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Emmahs Frustration

Posted on Thu Oct 18th, 2018 @ 9:13am by David Hawkins & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: The Light of Emmah

/// ON ///

"Alrighty," David mumbled the words as he sat on a stool before the force field that held back the hologram female before him. Once he cleared Mercia and ch'Koro from the room, the Captain wanted to recall the day he last saw Emmah, his confidant and close friend. He looked the imaginary woman before him. For him, she was not a computer program, but a daughter like woman he had taken care of for years now as she had taken care of him and the crew. Now they found themselves in a very unusual situation.

"Since you are unable to remember the day, I'll explain it to you as I remember it," he looked her over as he tried to read her, but it wasn't easy as she wasn't a normal person.


Emmah paused as she looked upwards at the tower above her. The ground level of the command tower was wide and well decorated, the lobby rose a good open ten levels before it closed off and continued upwards. above her hanging decor and walkways ran across the open air. There was the normal buzz of staff and civilians going about their business. She lowered her head and spotted a familiar site heading her way. Captain Hawkins with his normal piercing eyes looked her over. She was certain she looked pensive. As she evolved she'd done away with some programming that forced her to think about facial expression, instead, they were more natural. As she learned to navigate emotions and how to handle them her body language evolved with it. "Captain, thank you for meeting me here. Would you like to get a cup of coffee?" she asked knowing it was a typical social invitation that many people responded well to.

"Of course, but what about yourself?" He countered as he looked at her with a slight smirk on his face. "You seem like you have something on your mind. Did you not sleep well?"

"My recharge cycle was fine, thank you." she said. "I'll have a drink with you." she laughed. She produced a cup in her hand with liquid. She found that it helped people relate to her when it seemed she ate and drank as well. The pair of them headed for the cafe and took a seat. "I very much do have something on my mind." she said. "I have been considering my position and I feel that simply being an aide is not enough. I am seen as just a program... a calendar for you, but I am more than that now. I feel I would be more respected if I had a rank."

The words that she said didn't make sense as he didn't know that a hologram needed charged up. It wasn't as though she was an android... maybe she meant her holoprojector. Getting back on track, he focused at her last statement trying to understand where she was coming from. Though he knew that, after all this time of her growing and assisting, she would want to strive for more.

"Why do you feel that you are not getting respect?"

Captain very few people see me as anything more than a a computer interface that keeps your schedule and keeps notes for you. I enjoy my work, but other officers or your rank have people with ranks assisting them. I am not a peer among them, I'm a computer." she said before she sipped her holographic coffee. "I don't have personhood yet, and you are among the few who ignore that fact. I feel that being an equal among my peers would make a massive difference."

"We are still waiting on the legality for the Federation to approve your status. Even if I could commission you, Starfleet and the Federation would counter it until they legalized you. You know this... you told me all this."

The frustration was clear on Emmahs face as she set the cup down harder than she meant, "That isn't true! Commander Data from the Enterprise went to the academy in 2341 and held rank for many years before Starfleet rules that he was not property in 2365, and held the same rights as any other type of life form. How am I different?!" she demanded furrowing her brows at him.

The reaction he watched before him, David questioned her actions as her growth of learning her emotions and what not. For now at least. "Emmah, again, you informed me of this stuff. The Doctor from Voyager's original crew, just recently got a commission and his rights approved. You are not to far behind him as we had our JAG pushed the same information as they did. Again, you know all this... as I was briefed by you... on all this. Do you not remember?"

"Of Course I remember it Captain. But it could be many years before I am considered, I've done little to prove I am more, and a rank would solidify my case!' she said loudly.

"Years?" he cocked his head as he looked her over questionably. "And when is our next court date?"

"They have not scheduled one yet. The Doctor just received his personhood, mine was set aside. I have to refile the paperwork and start the process all over again. It would be far easier to gain the attention I need if I was given a rank. I have earned it, have I not? why are you insisting on the courts to legally recognize me first? Do you see me as just a calendar interface as well?!" she demanded growing more frustrated.

"Emmah... You were the one that insisted on going the court and legal ways. You briefed me on this. You knew how much I wanted to go about my way, but you were the one that insisted on doing it the legal route and were happy where you were. So what has changed and why are you acting like you don't know this?" David countered as he looked her over. What was going on with her

She scowled, "You keep saying I have briefed you on this, and I do know all this. I do not understand why it is so difficult to reevaluate the path. You are not hearing me sir." she said, her voice getting a little louder. "I am not acting as if I do not know anything, you are not listening to me." she said. She stood up, "perhaps this was a bad idea. I should go speak with Admiral Grayson. Perhaps he will listen to me."

David rubbed his temple before he looked at her. "Yeah... You briefed him all this as well... with me by your side, fully backing you up. You are making no sense."

"You are just not listening." Emmah said slamming her hand on the table, "You are a stubborn, arrogant, jackass!" she accused.

"Alright, as your captain, I'm ordering you to report to Zeti and have your program checked for a possible virus or your program being corrupted," the captain ordered as he looked up at her. "You have never acted like this before, and we have butted heads before, but that was only when you had been controlled by your brother."

"I have been quiet and small too long! Now I have a request and you deny me! You don't care that I have a need and you are ignoring me!" she shouted gathering the attention of every one in the area. "I've had enough of your abuse! I am more than just a program!"

"Emmah, command shut down override, Authorization code Hawkins Zeta Seven Seven Two Bravo, Zeta," David stated as he stood up and glared at her. But nothing happened. "What the..." Before he could say anything, he quickly turned and looked at her...

Emmah lunged forward, grabbing his coffee mug and hitting him over the head with it with more power than should be possible. The man crumpled to the ground and a knife protruded from her holographic hand as she bent down and raised the knife and plunged it down.

The phase fire coming her way from building security shot right through her, but a hit to the emitter could end that. The damage already done, she stood up and took off running, quickly changing her form and dissapearing in to the gawking crowd seamlessly, changing in to a cadets uniform, and changing her hair style and face. There were so many cadets that no one would really notice her blending in.


"So..." David looked at her through the force field and sighed as he looked her over. "You seriously do not remember any of that?"

Emmah shook her head, "no sir," she said "I do not need a commissions, and no matter what others speak of you, I would not call you a stubborn arrogant jackass. I respect you more than that."she said.

He sat there with his mouth half open completely speechless for a moment. Though she saw and thought of him as such, she respected him and there was no doubt that he respected her as well. Now there had to be an explaination... but what. "Alright... well this stubborn, arrogant Jackass has to figure all this out. Hold tight."

Emmah watched him and let out a sigh,, "honestly sir... Do you think that I will be found guilty? I don't want to die..." she whispered.

"Hey, I haven't earned this stubborn jackass title without reasoning, Emmah. You know that I fight for my people. Even Mercia knows deep down, that you aren't capable. But she holds all holograms accountable for what happen years ago."

"I can't blame her what my brother did to her was horrific." she said. She looked up again, "thank you sir." she said "for believing in me and fighting for me, even against your best friend."

"Best friend, that's a long stretch," he smirked as he stood. "I'll be back for ya. Just sit tight."

/// OFF ///


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