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Insult to injury

Posted on Sat Nov 17th, 2018 @ 7:55pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma

Mission: The Light of Emmah

Mercia strolled through the offices on the Romulan base. She was in uniform, and here under invite. It wasn't the first time she'd been here, in fact for a while a few years ago she was making weekly visits to continue the good will and growth between the federation and the romulans. She was no diplomat, just a face, a messenger. David and Admiral Grayson thought it would be good for her, so when in town, she was the messenger.

This time she'd been asked for by name, so here she was going to the Commander of the Bases office. She took a deep breath as she paused in front of the green door, glancing at her escort who hit the chime.

The door swished open at the behest of the Base Commander. Almost never out of uniform, Prefect Satet gave Mercia as warm a welcome as a Romulan could actually muster: He acknowledged her.

"Commander Mercia." He stated, "I understand there's been a development in the recent investigations and I was curious when I was going to receive a report." he continued and motioned for her and her escort to take a seat.

Mercia's jaw twitched, before she pasted a smile on her face that her eyes did not feel. "Kavi, My given name is Kavi." she said. "StarFleet matters Prefect..." she said spreading her hands as she took a seat. "A disgruntled person attacked Captain Hawkins, we found them and are dealing with them." she said. "Is that why you called me here? A simple call would have sufficed." she said.

"Kavi." he said, committing the name to the memory of the moment. He'd file a report or something later but for now...

"I actually disagree. A call is impersonal. A call is just a casual affair but this... this isn't something casual. An attack, on this station, against a Captain. Now, I imagine that Starfleet is looking into this matter. I'll give them that credit." He said, a scowl of sorts on his face. "So, my curiosity now is, are there suspects? Anyone that I should be on the lookout for?" he asked, a half-offer to help implied, but never spoken.

Mercia shook her head, "We investigated all parties and have a suspect in custody. Your local liaisons were informed of the attack of course, and the fact the investigation is now closed. This is an internal matter, and nothing to worry your pre... erm.... Nothing to worry about." she said.

"You know, there's a saying. When someone tells you not to worry, you worry." Satet mentioned, now sitting forward in his chair. "I'd like to at least request a copy of your findings, to make sure there's no evidence of a larger plot, say... if someone were supplying them." he mentioned, motioning with a hand to illustrate a point. "An attacked snuck past all of your security, after all. I'd like to be able to say... for certain... that this matter is behind us."

Mercia shook her head, "Prefect, I am afraid you do not understand. This is an internal matter, and while we enjoy the relationship and flow of information between our people, there are some things which do not concern the Romulan government. I'm curious what information you are looking for beyond what was released to your liaison?" she asked folding her arms.

Satet set his jaw a bit, "I'm looking... as you put it... for information about the assailant. Their identity, their point of entry onto the station, even something as simple as their race. Anything peculiar or unique that would help in identifying the source of the threat." he paused, "I don't ask this to be difficult, but my offices have considerable resources and reach. All I want to do is help your investigation, in the spirit of cooperation."

Mercia arched her brows, "All of that is either classified, or under investigation." she smirked. "The spirit of cooperation extends only so far Prefect. Expressing to you a weakness in our defenses is not something we will be sharing." she said narrowing her eyes. "We appreciate your offer, but we will not be sharing this information. In the past I am aware you have had issues with extremists even here. I'm certain you can expect an inquiry to pass by your desk as a part of our ongoing investigation." she said tightly.

"I look forward to it." He said, just as tight. "Though I think at the moment we're done here. I look forward to the conclusion of your investigation and the identity and lineage of your Captain's assailant. At the moment, though, I must retire. I trust you and your escort can see yourselves out." he said as he stood, leaving no question as to the status of this exchange. This conversation was over, as far as the Prefect was concerned.

"Do give my regards to your Captain on Memphis Island." he stated as he offered a nod.

Mercia stood up, and her nature got the better of her as she started for the door. She paused and looked back, "Prefect... Why are you so interested in the race of the attacker? I feel like you have reason to be concerned that the attacker belonged to you." She folded her arms. "Did you have something to do with it? And maybe are now worried about what we know?" she asked.

There was a flash of emotion across the Prefect's features. Surprise? Concern? Anger? It was hard to tell but that calm and collected shell just cracked ever-so-slightly.

He stood, the room seeming to darken a little as his whole posture seemed to turn from 'diplomacy' to 'anger'. "How dare you imply..." he started, "How *dare* you! This meeting is over! Guard!" he yelled, and the swishing of the door was the next sound to fill the room. Romulan guards came in at the 'behest' of the Prefect.

"Commander Mercia was just leaving. Ensure she arrives at Memphis Island safely." the Prefect ordered.

"It's a reasonable question Prefect, you're acting profoundly strange about this. Most of the time you'd wait for a report, but no, this time you want details. That tells me something is up. I'll find out Prefect, if you came after my Captain there will be hell to pay." Mercia growled even as the guards put their hands on her. She yanked her arms away from them and glared at the Romulan, "Oh there will be hell to pay... you know my history." she said with a dark voice.

The Prefect simply glared back, "If you know as much about me as you think I don't know about you, you'll know it's unwise to make threats. I don't feel I even need to say it, but the offices of this facility had nothing to do with the attack on your Captain. Such an act would not only put lives at risk but would violate the security of this facility."

"Such foolishness. Good day Commander." before he turned to his summoned security detail, "See that she leaves the station safely."

Mercia felt the hands on her again as she was pulled from the office. She glared at the man again before complying with the dragging. The guards kept their grip and weapons on her until she was delivered to the transporter pad.

He waited for a solid five minutes after the door closed, almost expecting it to be kicked off the rails or to have some fool desperado charge in, phasers blazing. Once he was certain he was secure, the Prefect pulled up a communications screen on his desk, and established a connection to an unknown figure. There was no face on the other side, meaning the connection was either audio-only or the other person was shrouded in darkness.

"I expect a full report." the Prefect mentioned to the blank terminal. "And an explanation."



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