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The Crayon eater strikes again

Posted on Tue Feb 19th, 2019 @ 8:41am by Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D

Mission: Jarland
Timeline: Immideatly after 'Forming Up'

/// ON ///

Walking across the bridge Karbainov made it a point to keep his eyes down and away from any of the stations or what was going on around him. Bridges had always been a hard place for him to be after the... incident.

He took his cover off of his head as he punched the door chime to the waiting room outside Hawkin's office. Getting the chime back to enter he stepped through and straightened his dress uniform. His eyes immediately went to the gorgeous someone sitting behind a desk.

"Well hello... I am Marine Captain Karbainov Gennadiyevich, and you are?" He extended a hand to her as he walked closer.

Emmah glanced up from the desk where she was organizing Captain Hawkins things, he hadn't had a chance yet and she knew exactly how he wanted his desk set, including his computer lay out settings. "Emmah." she said. "Captain Gennadiyevich" she pronounced perfect as she stood with respect and extended her hand to meet his. "Captain Hawkins is not here just yet, would you like to inform you are here? I do not have you on his schedule for today however."

He shook her hand with a warm smile. "You must speak Russian, that is a rare treat." He looked around. "Yeah if he is not busy, figured I should check in or something. "

"I speak many languages." Emmah managed to chuckle. "Russian is one of them." She changed to speaking actual Russian, "The Captain is due in the office shortly, you are welcome to wait, I'm just setting it up the way he likes it." she smiled.

"Ah, beautiful and smart..." Karbainov turned back to Emmah. Of all the languages he spoke his native tounge was still his favorite. "It would be a treat to have dinner with someone like yourself, if you don't have other commitments that is."

Emmah tipped her head innocently smiling. "I don't actually eat, but I wouldn't mind. I can look as if I am eating." she told him. "That would be acceptable." she said simply.

"Well if you arn't one for the culinary arts, perhaps stargazing is more your style? I hear the southern hemisphere is supposed to get a good magnetic storm tonight." Karbainov asked, completely obvious to the implications of her 'not eating' comment.

"Fascinating." Emmah said with a smile. "I have yet to view such a natural phenomenon. I would be very interested in seeing it, if you would like the company I will certainly be interested."

The door to his office swishes open and Captain David Hawkins walked through reading his Padd in hand while taking a sip of coffee. He quickly adjusted his focus to see that a marine and his assistant were in the room already. "Am I interrupting anything here?" He asked as he looked between the two.

Emmah tipped her head, "Of course not Captain. We were discussing viewing the magnetic storm tonight in the southern hemisphere. I have good reason to be fascinated by the effect of light." she said and watched Hawkins with baited breath to see if her rare attempt at a joke landed.

"Right..." David countered for a moment before shaking his head and walked around the desk. "... Captain Karbainov. I assume you have no idea that Emmah is the closest thing to a daughter I have. So before you continue, I expect you to tell me how you plan to show her a good time."

"Errr...." Karbainov had been in some pickles before but social ones like this were always the worst. He -knew- David had to be enjoying this... the Marine Captain cleared his throat. "Well, I was going to show her a proper night... as a gentleman and an officer..." he said straightening his dress uniform.

Emmah tipped her head, "'Gentleman and an Officer'? I can define both terms, but do they mean something significant when paired together?" she asked curiously. "I do struggle with idioms and slang." she admitted with mild frustration.

"That's an understatement," David stated as he plopped down in his chair and smirked as he logged into his console before him. He was starting to get caught up real fast as to what was going on and he wasn't about to stop it.

"Uhhhh....." Karbainov raised an eyebrow. What an odd girl. Was she part Vulcan? Her ears didnt look pointy. What was going on here... he knew anyone as close to David to be considered a daughter would have to be a little odd... but.... what was going on. "It means that I will behave myself. Because you are a classy lady."

Emmah's expression lit up with pleasure, "Classy Lady?" she asked with a touch of excitement. "I believe that is a new term for me. "I prefer it over lightbulb, as Commander Kavi insists on calling me." she said with a bit of a laugh.

"I'd say..." David muttered smirking once again as he looked up from his monitor. "Are you done screwing around, 'Captain'?"

"Yes sir!" Karbainov said snapping to attention. "Captain Gennadiyvech reporting for duty!" He was all serious and formal.... except for the wink he snuck at Emmah.

Emmah tipped her head, and winked back at Karbainov, not understand why he winked ta her but assumed she was supposed to return it.

"You do know that she is..." the commanding officer paused as he looked between his assistant and the new arrival before laughing and shaking his head before standing up and picked up a small box on his desk. "I'm going to let you figure it out, my fellow crayon eater. I have something for you." With that, David tossed the box over to the marine, whom caught it. "Emmah, would you mind helping him fix his uniform."

The Russian raised an eyebrow at both comments and opened the box with a curious expression on his face. "Ok, so who are we promoting to Major?" He asked skeptically.


The Russian shrugged. "Not funny?" He asked flatly. "Major means I'll be behind a desk..."

"Well, it's better to be behind the desk than under the desk," David shrugged ever so slightly. "Plus, there can only be one Captain on my ship."

Emmah smiled brightly as she approached the man and took the box. She opened it up and pulled out the pin "Congratulations Major." she said with a smile. "I will ensure that the proper announcement are made the reports filed to complete this promotion." she said. Her eyes went distant for a moment before she nodded. "Done." she said with a cheery tone.

"Thanks Emmah," David remarked as he looked at the Major. "Congratulations, Major. It's good to finally promote you and force you to stop calling yourself 'Captain' around me."

Karbainov gave David a sour look and saluted crisply. "Thanks... is that all then?" He wouldn't mind spending some time figuring this Emmah character out, but this unexpected promotion made him want to slink away and hide as he processed the implications of it.

"Are you upset, 'Major'?"

Emmah tipped her head, confused by the mans reaction. "In the past I have seen officers be excited by promotions, your vital systems show that you are displeased." Emmah said momentarily accessing the computers sensors and sweeping the mans vital system readings.

He gave David a look. "I am always upset. You should know this." He shrugged. "I was enjoying my time in the field again... I will adjust. This is probably better for the unit."

"Damn right, you will suck it up. It was either this or you get slapped by that General. You'd be back to being a butter-bar spit shining his damn boots, if he had it his way. So I don't want to hear your old man ass whining," David snapped back holding back a smirk. "And another thing, Emmah is to young for you. I forbid it."

She frowned, "What is there to forbid about me seeing a natural phenomenon? What does age have to do with it?" she added feeling confused.

"Calm down, adults are talking," David quickly bounced back before turning his focus at the marine.

"Ok, what the hell do you mean she is too young? Is that an old man joke at my expense?" Karbainov blustered at David. The two had enjoyed playful banter in the past during previous assignments and training, but the Russian felt that this was not exactly the time. Expecially when it came to interfearing with potential romance.

"I am 4 years, 11 months, 20 days, 6 hours and 25 minuets old." Emmah said proudly. "I appear to be approximately 35 years of age in human years."

"AH...WHAT?!" Karbainov asked completely flabergasted.

All David could do was start to laugh as he started to see the man's reactions. "You have been rocking the cradle so hard, man. This is classic."

Emmah looked indigent, "I do not rest in a cradle Captain! In fact I do not sleep at all. There is no cradle for him to rock. Please explain!" she said growing more distressed with her confusion. She didn't like how funny the Captain found this situation. She also didn't like that he seemed to be using her to embarrass her new friend.

"Its metaphorical. He is older than dirt and you are a hologram that was born almost 5 years ago," David admitted as he looked between the two. "... surprise..."

Karbainov slid down into the seat across from the captain with a deep defeated sigh. He rested his head in his hands. "Why am I on crazy ship again... pretty ladies either come in twosies or are holograms..."

Emmah looked dejected. Her being a hologram was going to cost her a new friend. "Sir, I rarely request time off duty, I would like to view the lights before we leave orbit by his invitation. I do not understand what my age or personhood status has to do with me accepting an invation from a new friend to see a natural phenomenon?" she frowned her brows furrowing together. She turned and looked at the Marine, "I assure you I am real." she said. "A Person!" she said with surprising passion.

David chuckled but nodded, ”Permission granted, as always, Emmah. Go enjoy yourself and if he hurts you in any way, I will personally break him."

"How could he harm me?" Emmah scoffed a little.

Karbainov smiled, he liked her spunk a lot. "I could break your heart, befuddle your emotions... just be a general complication to your life." He said with a little chuckle. "But I will treat you like a gentleman should treat a lady and we shall see what happens." He smiled at her.

”Alright you two... Both of you are dismissed. Have fun kids and have her back before midnight. Otherwise I'll be hunting you down,"David focused his sights on the major before waving them off. ”Enjoy.”

The Russian smiled and looked over to Emmah. "Ill send you the details in a bit..."

/// OFF ///

Captain David Hawkins'
Commanding Officer
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