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Got a Light?

Posted on Wed Oct 24th, 2018 @ 5:43pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Lieutenant JG Laural Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Caleb Jennsen & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Deputy Commander's Officer, Command Center, Memphis Island

/// ON ///

Rubbing his temple, David tried to get his consoles to work, but what little power they had been able to bring back online was minimal. They still hadn't gotten base sensors online but they had gotten short burst communications online. So without a second's thought, David called for his senior staff to report to him right away. During this time, he was going to try and get some answers.

Caleb had been on his way to the Command Centre when the power went out, when the order to report to the briefing came in he made his way to the DCOs Office. Entering he nodded to the Captain, "Sir, I've managed to contact the air group, they don't have power so they're preparing for manual operations and will get a CAP going as well as get prepared for possible search and rescue operations."

"Nice. DS7 has already started transporting generators down and engineering staff to assist with the issue. It took a bit, but it's a start. I still want to see your fighters up patrolling in low orbit in case of a possible attack," David spoke up as he waved for the pilot to come closer. The man turned and stepped up to his large desk and rolled out the holo film out. He tapped a corner of the long film and a holographic interactive layout of the base came to life over it. The technology wasn't as new but in the marines and field agents, they used these to keep most of their equipment light weight and mobile. The downfall was the image flickered and the details were just outlines of structures. "We have security detail spread out pretty thin."

"That's not all we have," Lt. Colonel John Hayter called out as he lead Commander Kavi, Lieutenant Treadager, and Commander ch'Koro. "We have an intruder that has one of Emmah's holobands. "We arrested Theo thinking he attacked us but we were tricked."

“You should know assumptions are dangerous Colonel” Laural said, walking into the room behind them, “without the proper information people can get hurt. However I’m afraid I have little information to give at this point” she said, looking over the holo display, “still as full of glitches as ever.”

Following in behind Laural were the twin forms of Mel Torma, one carrying a PaDD that seemed dark and unpowered as probably little more than a comfort sensation at the moment. "I'm afraid I don't have much more to add." one of the forms cited as the pair entered. "And most of the suggestions I have to offer are only really valid once power is restored."

The pair regarded the flickering holo-film for a few, soaking it in before abruptly turning away, "Dia, that's painful to look at. Does it bother any of you, or is it just me?" the previously silent form inquired. "Is it a Dalacari thing, or is that really just bothersome?"

"Its now assumption lieutenant... who ever you are," John snapped back looking at the intelligence officer and robbed his head. "... the guy was portraying Theo here during our investigation of Davy's attack. Come to find out, Emmah is innocent." He looked at the twin form and sighed as he walked over. What's the bother with the old tech?"

"It's probably the cyclic refresh rate. Just a bit bothersome to process from two points of view. If I just look at it with one set of eyes it really isn't that..."

"... bad. Though, I'm willing to bet whoever designed it didn't have Dalacari perception in mind." Mel said, with a pair of smiles.

"I've been anxious to meet you Lt. Torma.." Theo said as he walked over to the Dalacari. "Pardon me if I treat you like a cat.." He then reached out and began scratching the tops of Mel's heads.

When Theo mentioned his anticipation in meeting her, Mel positively beamed. "Why, that's such a nice thing to say! Thank you!" she smiled bright and wide. Oh she was the happiest Dalacari in the sector.

Wait, what was that about cats? "Oh, umm..." the pair each looked up at the hand scratching each head, "I... I don't really know how to respond. Is this a cultural greeting?" she inquired.

"Maybe it's a social divergence?" the other asked. "Ummm, Captain? Some insight?"

"He thinks your a pet," Khelev grumbled, he looked over the two weasels and flicked his antenna a couple of times. "She's a person, stop scratching her ears."

"Those aren't the sights and sounds one expects to see and hear every day," Lydia replied as she entered, referring to Theo's petting of Torma. She still wasn't entirely used to some of the zanier members of the crew, but over time, she was starting not to be so surprised with anything she saw or heard.

"Forgive him," Zeti said from her spot at the table.

"...Alright... so we have an infiltrator among us using a holoprojector band... thoughts?" David questioned as he looked around.

"Defeating a holoprojection band without access to internal scanners is going to be tricky, at best. Things like pressure sensors, biometrics, the usual..."

"... suite of tricks. Short of throwing baking powder at everyone and see who it shows up on." she offered, semi-serious.

"I mean, the powder wouldn't show on the holoprojection, would it?" she now was slightly more serious. More of a 60/40.

"I'm wondering if our intruder is still going around looking like what about a live bait kind of trap to ensnare them?"

“Are we sure we know what this infiltrator is after? The trap won’t be effective if we use the wrong kind of bait,” Laural commented, “As for the powder, it is an interesting idea, but unless you plan on coating the entire Starbase simultaneously, it probably won’t work”

"Our air patrols could scan for holographic signals, it could at least give us an idea of where to focus on search." Jennsen suggested.

"They did want to kill David, but if we put him too out in the open that will be obvious," Zeti said. "Why don't we try tracking the power signal?"

"Power is offline," Khelev spoke up. "The battery in the model he stole only has a twenty four hour life span, which means it's going to shut off soon or he needs a power source. Either way, I think I can devise a way to track him."

"That assumes our infiltrator is using the module continuously." Mel pointed out. "Otherwise, the life of the charge could be extended a bit. As for tracking them down, eventually..."

"... they're either going to abandon the module entirely or need a recharge. Is there a way to, oh what's the term, poison the watering hole?" she asked.

"I mean, tag various power sources with a low-yield radioactive tag. Then scan for any traces that aren't in expected locations." I mean, once we ..."

"... get scanning up and running. Dia, so many of my options all involve us already being past this point." She said, sounding more frustrated at herself than anything else.

“There’s always the nuclear option” Laural said, her tone of voice sounding cold, “we have people, we have weapons and we have a target. I say we start clearing.”

"As much as I like that idea," The big blue Andorian leaned forward in his seat and glanced at Laural. "We want to take our target alive, we need to find out if this is part of a bigger conspiracy. Let's not forget the lessons we learned during the Dominion war, when the fear of the person next to us being a changeling was all too real. We are still Starfleet officers. Mel, the only problem I see with your plan is getting word out to everyone not to use the power stations we place the material at. Perhaps we can find a way to track the emitter, if I share the schematics with you."

“Have we informed the representatives of the Romulan Republic on the station about this yet?” Laural asked

Mercia was brooding in the shadows watching the conversation. She had little sleep and was grumpy as hell. She had been wrong which made it that much worse. "They were questioned as well." she mumbled, "They're well aware of the attack and have been investigating their own people as well." she said. She was already dreading having to eat crow when she saw Emmah again. She'd all but written her off, and yet she was innocent.

"As of right now, Memphis Island is on lock down. I want those portable generators up and running where we can," David ordered ignoring Mercia's noticeable irritation. He wasn't going to hold onto it, but wanted to know what was going on. "What we need to do is..."

But before he could finish his sentence, the door swished open and a phaser fire flew threw the air, knocking out David to the ground. At the other end of the phaser, was David Hawkins... leaning on a cane. He tossed the phaser to John and raised his one hand in surrender. "The man wasn't trying to kill me..."

"What the..." John muttered as he looked at the phaser to see that it was on stun. He sighed deeply before rushing over to downed man. He wasn't in uniform but a black outfit. "A klingon with pointy ears," he announced as he looked to his arm and saw Emmah's holoprojector. He took the band off and looked the man over.

At the sound and sight of the weapon's fire, Lydia's instinctual response was to duck and make her way over to the target of the weapon, who, until a very few short moments ago, Lydia would've sworn was the real David Hawkins. Looking down, she let the surprise wash over her. What the hell was going on?

Ever the consummate professional, Mel Torma reacted as any trained Starfleet officer would react to an opening door and a phaser bolt arcing through to her commanding officer.

She gave a yelp, fur on end, and she turned to face the door, tail bristled and mid-snarl. Standing in the doorway was David, but that was an imposter. That was a phony, a fraud, an imitation. His doppelganger, his duplicate, his wait, pointy ears?

Wait, wasn't trying to...

"Okay, before I lose another valve here. Prove you're David." one of the forms semi-accused, while the other was on standby to either pounce or hug. Depending on the outcome. "I've seen too much and I just need a little re-assurance here." it sounded like Mel was on the edge of a minor emotional breakdown. Probably still doped up on the adrenaline rush of watching someone get shot right in front of her.

"I would like that answer as well" Laural said, holding a type 1 phaser and aiming it at the new arrival, "you're statement leaves a great deal unanswered, and you are going to give us those answers mister"

"Oh come on... Seriously?" The man at the door questioned them as he stood there in surrender. "That man has the emitter band and is a Klingon, Romulan Hybrid!"

"How do you know he is part romulan? The marine colonel questioned as he looked over his shoulder.

A long sigh escaped David's lips as he punched the bridge of his nose and shook his head. "I assumed... but come on, have you ever heard of a Klingon, vulcan hybrid?"

All John could do was shrug. The man was right, he hadn't but it wasn't completely impossible.

Laural nodded, “I have. But they are generally shunned by Klingons society due to the Empire’s strong hatred of Romulans. Such a pairing seems unlikely outside of artificial means”

With that, he dropped his hands and slapped his sides as he shook his head. "I'm at a loss for words. Arrest us both, have the good doctor do a blood test and what not on me and while he is at it, do the same for our new shunned friend there."

Laural looked over at Mercia, “Orders Commander?” She asked, figuring with Hawkins out of the picture for now, she’d take control of the situation.

As Lydia waited for word of their next move, she contemplated whether she knew anything the real David had told her that wasn't too personal, but that would help them determine whether he was telling the truth. She couldn't think of anything off the top of her head, as it was true she was still getting to know the man as his chief counselor, and she also hesitated. If he was the real David, would he appreciate something shared in the confidence of their sessions being revealed to the rest of the crew?

Mercia swore loudly. She looked at the clear imposter who had the tip of her phaser pointed his way. "who did you order me to punch?" she demanded. The crew clearly needed her to verify, and while she was certain demanding privet knowledge from him would give the crew confidence.

"You talking about your former best friend, Lt. Commander Jarland?" David smirked as he shook his head. "I thought you were going to ask about the night before Gladiator's epic launch from Earth. But yeah, that works."

Mercia nodded, "he's the real one. Doctor for the report purposes run a blood test, and get that man back in a hospital bed. Zeti, take the emitter band and give it to Khelev ch'koro, no one else."

"Treadagar, take this price of shit to the holding facility on level 16. MacKenzie... Go with him, find out who he is and why he was after Hawkins." Mercia growled. She wanted to interrogate him herself, but she was likely to kill him before she learned anything useful.

" medical, get a blood test on him as well, we need to know if he has any connections and exactly who he is and what his heritage is. This is classified people." she said with a firm tone as she put her weapon away. "our Romulan neighbors are testy as it is, of they find out we have a hybrid in custody they may cause us issues to get their hands on him first."

"i believe i can handle the Romulans Commander" Laural said, moving over to stand over the man on the ground. She was a little confused about what had happened, but she was looking forward to getting some answers.

Mel gave a pair of nods, "I'll get sciences up and humming, see if we can trace back some lineage, or at least see if whoever helped our hybrid bioform here come to term..."

"... left any markers or signature proteins that would shed some light on their identity. Worst to worst, I can help keep things quiet from casual observation since..."

"... I highly doubt our Romulan neighbors speak or read Dalacari." she gave a smirk.

"Do it." Mercia said quickly. "You have your orders. Get moving!" she said quickly. "Staff meeting tomorrow at 0700 hours with your reports."



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