you will have no rights to ensure that." she said.

"Mercia, knock it off!" David called out over his shoulder as he focused back at ch'Koro before speaking aloud to both. "Well we have a problem, there is only one here. We are missing a mobile emitter. I want to know where it is, and I want it found."

Khelev's antenna went straight up and felt a growl in the back of his throat, he'd built these for Emmah but their use would be good fleet wide. He just wasn't sure he wanted things to go that far, but if someone stole one that could be bad. "You should call security in here, it's supposed to be here."

"Then it is settled," David stated as he looked at hologram before them. "You two and Colonel Hayter get those interviews taken care of and have security search for that band. I will question Emmah."

Mercia nodded, "Have fun. Lets let security know about the missing emitter." she said turning around. After a nice dinner with Khelev the night before, having him meet Molly, now they were on opposing sides of all this.



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