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Posted on Tue Dec 11th, 2018 @ 7:39pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D.

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: USS Gladiator - Executive Officer's Office
Timeline: Back Post


"You asked to see me Commander?" Xander bashfully walked into Mercia's office, clutching the PADDs against his chest. He knew that she had not seen him to interrogate him, but to go through the Medical logs that Emmah had complied in the Sick Bay computers, but still, he felt like he was a suspect.

Mercia put her padd down and nodded, "Have a seat Doctor." she said. "How is Captain Hawkins doing? He's a stubborn ass sometimes and if I need to help lock him down you let me know." she said.

Xander took a seat. He felt a bit more comfortable with Mercia lightening the mood slightly. "He's on the mend. Considering what he went through, I'm pleased with his progress. I've tried to tell him another week and he should be good to go back to recouparative duties - but you know what he's like. He wants to get back out there tomorrow, full throttle."

"Of course he is." Mercia rolled her eyes. "He's as stubborn as I am." she shook her head. "As part of the investigation I need a full record of how he was attacked, injuries he sustained and how. Have you prepared this list?" she asked.

"I've got them here, Commander." Xavier stood up and handed over the PADD he was clutching. " It documents every blood pressure measurement, heart rate reading and the entire trauma report." Xander looked concerned and narrowed his brow. "I've also got the reports that Emmah wrote before the accident. However, alot of them appear to be fraudulent. The codings on the reports don't match and everything appears to be out of sequence. It looks like she covered her tracks, but to what extent I don't know."

Mercia leaned forward with interest, "The coding is wrong?" she demanded. "Like there is glitching in her coding? Or she didn't write the reports?" she demanded. She wondered how much bad information went out considering her job in the Captains office.

"I don't really know." Xander sighed. "I only have a little bit of experience with this from writing my own reports. I'll need Zeti to go over this all properly to get a better answer."

"Thank you, I know there isn't a lot for you to add to this investigation... but Was Emmah working on anything in your department? I want to sort out what was her and what wasn't her." Mercia questioned.

"Nothing major." Xander brought his hand up to his chin and looked at the ceiling for a moment, racking his brains to see if he could think of anything major she was working on. "I mean she gave some input to a vaccine that me and Dr Percival were working on for the Bplian flu, but other than that. Nothing." Xander put his head in his hands trying to piece this puzzle together. "I've been up for 36 hours straight trying to solve this."

Mercia nodded, "I understand. Listen, we are getting closer and there is no use if you fall over from exhaustion. Go take a nap, thats an order. Then focus on making sure Hawkins is ready for command when the ship gets here. I'll let the engineers know what you said I'm sure it will help." She stood up, "Thank you, dismissed."


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