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Dr Who?

Posted on Thu Dec 6th, 2018 @ 10:27pm by Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D. & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D.

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Chief Medical Officer's Office
Timeline: Back Post


"Thanks guys for meeting with me today. I know it's not our usual time for the weekly Senior Medical meeting, but I just wanted to get us altogether so I could apologise."

Xander looked up from his console and swung side to side in his chair as he sensed an air of confusion eminate from both of his colleagues.

"I'm sorry I've not been myself recently." He sighed. "Kate asked for a divorce a few months ago and I've not taken it so well."

"I'm sorry," Lydia offered after a bit of silence lingered between Xander and the rest of the staff. She appreciated his candor, but was naturally protective of him given such a personal admission. "I imagine something like that isn't easy to talk about or cope with, but we are a team here and we should be able to support each other. At the risk of sounding way too obvious, of course," Lydia added with a smile, "I'm here if you want to talk."

Xander smiled back at Lydia. As the Ships Chief Counselor, they worked well together. What Xander didn't understand about the psychological aspects of medicine, she was the girl to talk to. "Thank you, Lydia. I'm on the mend, though." Xander wanted to reassure her that he was fit enough to continue as the Chief Medical Officer - he felt a bit awkward that he hadn't asked for any of her professional help - but he felt that was necessary given their positions on board. "I should be back to performing microsurgery again soon!" Xander laughed. It was common among the Medical staff that he hated any form of microsurgery. The pressure and concentration was sometimes too much to handle - especially when sensing the emotions of everyone else in the surgical bay. "Anyway. Enough about me. Lydia, How are things your end? Are the crew adjusting okay? I hope the attack on the Captain hasn't traumatized anyone too much."

Just the captain I'd wager. Alex thought as his eyes flickered from Lydia to Xander. He smiled at the joke the Chief had made but didn't say anything. There wasn't anything he could add to what Lydia had already said.

Lydia had been sincere, but she worried that she had unintentionally made things more uncomfortable for Xander by making such statements publicly. She had already decided to follow up with him in private. For the moment, though, she focused on this question. "The crew is doing well overall. The attack on the Captain has been unsettling, of course, but they are relieved he is recovering."

Xander felt a wave of relief overpower him once he heard the news about the crews psychogical state. He was concerned that with his own mental stability not quite on the straight and narrow, it would be a burden to help deal with the rest of the crew too. "That's good to hear." He smiled. Turning to Alex who was sat directly to his right, Xander looked down at the floor in what appeared to be slight shame. "Thank you Alex, for everything you've done. You've kept Sick bay thriving and running like clockwork. I don't know what I would do without you." Xander and Alex trained at Starfleet Medical together, so they already had a close bond before joining the Gladiator. Neither one of them had been in the position of being the others' boss, so this was new territory for them to deal with. Xander saw Alex more as an equal, not dissimilar to a band of Doctors running a local practice back on earth. His shame soon turned into a hearty smile as he thought back to their past.

Alexander's smile echo'd Xanders, and seeing that look knew exactly what the other was thinking. Shaking his head ever so slightly at the memories of their antics in Medical School. "Won't let you fail now mate, we made it this far having each other's backs."

Xander was glad he finally had someone that knew him better than himself on board. He could be who he was and not the toned down version that he usually presented to the rest of the crew. Lydia, however was also becoming a good friend of Xander's. His empathic gifts were a good thing when it came to make the right choices of friendship it was only fair he shared his appreciation with her too. "And Lydia, thank you for supporting Alex where he needed it. I seriously can't thank you enough."

Lydia smiled. "You can thank me by taking care of yourself and promising not to keep us in the dark the next time you're struggling. I may not go as far back as the two of you," she gestured between he and Alex, "but I'm a decent listener and keeper of secrets."

Xander shot Lydia a small grin. He loved how close the team were becoming. Out of all of the department's on board, the Medical Teams literally put people's lives in their hands, which made them more emotionally invested in their work. Sometimes this was a tough gig, but Xander loved every single minute of being the doctor. "Right. So. Shall we crack on with this meeting?" He cleared his throat, ready to discuss the ships current medical affairs, but for a moment, he looked around the room. He couldn't think of a better bunch of people to be on his team. Xander finally felt at home.



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