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That New Ship Smell

Posted on Wed Nov 28th, 2018 @ 7:54am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & Lieutenant JG Laural Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Caleb Jennsen & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D.

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Observation Deck - Deep Space 5

/// ON ///

The sound of the crowds behind him were hard to drown out as he focused into the distance of the blackness of space, overviewing the planet below. In the far distance, there was a nebula which seemed to glow and shimmer reminding them of the unique properties that this solar system had with its neighbors. But his focus was more on the distant horizon of the planet. He knew that they would be coming that way and it was only time.

=^=Ops to Captain Hawkins=^=

"Go head," he responded over the crowd. Luckily, he was using his private ear comm so it wasn't hard to hear them in his left ear.

=^=They have just dropped out of warp about four minutes ago, and they should be docking within five minutes. Primary Docking Port 6.=^=

"Roger that. Thanks, Ops." he ended as he saw something rise up around the planet's far side. He smirked slightly as he enjoyed the slow moving ship coming into view.

As with any important occasion, Xander preferred to be on the observation deck rather than in Sickbay. Partially so he didn't miss out on anything and so he could also advise the Captain on any cultural medical issues with any alien species they came into contact with. He watched in awe as the ship began to take form glistening slightly in the light of the local star.

Celeb was behind the controls of his fighter. The flight of six was holding position preparing for a fly-past as part of the ceremony to mark the arrival of the the Gladiator. Getting the green light from control the formation broke begin a pre planned series of maneuvers that streaked past the observation deck as the Gladiator maneuvered into it's dock. Giving the final order the entire flight moved into a delta formation and engaged the plasma tail leaving a brilliant streaks behind them as they did a final pass.

=/\= "Alight good job ladies and gents, begin landing procedures." =/\= He ordered the group as they moved into position to land aboard the gladiator forming the first of her air group.

:: Docking Port 6 ::

The hiss of the airlock confirmed the solid seal as the mooring dock secured. A light on the side of the hatch changed from a cautionary orange to a welcoming green and then the airlock slid to the side as a pair of figures walked down the gangway. Sleek, exotic, and dressed in an alien uniform that complimented the fact that the pair were in fact identical twins. A pleasant two-piece uniform in a soft blue color with white trim and accents, with some form of rank indication along the right shoulder of each twin.

Mel looked really good in a uniform, that much was undeniable. She actually wore a brighter smile as she stood there before David. "I hope you don't mind. I burned through most of my Buoy budget this month getting recipes from home. I had a little..."

"... to spare, so I got the fabricator prints for a proper Dalacari uniform. Don't worry, I'll change back into the..."

"... official Starfleet uniform before we go anywhere, I just wanted to surprise you." she said with a pair of giggles. "Welcome to the ..."

"... DLE Gladiator, Cartography Class." she held a breath for a moment, "I'm just teasing, welcome back." and she held out her hand in a symbol of friendship, but rather than her hand being out to shake, it was out flat, like she was expecting something placed in her palm.

"Dalacari greet each other different than humans do." she explained to David, then showed him the proper gesture. It seemed similar to the concept of a handshake, except that the hands gently grasped a little closer to the elbow than actually grasping each other, and one arm lay atop the other, rather than a side by side gesture. Once the demonstration was complete, that one twin held her hand out as before.

"In Dia's name, I greet you traveler." the pair said in unison. It actually FELT like some kind of bizarre first contact, despite the fact that Mel and David had known each other long enough to know how each other took their coffee. The only clue that this was all a ploy was that the twin that WASN'T greeting David had a hint of a smile on her features.

Captain Hawkins smirked as he looked around a bit before nodding at his twin formed officer who was out of uniform. "Sounds like you did well in bringing her in.

Mercia whistled as she approached. "Shiney new ship, any bets on how long before we put some holes in it?" she asked before she tapped the nearest bulkhead with the toe of her boot.

Mel gave a pair of smirks, "Please don't kick my ship." she said with a giggle each. "I mean, technically it's not MY ship but..." and then she grew thoughtful. "Three weeks. Ten eBits."

The Russian came through after the main group, just now catching up with them. His mohawk was spiked up, and his marine green uniform crisp, if not the correct patches for his current assignment. These were the only things going for the groggy and tired marine. When he saw both forms of Mel he paused, looked down at the large thermal cup of coffee he was working on, took a drink, squinted really hard and looked back at the aliens. He swore he put the right bottles of whiskey in his coffee this morning.... how /irished/ up was this batch. He took another sip, and got the familiar taste of synthetic whiskey. "Ello."

At the sight of the lumbering mohawked Russian, Mel straightened up. This was someone new, someone she hadn't met before. Possibly an actual representative of the Starfleet Marine Corp... which she never had heard of. Might be a secret? Maybe there wasn't any?

"It's always nice to meet a new friend." she offered, and one form held out a hand in the traditional human greeting of the handshake. The Dalacari gesture, it seemed, was more a show at David's expense. "My name's Mel Torma. I'm a Dalacari." the form with its hand extended said nothing, but the other twin did all the talking.

"You'll get used to it, I hear."

Karbainov took the offered hand gingerly and then shook it. "Appologies Mel Torma of the Dalacari, I was unsure what I put in my coffee this morning as such angelic figures such as yourself are usually the result of vast quantities of drink." The Russian gave her a polite nod as he finished shaking her hand. "I am Marine Captain Gennadiyech, detachment commander. "

Did Mel just blush?

"T.. Thank you." she accepted after a pause, "It's very nice to meet you, Captain Gennadiyech." her accent was terrible, but she nailed the pronunciation of an alien name with relative proficiency. "I can assure you though, my people aren't a drink induced..." and she stopped talking.

Her twin, however, picked up the conversation immediately and flawlessly, "... hallucination. Though, studies conducted by the Ministry of Singular Relations show that some races find the presence of alcohol does help in dealing with first time..." and it happened again, another flawless shift.

"... conversation with my people." If the pair weren't standing relatively close together, this could get confusing fast.

Watching the little back and forth between the twins brought a wide and involuntary smile to the Russian's face. He had been bouncing around the stars since Constitution refits were the hot fast starship and felt he had seen it all. The normally stoic and cloistered marine found himself thoroughly enjoying the conversation. "If not drink induced maybe dream induced. " he smiled and took another drag of his coffee. "What about second conversations? Has your species studied that? Maybe our own experiment over dinner?"

The pair gave a smile each, careful not to show teeth. "You're quite the charmer, and it might be working." she admitted while holding the smile with her other form. "A friendly chat over a friendly meal, I'll accept."

Her twin kicked in after a momentary pause, "Anything more than that though, and I'll have to let you down gently."

"Cultural exchange, though, certainly. I'll bring dessert." a pause, "That... sounded more sensual than I expected. Sorry."

The Marine laughed. "A friendly chat is always welcome, as is dessert..." he smiled and gave Mel a polite nod. "And I want it added to the ships log that I was friendly and charming, you will need proof when I am standard issue grumpy marine...."

He took a sip of his almost gone coffee and smiled at the group. "This is where we part ways, I will be in Marine HQ if needed, good luck with ship launchy stuff."

Mel gave the marine a pair of smiles, "Consider it done. Marked and logged for the record on this day, by Dia's grace, that a Marine was both..."

"... friendly *AND* charming. A department breakthrough, I suppose." she giggled. "I'm sorry, but our marines back home are literally..."

"... mechanical. We use drone forces, so I don't have a frame of reference." she paused for a moment. "And thank you, everything should be by..."

"... the book for the actual official launch so, we have that to look forward to."

"He's not the worst Marine I've ever met," Zeti pipped up, she was looking out one of the big windows at the new ship watching it closely. There were still a few workbees doing their final checks and being the ever vigilant engineer, she was watching them closely. She took a sip from her mug, before looking back at the other officers. "There is a reason why we nickname the Marines jar heads and crayons are a major part of their diet."

"Watch it..." David muttered loudly as he cleared his throat. "Just cause he wears the uniform doesn't mean he is alone." He smirked as he looked at Zeti, then the rest. "How about we take charge of this boat and get going. We been stuck on the planet for far to long."

"And what color is your favorite in your morning coffee?" Zeti asked, with a half arched brow and a smirk. "I liked being planet side, nothing like being able to wear a bikini and enjoy the hedonistic life style."

Mercia laughed, "I second that... Although I'm not sure I've managed to get back my bikini body yet." she said pinching her thin wrist. She was skin and bones when sh got back, she was close to looking normal, but she felt like she was still too small and gaunt. "But I am getting a little antsy."

"Blue..." David smirked as well before looking back. "Well I tell you what. Zeti and her Engineering staff have to do a quick look over of the ship and each department has their own supplies and areas to prep for launch, so we have some time. Not to mention that debrief with Internal Affairs and the JAG on the hybrid issue. We should see them arriving in a day or two, so enjoy the beaches ladies."

"As much as I appreciate the look of a bikini, I don't like to swim in them." Mel commented, "Mostly because they don't offer much buoyancy assist."

A pause, and then the pair struck a dismal pose, "Outside of high-density water, Dalacari actually sink. Consequence of Dalacar being a 1.3 gravity world."

Walking along the gangway leading to the ship, Laural seemed disinterested in the group ahead of her. She was more interested in getting to her new office to make sure that the equipment she had ordered had been installed properly. Although she trusted Starfleet engineers to keep ships running, they always seemed to mess up when it came to installing surveillance devices and other intelligence related items

The twin forms of Mel Torma noticed a new face approaching, and offered Laural a friendly wave. "Oh, hello." one of the twins greeted verbally, while the pair of them simply waved. Dalacari were weird.

Looking over his shoulder, David noticed the new arrival. "Ah, Laural. You come to check out the new digs as well?"

Stopping next to David, Laural nodded, "might as well make sure that my equipment had been installed correctly" she said, turning to the two Dalacari, "and hello to you. although I've never met one of your species before, you do remind me of the Binars"

Mel, to her credit, gave a smirk each. "I get that a lot. We should chat later when we all have the time. If you've never met a Dalacari before I really think you should."

Her silent twin then joined the conversation, "I may be biased a bit, but we're an exceptional people." and at that, the pair giggled before turning to David, "She's all your's. The ship..."

"... I mean, not the, you know what? Nevermind. She's all your's." and the pair giggled again.

A sight expression of surprise crossed Laural’s face before returning to her normal serious expression. She wasn’t sure where that feeling had come from and so she quickly dismissed it, she had more important things to worry about. Quickly turning, she walked off into the ship.

Mercia smirked, "I'd call you arrogant... but I'm not sure you'd be insulted by it...." she quipped at the twin forms, she opened her mouth to continue when David cut her off.

"Alrighty people. Let's get going. If anyone needs me, I'll be checking out my new office and bridge. Mercia, be nice and get things prepped for our crew. I don't want to be here longer than we need to be. Sue me, I want to get out there on our own once again," David ordered as he started down the hall. "If you are joining me on the bridge, let's go."

Mercia shrugged her shoulders then she tapped her comm badge, "Kavi to Jennsen, I need a readiness report at 1400 hours, including a check over of the docking stations int he hanger bay" she paused and looked at the others around her, "You heard the man! get to work!" she barked before she jogged down the hall to catch up with the man. Despite walking with a cane, he was still quick as could be. "So whats this about blue coffee?" she asked.

/// OFF ///

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Commander Mercia Kavi
Executive officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Lieutenant JG Laural Mackenzie
Chief of Intelligence
USS Gladiator - A

Lieutenant Mel Torma
Science Officer
USS Gladiator - A


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