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Posted on Tue Dec 4th, 2018 @ 8:56am by Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Orbit

/// ON ///

The shuttlecraft launched itself from the Saber class frigate, completly darked out, not answering to orbital control. The man at the controls was new to this, finishing his certification for special operations flying. As Karbainov watched the Sargent interact with the First Sargent, taking tips and pointers as they adjusted the course manually, instruments dark, he smiled. His wished he could keep his whole detachment with him, but keeping his command team togeather, all of which had been with him for at least a year, was a major win in his book.

He turned his attention back to his terminal, he was the electronic eyes and ears of the team during this training episode. He signaled ground control at Mephis Island that they were making their approach in the dark. A normal combat manuver, but one rarely practiced during times of peace.

The shuttle gracefully made it to ground, landing in a deserted pad. It took just a few moments to completly shut off the ship, everything dark, just like they would on a mission.

The marines filed out, single file, camoflauge SOF uniforms still emblazened with the MACO patch, their sea bags slung over their shoulders. Karbainov followed, lost in thoughts. The line passed a solitary marine waiting for them. They saluted as they passed, and Karbainov stopped.

"Long time no see..." He saluted and put his sea bag down, offering his hand in a handshake. "Sorry we took so long, the Miranda class transport sent for us broke down... a lot... we ended up having to arrange alternative transportation."

"I bet..." John spoke up after giving the man a two finger salute before shaking the mans hand. "Trust me, you haven't missed much when it comes to the day to day life in this planet. So how have you been? I saw your last general in charge had one hell of a stick up his ass when it came to you."

The Russian shook the man's hand back. "I have been well thanks, we've been in some nasty fighting, stuff I haven't seen since the Dominion War... and yes the General and I did not get along at all.... so what is the plan here?"

"Plan?" John chuckled as he turned and started to lead the marine away from the transports. "Well you know Davy, he never really plans ahead. But you should be happy, he assigned you as his marine detachment commander. A little paperwork, but nothing an old man like yourself couldn't handle."

Karbainov glared at John and shook his head. "Old man indeed... " he walked past the transports. "I thought you would be detachment commander?... you are the /senior/ officer." He shot back. "Maybe you should be doing the paperwork. "

"Oh I already am. Davy put me in charge of the Marine contingent that are assigned to Memphis Island and something along the lines of task force marine commander? Don't ask, best not to," the colonel rolled his eyes as he sighed before they rounded a corner. "But hey, you are getting a hand full of new recruits to break in from the ground up. Got to be excited about that."

"Oh boy! Cowboy is in charge of taskforce now!" Karbainov said with a smile, giving John a hearty pat on the back. He threw his gear down on a Grav-sled and put in his key code for later retreival. "Are these 'normal' recruits or... project refit recruits... because I am not totally sold on this program..." Tough words for someone who had been releived of his command and court martialed once upon a time. One on one cases of redemption and rehabilitation sure, but concentrating them all in one unit? On the frontier? He shook his head thinking of all the possiblities that could go wrong.

"Yeah well, you know how David works. He is all about giving second chances. The Project Refit program isn't his baby, but he is a major voice when it comes to it, along with the first officer. And that also means having to deal with a group of kids that were found ok n this planet. Some of them have been added to the program, especially their group leader, a Zul'arra," John explained.

Karbainov groaned and rubbed his temples. "Kids?" He wasn't here to babysit...

"Zul'arra is very skilled and capable. She has been in the program for a while and already advanced past second year cadet, so she is now ready for field training in the program."

"I don't think I have ever heard of a unit doing a field training with a marine cadet.... do I have a chance to meet her before this happens? Or is this all set in stone already?" The Russian thought for a moment. "What will she be billeted as?"

"Just like all other officers, now a days. You know... officers in training," John commented as he shook his head. "You must have hit your head a lot out there over the years, haven't ya."

"Whaaaaaat?" Karbainov said incredulous. "Big new special program... training... I had no idea..." he teased. He didn't like it and knew playing stupid wasn't going to work, he was just too damn tired to try anything else. He would put up a better fight after some sleep. Of course he would have to go through his roster first....

"It's actually spit out some decent recruits," the colonel remarked as he knew not everyone was up for this. But Hayter had also learned a valuble lesson that not everything is as bad as it seems. Its worse. Still, this one wasn't his baby. But Zul'arra, she was someone he had helped personally. So it made sense as to why he wanted to see her successes.

"Fine fine fine." Karbainov said putting his hands up in surrender. "I will give all this madness a try... was there anything else?"

"Ummm... oh the XO is from the Refit program... But she is pretty hot. I screwed that chance, but I think you would enjoy your time with her," John replied. "But I'll let you get settled in. Send me your equipment request after getting approved by Commander Kavi. I'll get ya set up." With that the colonel smirked as he headed off in his own direction. "And don't do anything I would do."

Karbainov muttered some choice words in Russian under his breath as he glares at John. He really hoped he didnt try to play matchmaker in some misguided attempt to find him companionship. After all he swore off dating when he turned 100....

/// OFF ///


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