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Posted on Sat Dec 1st, 2018 @ 9:07am by David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D.

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: BACK POST


As the two rays of brilliant blue light eminated within sickbay, two figures began to come into view as the transporter beams began to clear. One materialized on the main surgical biobed, whilst the other stood proud about 4 foot away in one of the recovery sections.

A humanoid, dressed in a red command uniform lay unconscious on the biobed, whilst a figure who looked exactly the same as the knocked out man appeared in the recovery area. Xander looked horrified as he realised they were both Captain Hawkins.

"What the hell??? Lydia? What happened up there?" Xander asked over to her, as she entered the main sickbay. He was extremely confused. Although the Captain had requested him to attend the senior staff meeting, a patient requiring critical treatment after a plasma conduit explosion in Engineering was his priority.

"It's complicated," Lydia offered. "How much were you told?" It was probably better to establish how much he knew first.

"All I know is the Commander wants me to run blood tests on them both?" Xander looked over at the Captain stood up tall in the recovery area. "Sir? You're..... You are David?" Xander desperately tried to use his empathic ability to determine who was the real captain. "I can't sense either of you.. This has never happened before. Its almost like something is dampening my empathy."

"Its me, doc. Chill and focus on the blood work, shall we?" The real David remarked as he plopped on the nearest desk instead of a bio bed. "And how about this security!

"Well you have the Captain's personality down to a tee." Xander rolled his eyes as he waltzed over to his medical instruments being laid out by one of his Nurses.

"One of these men is an imposter," Lydia explained. "In short, we have been tasked to determine which one the best we can."

Xander looked over at both of the identical men. He then looked over at Alex, his trusted assistant and nodded, signifying their 'I take one, you take the other' tactic. Xander picked up a phlebotomy pack and headed over to the conscious 'Captain'. As Xander's hands containing the equipment hit the force field, it buzzed as the light refracted off his skin, allowing him to get close to his subjects neck. He pressed the device upto the concious David's neck and watched as the vile filled up with a deep red liquid. Once the vial was full, Xander pulled it away and removed the vial from the apparatus. "This will only take a second to analyse." He muttered, heading over to his bio-chemical analytical station.

Groaning, David rolled up his sleeve as he waited for the results. as the scans showed on a large monitor, they saw the new blood pulled up with the DNA on record. It didn't take long before the computer confirmed his identity. "Told ya," he countered as the way he said it almost was like a little child telling the adult that he wasn't lying but without the tongue sticking out of it.

Lydia smirked. "To be fair, sir, you have to admit things have been just a bit crazy and we have a reason not to take anybody's word right now."

"Yuhuh..." David raised his eye brow as though he were a vulcan slightly as he took in a deep breath and looked at the doctor. "... Well let's see what you can find out, Doc. How about that?"

Measured steps took Alexander to the side of the David that Xander had not approached. "And now its your turn. I assume you want to compare them X?" A practiced motion drew the blood into the vial in his hand.

"You read my mind, mate!" Xander shot Alex a smirk as he continued to stare at the Captain's DNA profile dancing around on the screen. He felt that if he stared hard enough an obscurity would immediately jump out at him, but nothing. "Put the vile in the dock for me." Xander watched as the data began to appear on his screen. "Alex.. Can you see what I can see??" His eyes widened at the realization of the results. "Is that Klingon DNA??"

"Looks like it," David called out as he looked at the monitor. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but that looks like Vulcan DNA as well."

"What the hell?" Lydia exclaimed, walking over to the monitor to judge for herself. "That doesn't make sense."

They paused for a moment before David sighed before looking at Lydia. "Transport him to an interrogation cell. I'll meet you down there," he ordered before he nodded and left. They had more questions now than ever...

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