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Profound moments

Posted on Thu Nov 1st, 2018 @ 6:16pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: The Light of Emmah

Life had been rough for Mercia recently. It was hard to say that since when she was a child she'd been trained to be a seductress and murderer for profit, but she considered the last year more of a hell then that.

A year ago she was happily growing and maturing as a person and officer made it to xo thanks to the hard work of Hawkins and Grayson who invested in her. She had been dear friends with both. She had two best friends, Khelev and Vanora, they knew everything about her. She even had a really amazing boyfriend who was as hot as he was wild, perfect for her.. For the first time she had a life. And one day it was stolen from her. She'd been captured by COIL, and handed over to Frost, an evil cloned woman who called herself and her ‘sisters’ the Snow Queens.

Frost was one of the cruelest of them, she dug in to Mercia memories, made her relive the worst of them, and taunted her with the best of them. She starved and tortured Mercia for ten months before she was rescued.

It took so long because the Gladiator crew and her friends were duped by Tali, Mercias twin sister that she'd not known about. Their mother had been a slave and their masters wife wanted a baby, so their master offered her two, but the horrid woman wanted only one and took Tali. Their Master couldn't stand the idea of rejecting the other, so he kept Mercia and her mother, until he was murdered along side Mercias mother, in front of her.

Tali grew up hating Mercia, knowing all about her and blaming her for stealing her Father's love and his life, when she was presented with the chance to ruin Mercia she took it. COIL trained her and planted a memory chip in her brain. By stealing Mercia they robbed her of her memories and gave them to Tali, who was able to infiltrate and take over her life in order to sabotage the Gladiator.

COIL hadn't suspected that too long undercover and taking over Mercias memories would change Tali. The memory bridge fused In to her mind and it reprogrammed her mind. Her mission eventually fell apart and she confessed the truth. COIL found out and attempted to kill Tali by exploding the chip in her mind, it caused fairly severe brain damage and now the woman never quite knew if she was Mercia or Tali.

Then the hunt was on, they found Mercia damn well near death, as at this point Frost was experimenting on her, they needed no more memories from her.

When Mercia returned four months ago she was kept in a hospital, Vanora had been resigned while she was gone, Khelev went on a personal hunt against Frost and her sisters. David was distant… And her boyfriend disappeared when he found out he'd fallen for the wrong sister.

Trouble was, it was later found that Tali was pregnant. Mercia was mostly recovered from her months of torture, at least physically. She was still too thin, her hair a little less lush than it had been, but constant therapy was helping those issues.

With Tali mentally handicapped, Mercia had taken the baby when she was born and named her after their mother, Molly. It should have been her child… And at the moment she was all that had to hold on to. Her life was gone, her progress, her trust, and all of her relationships were gone.

She paced her house bouncing the fussy Molly as she thought about how much had changed. She'd messaged Khelev begging him to come over. He hadn't spoken to her in days. He was pissed about her trying to string Emah up for the attack on David.

She hoped he wouldn't ignore her. She was desperate to find someone who would connect with her like before. She needed a friend, and Khelev had called her family before. She needed to feel that again, but as angry with her as he was right now she may have lost that forever. If she called back or showed up she'd know…

It had taken Khelev a while to come to a decision, he’d always been close to Mercia but coming back in from the cold had changed him. His own personal path of revenge had changed him and he didn’t know if he could reconnect with her. She’d changed as well, taking care of her sister who was lost and her niece who needed a mother to care for her. It had been good to see her when he’d arrived, but after everything with Emmah he was struggling. Still, he needed to move past it.

When he arrived at the address, he was impressed with the small house she’d gotten for herself. As he walked up to the door, he hit the chime on the outside and waited for her to answer.

Mercia let out a breath as she headed for the door. She swung it open and saw the blue faced alien standing there. “Khelev.” she said. “Come in.” she said as she bounced Molli. The little girl turned her eyes towards Khelev with a whimper “Sorry she’s not wanting to get to sleep,” she said backing up and letting him in to the house. “Dinner is on the stove though, I was hoping she’d be down already.”

“It’s ok, she’s fighting and now she sees a big blue man with antenna and her curiosity is going to get the better of her,” Khelev’s voice was soft and melodic, as he smiled at Molli. “Anything I can do to help?”

Mercia shrugged, “Maybe letting her explore that curiosity will help.” she said. “Do you want to hold her? Give my arms a break.” she commented.

Molli kept her eyes on Khelev, calming at the tone of his voice.

“I’m still trying to figure out this whole being a mom thing.” she said biting her lower lip. “Sometimes I think maybe I should let Lyla adopt her…” she said her voice struggling a bit.

“Everyone has to learn, there’s no shame in that,” Khelev answered her with a smile. He held out his hands for Molli and looked down at her. “Hello sweetie. My name is Khelev.”

Mercia passed Molli Over, “She’s bold.. Not sure if its her Kavi blood or Moali blood.” she said. “Maybe it’s a mix of both.” She headed into the kitchen and checked on the dinner she’d made, and warmed up a bottle for Molli, Maybe with a snack she’d pass out. “Thanks for coming Khelev. I didn’t think you would.”

Khelev cradled Molli in his arm, she seemed very curious about him and was watching him. He reached up and gently touched her face, “It’s ok young one, you are safe in my arms.” He looked up at Mercia, as his antenna went to the sides. “I would have called you if I wasn’t going to show.”

Mercia paused and glanced back at him, “I guess.” she said slowly. She set two plates on the table and picked up Mollis bottle. She handed it to him, “Just make sure she doesn’t suck down any air, she screams like a banshee when she has a bubble.” she warned him. She looked at him as they sat down, feeling mildly awkward, but at the same time pleased to see Molli so enamored by him.

“I’ll be careful,” Khelev said softly, he looked up over at Mercia one he had Molli happily feeding from the bottle. “What do you mean you guess? We both may have had to change for a lot of reasons, but that doesn’t mean I want to cut you out.”

“Really?” Mercia asked him, “Because you haven’t talked to me in days, and only talked to me when you had to during the investigation. You’re pissed that I didn’t believe Emmah.” she stated. “I was so happy to see you. And yet… I feel like there is so much tension.”

“There is, I wasn’t happy about the way you went after Emmah but I didn’t want to believe she’d done it either,” Khelev admitted, before glancing down at Molli. He said a few quiet words in Andorian, they were very melodic in nature. “It’s always possible to get past such things.”

Mercia leaned back and watched him as Molli relaxed and started get heavy eyes. “That's it, you’re coming over for bedtime every night.” she said quietly, as she watched Molli snuggle in him and suck down her bottle. “Getting past it… never been one of my strong points.” she commented.

“I’m aware,” Khelev let out a low chuckle, before he looked down at Molli. He was surprised at how safe she seemed to feel in his arms, it was only his first time meeting her. “And I don’t think I can come over here every night, even if Molli is a little angel.”

“She's only being an angel for you.” she said. “For me she likes stare me down and yell at me, and shes only four months old.” she sighed. “So, how is Emmah doing? I’ve not spoken to her since this went down.” she said biding a little more time until Molli passed out.

“She’s doing ok I think, it’s not an easy thing to go through for anyone,” Khelev took a deep breath before shaking his head. “She is still young, only a few years and while yes she’s an AI, this was a big deal.”

Mercia made a face, “It’s so easy to see her like Elian. He tortured me, and I didn’t realize how I much I still struggled with it until I heard that Emmah had attacked David.” She thought back to the AI that was turned on the same day as Emmah, Emmah called him her brother. His program had been corrupted by the same people who kidnapped Mercia last year. As a part of it Elian had become obsessed with tormenting the crew and forcing Mercia to become his loyal XO, while he took command of the ship.

“I just… saw Elian from the moment I heard, and I’m not sure I can see her differently and that is a problem.” she said as she got up. “She’s out… come with me and you can put her in her cib, too much jostling and she’ll wake up again and be pissed.”

“Sounds like you for sure,” Khelev chuckled softly, he slowly stood up and eased the bottle out of her mouth before setting it on the table and turning to follow Mercia. “Let’s go Kavi, you have to show me where this little one goes.”

Mercia smiled and led him through the house and up the stairs. The room at the end of hall was a small and cozy room setup for a baby girl, crib, toys, rocking chair, everything. She flicked on the low light in the room and motioned to the crib. “Go slow, trust me on that.” she said quietly as she watched him.

Seeing him with the baby made her feel more alone. He was just visiting tonight but she hated doing this alone. She adored Molli, she couldn’t stomach the idea of giving her up, but being alone with her was hard.

“Go slow hmmm?” Khelev looked over the crib as he approached it, It took him a second but he got his hands under her and set her down gently. Once she was down, he waited for a minute before he started backing out of the room. Once they were outside, he smiled at her. “Come on, I’m hungry.”

“Me too.” she said smiling, “I remember you telling me about your nieces and nephews.” she commented, “No wonder they adored you.” she said. She bit her lower lip knowing that bringing them up might not go over so well. Their loss had been a part of his need to hunt the Snow Queens down. She headed down the stairs back to the table where the plates of food was waiting.

“They were good kids,” Khelev commented solemnly, as the two of them headed back down. He took his seat at the table and started to dig into the food. “I’ve always been pretty good with kids, she’s adorable.”

Mercia started to eat her meal, “I’ve never been good with kids, when I was a kid I killed other kids to ensure I ate… I see the worst in kids, and I’m worried that I won’t see the good in Molli and I’ll mess her up. Make her the worst kind of Kavi… but I named her Molli hoping she’d be more like a grandmother.”

“You’re a Starfleet officer, aren’t you trained to see the best in people?” Khelev asked her with a teasing smile. “You’ll see good in her and you may not believe it but you will do right by her. Just make sure she has some other good influences in her life.”

Mercia soffed, “You know me Blue. I’ve never exactly taken on Starfleets mindset of people.” she told him. “The fact so many people saw it in me is baffling.” she made a face. She took a few bites of food, “I’m trying to ensure she has good influence… right now Lyla is the primary. She treats her like her grand daughter.” she said softly. “I’m still not confident I shouldn’t ask her to adopt her. I’m not sure I can do this alone.” she said her voice cracking slightly as she considered it again. Every time someone was here, someone did the smallest thing to help with Molli she felt it all over again. It was strongest watching Khelev with Molli.

She cleared her throat before she took a couple more bites, “So, tell me about the hunt you left me behind for.” she said a little more sourly.

“I do know you, you’re not the poster girl but you’re more idealistic than you want people to think,” Khelev looked up at her, pausing between bites to take a look at her. “As far as Molli, you do what you must but ask yourself, is she family? If she is family she belongs with you, that matters more than what you think about how you’ll do.”

There was a pause as he took another bite of food, it was really good and he was happy she’d invited him over. He’d have to cook for her next time.

“What do you want to know? I was angry, wanted to kill as many of them as I could and that’s exactly what I did. Because I did it right, kept myself clean, I was able to come back whole.”

Mercia gave him a knowing look, “Did you really?” she asked him. “I’ve gone on a hunt too, staying whole…. How does that happen?” she demanded.

“I meant to Starfleet,” Khelev replied with a half raised brow. “As far as me? I don’t know what I am anymore. I have all the skills of an engineer but that seems too boring.”

“I agree.” she said. “Engineering is incredibly boring. Zeti makes me fall asleep in briefings more than you ever did.” she said. “You shouldn’t have been alone.” she said finishing the last bit of her food. She couldn’t help herself, she was still a little angry.

“I wasn’t alone, I just didn’t bring you with me and you’re pissed at me for it,” Khelev shot her a look. “I don’t care if you’re pissed about it, it was the right call. You didn’t need to be in the middle of that.”

Mercia glared at him as she stood up and took her plate to the sink and dropped it in. “Yes I did. It wasn’t your call.” she said leaning against the counter and folding her arms. “I am pissed and You are going to have to damn well listen to me be pissed about it for a while, because I need you to understand.”

“And you need to understand that it was my call. It was my ship and I brought aboard the crew I needed,” Khelev said with a grunt. “Even if I didn’t bring on all the crew that I wanted to bring on board.”

She tucked her hair behind her ear, “If you wanted me there You’d have made it happen, so I know you didn’t want me there. They tortured me Khelev, worse than the birds of prey, worse than Father. The fact I’ve not killed a single damn one of those sisters, and you did while I sat here and endured counseling,...” she sneered, “therapy and settling back into my so called stable career… How can you not understand why I’m so angry? You’d be damn pissed if I did that to you. I’m not some simple little human.”

“I never said you were a simple little human, that’s not at all what I’m trying to say,” Khelev growled at her, before waving his hand at her. “I know what you went through, I know how bad it was and I know you wanted revenge. I wanted it too, but not like you. I wanted to dismantle them, tear them down brick by brick, you just wanted to kill. It was a different fight and you would have been a distraction.”

Mercia narrowed her eyes at him, “A distraction?! No Khelev, I would have been an asset.” she hissed. “Dismantling, Killing… with the snow Queens those go hand in hand. How many did you kill?” she demanded.

“What does that matter? I never got a firm idea of how many there were, so there’s know way to know if I got them all,” Khelev said with a grunt. “Something I regret but don’t have the ability to change.”

“It matters to me.” she told him. “Because You decided you didn’t need me on the hunt. You decided for me, and I could have helped you find them all. I was being tortured but I still had intel you could have used to find more.” she said. “Because I know for sure you missed two you don’t even know exist, and I’d have helped you find them.” she growled.

“And you would have lost everything, the project refit girl couldn’t keep it together. I was trying to protect you,” Khelev set down the utensil he had been eating with and glared at her. “I’m sorry I didn’t let you throw your career away for a suicide mission.”

“Bout damn time you apologized.” she growled at him. “Don’t ever try to decide my path for me again.” she said. “If I throw my career away then its mine to throw away. I’m a fighter, and I’m going to live like one. I need your support not your protection Khelev.”

“And so I was supposed to just watch you die? Lose someone else I care about?” Khelev shot back, glaring at her. “I couldn’t have handled that and you know it.”

She scoffed, “I wasn’t wanting to go out there to die. I’d have fought next to you, and if death came it would come with us side by side like it should be, but it is a hell of a lot more likely that we’d have won, together, and I’d be far more whole.” she said tightly.

“And then I’d have to suffer losing you, I wasn’t willing to do that,” Khelev snapped at her. “You’re not getting it Merci. I’d lost everyone but you, if I lost you I lost everything.”

She dropped her arms as she watched him a long moment. Did she really matter that much? They’d been close friends for years, he called her family, but she hardly knew the meaning. She never had family till now. “And what about me…? You decided to risk me suffering the lost of you.” she frowned feeling like she was grasping at straws. She was trying to still be angry with him, but his words were piercing, and profound. “Do I really matter THAT much?”

“Yes,” Khelev said with a slight growl, he closed his eyes for a moment before opening them and looking at her. “If I had died I knew you’d be angry, I made sure I left you a few things if that happened.”

She frowned, “You left me? Things?” she asked him. She moved to the table and took his empty plate and put it in the sink next to hers. “What did you leave me?”

“I’m still alive, I don’t think I can tell you,” Khelev said with a half smirk as he looked at Mercia. “You’ll have to wait until I’m dead to get what I left you.”

She folded her arms and smirked at him, “Oh well then… I just have to out live you huh?” She playfully scowled, her anger starting to ebb away, even though she wanted to be angry still. “Or is that a challenge to kill you so I get your stuff?” she said narrowing her eyes at him.

Khelev’s antenna arched towards her slightly and flashed her a grin, “You should be careful with such talk, an Andorian might take that as some kind of advance. Not that I’d mind, you’ve been with too many inferiors.”

Mercias mouth opened a little as his words processed in her mind. “Khelev chKoro are you flirting with me?” she asked him. “Or just taking a last chance pot shot at the ass hole I was in to before I was kidnapped and he knocked up my sister?” she smirked.

Khelev’s antenna parted slightly, before he stood up and walked over to where she was standing, he looked down at her as a smile crossed his lips. “I never liked him, he wasn’t good enough for you… I just kept my mouth shut because you seemed happy.”

She scoffed, “You didn’t keep your mouth shut, thats bull shit.” she said looking up at him. “Besides, It wasn’t him that wasn’t good enough… I’m nothing special… just a big opinionated stubborn pain in the ass.”

“Stop that,” Khelev shot her a glare. “You are special, so don’t talk down about yourself. There’s no reason for it. And I kept my mouth shut a whole lot more than you thought I did, or things likely would have gotten bad.”

“Bad huh?” she asked her voice lowering a little. Admittedly she was a little confused, and yet intrigued. “Are you trying to say that you thought about changing the nature of our relationship and competing with him for my attention?” she asked.

“Something like that, yeah,” Khelev chuckled softly, before he reached up and gently touched her cheek. “I think I’m trying to say I’ve always wanted to be more than just your friend. Not sure what you think of that.”

Mercia swallowed hard, for a brief moment wondering if he was teasing her. “I guess you’re going to have to do something daring an find out if I slap you or not?” she smirked at him.

“I guess so,” Khelev smiled at her again, before he reached down and grabbed her hips and pulled her close to him. He tilted his head and leaned down and kissed her lips fully, enjoying the taste of them.

Mercia was a little surprised, but after a moment her hands moved to his face and she gave in to his kiss. She felt a rush through her as she felt like this moment was one of those profound life changing moments. She pulled back suddenly and knew exactly what she had to do.

She slap him as hard as she could across his face.

Khelev just grinned at her, maybe they’d fight about it all again or maybe not but her hitting him meant she felt the same way about him. He growled at her before he picked her up and carried her off happy as could be.


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