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Forming Up

Posted on Tue Dec 4th, 2018 @ 8:58am by Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D

Mission: The Light of Emmah
Location: Marine Barracks
Timeline: Prior to Launch

Marine Barracks
Prior to launch

As he walked the halls to the Barracks, Karbainov could not help but wonder at the new ship, and the possibilities she had in store for them. A feeling he had almost forgotten. Stepping into his small office that was adjacent to the Marine Combat Control Center, and assembly area he noted that everyone was milling about as he had requested. ‘At least they can follow an assembly order…’ he thought to himself as he adjusted his dress uniform and placed his cover on the desk. His chest was almost clean of medals, he never wore any of the ones he had accumulated up to the point he became a Marine. He did his best to make sure that part of his life never crossed paths with this one. He thought it was helping him heal.

He had gone over the roster last night and given up a quarter of the way through… The unit was comprised of every screw up in the sector…. and adjacent ones. His hopes for military discipline were low, and well, so was any advancement of his career with this assignment. He shook the last part of the thought out of his now bald head. ‘You gave up on your career a long time ago, when you stepped down from Captain…’ he thought to himself, knowing that deep down he still measured his success in medals and promotions. He wondered if that was vain, or the most efficient manner of measuring if he was doing a good job or not.

His First Sergeant chimed the door and entered. The Korrodosian was in his dress uniform as well Karbianov noticed… he hadn't told anyone else how to dress today. He wanted to make a strong first impression.

“Best foot forward….” the master sergeant said with a smile as Karbainov stepped out of his office. War face on he glared at everyone in the room. “Attention! Assemble by squads!” He barked and the chaotic group of people slowly organized…

Resisting the urge to shake his head he just watched and waited for the group to figure themselves out. Officers in a separate row in front of their Squads he noticed, much to his surprise that they were all in full Dress as well… including… A female Cardassian? Karbainov’s glare burned for a split second before he controlled his composure, shooting a nasty look to his first Sergeant who just smiled.

“Greetings… I am Karbainov Grenndivych…. Captain of this detachment. There will be an official ceremony, I am sure, but I want to let you know what this is all about.” He began to speak, watching the room. “I have looked over the personnel files… I am not impressed…. you are a bunch of disciplinary cases, screw ups and has beens…” The reaction he got was what he expected, anger, dismay, even the ones he saw suddenly become glassy eyed to toon him out had a thin glaze of fiery anger in their eyes. Good, he could work with that.

“I will not tolerate a lot of things, general orders will be issued for this detachment at the end of this speech… we are not official yet, so if you want to transfer, to somewhere safe and easy, be my guest. There is the door…” He said pointing.

“However… I will give you all a chance.” He said solemnly. “Because, at one point in your life you made a decision… to join the Corps… to forsake luxury and comfort and join the infantry… This will not be an easy chance. For we do not have an easy task… we are this ship’s department of last resort. When we are called upon everything else has failed. All other options have been exhausted. The odds we always be against us!”

“This does not make us better than our Fleet brothers and sisters, no, far from it. A scientist is far more useful than we are, a doctor or a teacher can practice their craft far more regularly than we will. To be a Marine in this unit is to be a servant to those who need our protection, and to be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. I can promise two things, absolute terror or boredom. There is no inbetween. This unit will remain constantly vigilant and aspire to the highest standards of readiness. If you don’t like it… there is the door… your done. Just walk away….”

“Heavy weapons and other gear will not be part of our operational load out yet. We will be starting at square one. All of you will be recertified in your areas of specialization and undergo retraining in general infantry tactics. Myself included. If you are here for the cool toys and special forces crap, go… there is the door…”

“I will not order you to do anything that I would not do, or have not done myself… you all will be held to the standards I hold myself too, and that is final. We are this ship’s last shield when things go wrong… let us be a damn good one!”

He had not watched the crowd as much as he could have, so when he looked up to see 100% attention from 100% of the unit he was surprised. Much of the anger was still in their eyes... but there was something else.. hope? He mentally bet himself that he lost a quarter of them today, that tomorrow at 0600 when PT started he would be looking at a much smaller group.

“Dismissed!” he barked as he turned to walk back into his office, catching another glimpse of the Cardassian, and noting, in spite of himself and his prejudice, that she did look rather good in that uniform. He almost burst into flames at the thought, waves of mixed emotions running through him. He dug deeper through them, there was something there he was familiar with. Thrill. He couldn't believe himself almost feeling the thrill of building a unit and commanding it again… he sat down in his chair and shook his head seriously wondering if he was going mad.


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