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the interogation

Posted on Wed Nov 28th, 2018 @ 7:44am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Laural Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D.

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: prison cells

/// ON ///

Ensign Sadie Turner turned as a number of people entered the room. Recently a Klingon Hybred was dragged in and tossed in a cell.

She glanced at the intel officer and nodded, "What do you need?" she asked.

Laural sighed, "a neuro-suppressor, Klingon pain stick and 24 hours, but I'm sure I'll only get one of those things so for now just keep a close eye on our new friend" she said, keeping her eyes on the Klingon the whole time. She'd never interrogated a Klingon before, but she had read up on all previous interrogations against Klingons conducted by Starfleet Intelligence, most of which didn't help.

The confirmed Klingon Romulan hybrid was sat in the cell on the bed with one foot up and just scanned the group before him with his dark, cold eyes as he waited for it to begin. Deep down, he desired to smile in a deep Klingon way, but his romulan side was holding it back to keep his desire of irritating people.

"Anything?" David called out as he and Xander walked in behind them.

"I am just about to begin if you would care to observe" Laural said, picking up a PADD and walking towards the Spy's cell. Stopping just over a metre away from the forcefield, she looked up at the man, "look at what you've become. First a spy and now a prisoner"

The hybrid scuffed simply as he continued to scan the group and their body language. They wanted questions, but he was looking for more. "...Makes for a good biography..."

"Not much of an ending though is it? Winding up in a Federation prison cell for the rest of your natural life? Klingon Intelligence wouldn't be to happy about that. Why don't you cooperate with us on this one?" Laural said, trying to play the friendly route to begin with, "How about a name?"

"What's wrong? Did your medical scans not figure out who I am?" the prisoner smirked as he leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest as he looked coldly into the woman's eyes. He could tell how irritating it could be to not have answers to which they wanted but in the end, it wouldn't matter.

Giving a sigh, Laural stood up, walked over to the cell controls and looked over at the prisoner, “Medical scans can be faked and deceived. But one thing that is nearly impossible to deceive, an autopsy” she said, lowering the O2 levels in the cell to barely breathable levels “Let us see what your body has to tell that your tongue won’t.”

"You are a coward..." the hybrid stated as he worked hard to slow down his breathing and heart but it would only help so much before it became an issue. He knew all to well that if he continued to talk, he would burn up what air he did have left.

"Well that is one hell of a twist," David spoke up as he raised his head slightly at Laural's actions. He knew this tactic, but he also knew that there a lot more prying eyes now a days versus how they had handled things in the past. For now, he was going to allow it.

"Sir!!" Xander contested as he watched the prisoner struggle to breathe. His immediate instinct was to run and help the man, but David gave him a glance that told him otherwise. Xander turned away, trying to suppress the urge to run into the chamber with a medical kit. Xander then glared over at Laural, making sure she caught his eye, signifying his disagreement with her actions.

Keeping an eye on the prisoners vitals, Laural waited until they were nearly readable than refilled the chamber with pure O2. She knew it wasn’t healthy, but at least he would live. She’d return the atmosphere to normal in a few moments, “your technique is impressive, you are clearly well trained, a pitty you skipped the day they taught you how not to get caught by your enemy”

Sadie watched with wonder, feeling like she was getting a new hero in Laural. With rapt attention she felt like she should be taking notes, but at the same time she was eager to see what she would do next to torment the man in to giving up who he was and why he attacked their captain.

Looking at the man, Laural thought what to do next. Both Klingons and Romulans respected shows of strength, and as of yet she was unable to get a feeling of the prisoner, either empathically or telepathically. This told her that he had done training in resisting telepathy. It wouldn’t make sence for the Romulan Republic to send him with their peace with the Federation. The remnants of the Tal’Shiar on the other hand, Admiral Sela wasn’t a woman to be trifled with.

Besides the Tal’Shiar, that left the Klingons. Although their two governments were currently at peace, they were always looking for some new advantage over their long time rivals. “Now that you have some breath, how about we try again. Name”

Xander tried hard to read the man's emotions, but nothing. However, be decided to bluff. Walking up to the chamber, Xander looked at the man face, to face. "You can see from my eyes what species I am." He began, making sure the man could have a good look at the lack of an Iris in his eyes, one of the traits he inherited from his Betazed lineage. "So you know what I can do. I've not read any of your emotions yet as I have a rule of not doing so unless I have to, but I'll have no choice if you don't tell us who are."

Slowly the sharpened teeth of the hybrid showed as he smiled and started to chuckle slightly. But not for long as his breathing started to become more difficult, but not by much thus far. "Go ahead Doctor Bori. Or maybe Lieutenant Mackenzie can try threatening my life. Of course, I wouldn't mind Ensign Turner, or Sadie..." he cocked his head slightly and turned his attention fully on him. "... maybe the new blood would be into her own little threats."

After a moment, Laural started to clap slowly, "Oh well done, so you can do some research, well done indeed." She said sarcastically, "That just proves that you are too dangerous to let go."

"You, I don't know so much. Must be a new addition," the hybrid remarked as he shrugged as he started to feel the effects. Slowly he started to sigh and rub his arms. "You weren't worth looking into. Nothing interesting except you trying to prove yourself. It bore me, but Sadie on the other hand."

Laural looked at the prisoner with her own look of boredom,"Is that it? Some vague insults and lustful looks? You truly are pathetic" she said, readjusting the atmosphere inside the cell to earth sea level, "if only I could have the fun that I want to, you might have a more enjoyable time, instead you're stuck in there, no honor, no company, and no live food to eat. Even a hurk would be a more enjoyable prisoner"

A chuckle started from the hybrid as he stood up slowly and stood before them. Soon it was filled with a hearty laughter as he slowly moved stepped up to the force field. He looked at the intelligence officer as he stopped laughing and grinned from ear to ear. "You act as though I didn't plan for this. As though you are the hunter, and I am the prey. An infiltrator, who has been here for weeks, was able to bring down your petty bases power supplies and wound multiple members of your higher ranking staff without a trace, till now, wasn't prepared for being captured and placed in this pitiful box you call a cell?"

"And practically the day I arrive, you get captured. Perhaps I need to talk with security on this station after all" Laural replied, staring the man down. "Either way, you're not going anywhere any time soon."

The heavy and hearty laughter started once again as the hybrid raised his hands up and pressed against the force field. Sparks flew and everyone in the room quickly pulled their weapons as the room started to become bright from sparks. David dropped his cane he had been leaning on and rushed to the console, pushing past a couple of them. But as he made his way, the console exploded, throwing himself back and to the ground as others ducked to protect themselves. The lights and power flickered and darkened before emergency power reserves kicked in and additional security personal rushed into the area. Lights focused onto the cell as a transporter beam rushed over the hybrid as he waved his fingers at Laural as he laughed harder till it disappeared. Phaser beams shot through the phaser beam as it dissipated to quickly.

Standing up straight, Laural glared at where the hybrid had been standing. She was pissed off and this spy was going to find out what happened when you piss her off. Throwing her phaser to one of the security personal who had rushed in, Laural turned on her heal and walked out of the brig, "If you need me, Captain, I'll be in talks with the Romulan Intelligence officer."

As David and the others stood up, he looked around to see if anyone was injured. Once everything was looking ok, he looked at his Intelligence officer and nodded. "Good luck, Lieutenant. Everyone else, find me some answers and check your departments... I doubt we will see him again for a while, but won't be the last time."

Sadie stood there, mouth agape. She'd been distracted by the mans comments. She wasn't exactly a good girl, and her imagination had taken over, distracting her, and now chaos. She snapped her mouth shut and stammered, "Ye... yes sir...."

/// OFF ///

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Lieutenant JG Laural Mackenzie
Chief of Intelligence
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Ensign Sadie Turner
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


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