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Old Wounds/New Wounds

Posted on Wed Mar 27th, 2019 @ 1:18pm by Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D. & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & Lieutenant JG Alexander Percival M.D. & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D.

Mission: Jarland
Location: Marine Commander's Office/Sickbay
Timeline: Back Post


“I should warn sick bay they are coming. Good bout gentlemen.” The russian turned and walked back to his office. Slowly. The minute he was through the door he collapsed on the small couch and let himself gasp for air for a moment.

“I know why you did it… I know how you did it… but still…” The first sargent stepped into the room with a medical kit, the tricorder already out. He shook his head.

=/\= “Medical Emergency, Marine Commander’s office.” =/\=

“I’m fine… I’ve been through worse…”


Xander heard the bellowing cry for help over the ships intercom and quickly stepped into action.

"Alex! Prep the biobed, sounds like we've got incoming."

Slapping the panel to turn it on, Percival queued the readouts for trauma assessment and pulled out a fine scanner. They would need meticulous readouts.

=/\= "Sick bay to Marine Command!" =/\=

Karbainov tried to tap his chest to get to his communicator first, but being in his PT uniform he didn't have one on him. First Sargent Eval smiled as he tapped his.

=/\= "Go ahead sickbay."=/\=

=/\= "Is the patient conscious and breathing? If so I suggest an emergency beam out." =/\=

=/\= "Yeah he is stable, and I would recommend that as well, otherwise you might not get him to go to sickbay..."=/\=

The glare the russian gave his friend could have melted durasteel, but all he got back was a smirk as he activated a wall panel and gave the cooridnates for the emergency transport. The Marine Captain disapeared in a blue flash and reapeared on the bio bed.


In russian.


He glared at the doctor. "Its just broken ribs! Gah!" He growled as the white hot pain he was experinceing flooded his vision with sparkling stars... or was that from the blow to the head?

"Its never JUST broken ribs with you marines you know...." Alex spoke up as he approached the Captain. "We go through this every time. If youd stop and get treated..." he allowed his voice to trail off in frustration.

Karbainov glared, and wheezed as he tried to sit up. His breathing was getting worse. He was quite proud of himself for winning the fight but was starting to think he may have over did it.

Xander tried to be empathetic with his patient, but Captain Karbainov was a frequent visitor to his Sickbay but would always play down his injuries and usually refuse to be treated. "Don't make me relieve you from duty and confine you to quarters captain......" Xander sighed. "You know that's an order I don't take lightly." He walked over to the Captain and hovered a tricorder over his body, hoping to come up with a diagnosis. "You've got severe internal bleeding in the abdomen, a ruptured spleen and 6 broken ribs and a cracked sternum. I'm going to have to operate..." Xander looked worryingly over at Alex, showing how grave the Captain's condition was as he walked off to get a hypospray of anaesthetic.

Alexander muttered under his breath and flicked his fingers to get the readout onto the main display. "Computer, type and cross Captain Gennadiyevich and begin replication of Packed cells and plasma, Rhesis negative and nonreactive."

"Working" the computer answered his inquiry.

"Start replication at 3 units and hold."

There was a bleep of affirmative from the computer. Alexander's next move was to place a mask over the Captain's nose and mouth and fill the reservoir with an ancient classic Albuterol sulfate. Each breath produced a slight puff of gas from the reservoir, ensuring both oxygen delivery and zero waste of medicine.

The Russian was cooperating for the most part now, even if he was swearing under his breath occasionally in Russian. He knew from experience that internal bleeding was not something to mess around with. He was sure the doctors would find it a little more difficult than normal to treat him due to the severe trauma he had sustained while he was a POW and denied medical treatment. With this in his mind he contained his resistance and angst to passive measures such as swearing.

"Is the breathing getting easier?" Percival asked quietly as he cut off the pt shirt he was wearing and tossed it into the recycler. A cool spray of sanitizing agent and the field where they would be operating was sterile.

Karbainov had calmed down considerably, making an 'ok' sign with his hand. His mind started to form a steely resolve desipite his diminished state, there was a lot of fight left in the Marine.

"Good." Percival answered with a quiet sigh "X, fields ready whenever you are..."

Lydia had received notice of the medical emergency, but was confident if the senior medical staff needed additional assistance, they would contact her. She hadn't stopped helping in Sickbay, but as the senior counselor now, she had to be more comfortable with deferring to others in situations that weren't of primary concern to the counseling department, at least not immediately. This situation, however, was of concern to Whitlock because it involved the severe physical injury of a man who'd been through significant psychological trauma. She'd flagged his file personally so that she would receive notification of any particular injuries he sustained just in case such injuries were the result of said psychological trauma and not expected in the normal course of duty. The more severe the trauma, the more at risk the survivor was for acting out and engaging in high-risk behavior.

As she made her way to Sickbay, she considered her approach. She wanted to get a sense of what happened and not make the Russian feel ambushed, but at the same time, there was no point in hiding her concern. She purposely hung back as she entered, sending a quick text message to both doctors politely asking for a private update on their patient's condition when it was feasible to do so.

Xander looked up as Lydia walked in. His empathy was always heightened at times of stressful situations and it almost became a clairvoyance, as he could sense before people walked into a room. He noticed Lydia holding back. Percival had his prepping the Captain under control, so he could spare her a few moments. Xander swiftly walked over to her. "Lydia, what do I owe this pleasure?" He smiled, trying not to show the graveness of the situation on his face.

"Perhaps now is not tje best time? Unless you want me to open?" He glanced at the sterile field and the tools awaiting Xander. He was more than capable of doing this surgery.

"Let's just get this done." Xander had a single drip of sweat running down his brow - a culmination of all the tense emotions he was picking up from his medical staff. "We're not losing him." He nodded at Percival. Not only were they best friends, but they trusted eachother implicitly. Glancing over at the nurse who had joined them, he signalled for her to administer the anaesthetic. Xander watched as Karbainov slowly slipped into a deep slumber.



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