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Devil woman

Posted on Mon Dec 3rd, 2018 @ 6:36am by Admiral Charles Grayson

Mission: Jarland

Admiral Charles Grayson strolled along the high vaulted halls of the Memphis Island command center, strolling towards the mid level function hall. The fauna was waving from the wind blowing through the opened doors leaving to fancy looking balconies overlooking the bay below. He took a deep breath enjoying the fresh air, living on Memphis Island had done wonders for his system. The stress of maintaining the Island, the Academy, the Federation objectives, plus keeping the peace with the Romulan Neighbors... it was taxing. Living in a tropical paradise while doing all that helped. Warm stable weather, trees, jungles, hiking, rivers, and of course beaches, where a man could find many distractions if he was so inclined.

His shining boots caused a clunking sound as he took every step along the green and white marbled floors, the sound echoed through the vaulted ceilings, which were covered in classic paintings depicting art from various Federation Cultures. Golden columns added to the almost regal feel. This area took up nearly four floors of the great Memphis Island tower. They'd really gone all out. Anticipating that many events would be held here they made the entrance a splendor of wealth. Honestly Charles thought it was a waste. He could appreciate things looking nice, but this was a little.... flaunting. The only part he truly liked was the tall plants and the ceiling paintings. He admired art and nature alike. Beyond that, this made him feel uncomfortable.

Tugging at the neck of his dress uniform Grayson crossed in to the banquet hall, music was already playing, staff was scurrying around ensuring food and drinks were ready to go. In the middle of it all stood a striking woman with dark black hair and steel blue eyes, that missed nothing.

He felt his blood shift in his body a little as he paused and looked Consul Genevieve Gratron over. Being a diplomat, and an officer she still wore a uniform, but blurred the lines of regulation to look impressive. She was taller than most, her dark hair making her look younger than her 50 years of age, only a few years younger than Charles himself. Fine laugh lines lit up her face, proving that she did indeed know how to smile.

Her hair was swept up in a near but fancy look swirl on the back of her head, with little curls hanging around her temples and the nape of her neck. Charles cleared his throat as he caught himself thinking about twirling a finger in those curls. Genevieve was NOT interested. For years he found his charm failed on the now diplomat. Years ago they were both teachers at the Academy, he working with his criminal hellions, as Genevieve called them, and her with her political science courses for command students.

They'd interacted quite often, and she was always vocal about her dislike for his project, which she translated to him. Charles didn't know why she reacted so strongly, however he didn't let it dissuade him for a long time. She was a striking woman, and he easily found himself distracted by her when she was around. It made her dangerous to him, especially now. He hoped his years apart from her and the maturity of his age would dull his reaction to her, but no. He felt like a sixteen year old staring at the most beautiful creature he'd ever laid eyes on. Part of him feared he might do something stupid.

When she turned and spotted him her eyes narrowed, and head cocked to one side as if to silently ask why he was standing there slack jawed, before a knowing look passed over her face briefly and she flickered her eyes away.

"Damn woman." Charles grunted, annoyed by the ease of her flirtations, which he knew for a fact was a ploy, and she would venomously deny ever flirting with him. He tugged his tunic and squared his shoulders as he approached. "Looks like every thing is coming together Gene." he said tightly as he came to a halt to her right.

"How many times have I told you to call me Gratron?" Genevieve asked, "Its so... patronizing... Shall I call you Charlie?"

I wish you would... Grayson caught himself almost saying. "Apologies. I assumed since we are not in the function just yet that you would not mind the greeting of an old friend." he said.

"When you see an old of friend of mine, let me know. NO! the Prefect will notice if those are out of order! Switch them around the way I told you!" Genevieve growled towards one of the staff. She shook her head, "Really Charles, did you assign your so called students to this function just to spite me?" she grumbled.

Charles frowned as he looked towards the staff members, "No, these are all normal staff," he said confused, "Why must you think of them as second rate, some of them have succeeded far more than we ever expected." he said defensively.

Genevieve almost smirked to herself as if she had a great success. She turned and met Charles eyes, "And come of them cause wars, and I have to clean up your mess. Don't think I don't remember this one Charles. I remember Kavi. The fact she's still in the fleet and what you had to do to keep her in it is not a secrete to me. You compromised too much with that one, and I'm sure many more. Who knows what other messes are happening uncorrected because of your project." she said.

Charles stood his ground, but hoped that if she did know she never spoke a word of it. "Well Someone has to keep you busy." he grunted.

Genevieve frowned, "Is Kavi going to comply?" she asked flatly. "if she refuses her career is over." the woman warned.

"you don't have the authority to end her career." Charles countered hating how much this back and forth was making him more drawn to this woman.

She smiled with true warmth, "you would be surprised Charlie. She better do this right, there is more to be lost than just her career. If it means keeping peace with the Romulans I will bury her and anyone who compromises the fragile peace we hold"

Charles met her cool blue eyes with his own, holding her gaze. No words were needed. Both of them understood that they were both allies and advasaries at the same time. Charles knew her influence, knew her ability to charm and work her mission to the inth degree. She would win if things went against her, there was no doubt in his mind. Not only because it was her, but because she was on a mission to preserve mission of this island, and she has the authority to do whatever it took to secure it. She would be backed, supported, and things would move fast.

After a few moments that felt like years Genevieve turned, breaking eye contact and strolled away, with a strut that made Charles blood change directions.

After a moment he shifted a bit awkwardly before he squared his shoulders and glanced around to ensure his dignity was still intact. Frustrated, he quickly headed for the group of security officers to ensure they were ready.


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