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Piles and Piles of ...

Posted on Mon Sep 24th, 2018 @ 4:18pm by Lieutenant JG Caleb Jennsen

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Memphis Island

Caleb had left the Captain's office and mad his way to the condo he had been assigned. Several large towering developments constituted base housing for Memphis and were dolled out much like quarter assignments on a starbase, meaning rank and position impacted what unit you were given. Despite his relatively low rank his new posting as a Group Commander in the air wing saw him get a rather nice end unit two thirds of the way up one of the towers.

"Definitely an improvement in the view." He said to himself as he entered. He saw his things had already arrived stacked in a neat pile in the middle of the living room. A single bedroom off one side of the 'L' shaped living area with a small kitchen and balcony. He stood outside letting the sea breeze fill his lungs before going back inside. A blinking comm panel light lead him to the small office area where he saw over a dozen reports already waiting for him. "Figures," he muttered, all the paper work that was time sensitive enough to bump up the chain of command had started to pile up in the absence of a CAG.

He sat down and began reviewing the files, a set of personnel evaluations, apparently both Squadrons under him had newly appointed leaders both ranked at JG like himself. Hopefully he would avoid a pissing match with either of them.

Three hours, dozens of reports later his growling stomach made him stop working. He replicated a simple dinner and eat it on the balcony, the sun staring to sink low in the sky which was turning from brilliant blue to a shocking pink. Finishing his food he took some time to unpack before showering and dropping into bed to sleep. The next morning he'd report to the hanger, meet his people and get to work.


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